Occupy ICE PDX said they'd never leave, unless ICE was abolished. So, after they left, they also left a bio-waste zone and dumpsite. Taxpayers will clean up after the children again.

Excellent presentation by Tucker Carlson (FoxNews) and Liz Wheeler (OAN) on the hypocrisy, anti-democracy, and disjointed reality that has dictated the SCOTUS confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh. FYI: Finding fault with people rightfully defending themselves, is just as despicable as finding fault with someone with a valid victim claim. Fair is fair.
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Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer explains why he was in Portland to protest the lack of law enforcement at recent protests, and harassment/damage by BLM/antifa/PortlandResistance. Plus a segment of Mark Furman explaining why police inaction is harmful. As if we didn't know:)
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Continuing from my last videos, Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer comes to Portland to protest PDX mayor Ted Wheeler's inaction to keep PDX citizens safe. the mayor has no problem unleashing the police when a conservative group protests, but sits by and watches BLM/antifa destroy property and harass normal people.

Our mayor has a problem with math. Defend .1% of the population who are dead set on 'tearing down the system', destroying property, assaulting people.. or the protecting citizens/businesses that pay his wages. So far, he's capitulated to the extremist minority to the detriment of the citizens. So has our police chief.
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This is why I don't go downtown. Absurdity at the highest level. Why does Portland have so many protests? Because we have misguided officials who would rather citizens be abused and attacked, than stop idiots from playing in the street, and beating on cars/people, and destroying property. Career protesters.. same people at every protest, no matter what the 'cause'. And they're the fascists.
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News accounts from Oct. 1st/2nd, 2018, concerning the shooting of Patrick Kimmons. He was involved in another shooting in downtown Portland, and when police responded, he was shot with weapons on him while failing to comply. Police haven't released any video yet.

Tucker Carlson goes full-tilt boogie on the Democrats for their goalpost moving and blatant hypocrisy. And then he performs a precision strike on the latest ACLU hypocrisy, and forsaking of the Constitution, namely, the 4th Amendment Right to due process.

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Tucker Carlson has a series called "The left's obsession with race". These are some excerpts from those episodes starting with today's show. He brings up all the points I would. You may have already watched some of these clips, but this is for archival purposes also. I find it fascinating that people put a value on race. Culture yes, race no.

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A compilation of high pitched weirdness surrounding the SCOTUS hearing and (so far) baseless allegations against the nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. Plus some commentary from actual rational people. This hyperbolic shrieking from rabid SJW/socio-communists has done nothing but to subvert justice, create confusion, and divide the nation. In the interest of inclusion.

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Senator Lindsey Graham explains his outburst during the Senate hearing on Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Ford. He also explains why he wants Senate Leader Grassley to investigate the Democratic Senators who perpetuated this mess, plus whomever leaked letters, doxxed Congress members, and those who are lying for political gain.
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Finally someone stood up and said what needed to be said. Funny how easily and flippantly people can throw due process out the window for their own preference.

Three teens stole a car, ran from the police, and drove into a pond and drowned. A sad story, but then the parents/relatives bring lawsuits blaming police for their children's actions.

A collection of cut scenes and vid shorts that I have used (or will use) in various compilations. The silly, the stupid, and the stupider.

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A compilation of clips showing the bizarre effects of hard synthetic drugs on a person, and those around them.

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Excellent analysis from Sargon and Tucker. Weird how you can actually say that you hate white people and it not be 'hate speech'. Myself, I don't believe there's such a thing as 'hate speech', but I'll use the term to show the inequity of it's political implementation and lack of condemnation.
The Thinkery:
Tucker full video FoxNews:
Outro Bjork: 'Army of Me', from the movie 'Sucker Punch'.

Starring Sherita Dixon-Cole, with excellent critiques by Donut Operator and Philip DeFranco. The promotion and escalation of false info by the social media activists, and the harm it can cause. #Waitforthefuckingevidence
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I'm sure most of you have noticed the biased news, biased outrage, and biased coverage of violent protests. These clips address that issue, and were too good to not share. Enjoy?
MarsTV full video:
Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler on OAN:
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A re-upload, explanation in the video. Various footage from the Aug. 4th, 2018 Patriot Prayer rally, which Antifa/PDX Resistance decided to crash. Police did an excellent job.. pantifa, not so much. It's plain to see who's the civil and tolerant party, and who's not.
Tim Pool channel and video:
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In the aftermath of the recent Occupy ICE, and Patriot Prayer rally in Portland, protesters are whining about how the police treated them after they assaulted the police, and others at the rally.

"Peace in the City" rally in Titusville FL. Aug 4th 2018. Another vicious shooter stopped by Good Samaritan with a concealed carry license.
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The protesters can dish it out, but cannot take it. Hint: When you assault police, don't cry about it when they defend themselves against you. I'm am very happy to see these ill-informed miscreants constantly exposing how ridiculous, cowardly, violent, and self-centered they are. The more they do it, the quicker it'll end.
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ICE Union says Portland Mayor refusing to give assistance to Federal officers may be a Constitutional violation. Also, the leader/founder of PDX Resistance/BLM/Antifa being questioned on where the crowd funding money, to pay for riot damages, went.

What a mess! First part is the police sweep of the people/slobs, then the mess, followed by news report for details of the clean-up process. And they accomplished nothing but disrupting citizens and immigrants, creating a bio-hazard, and putting even more costs on to taxpayers.
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Portland Oregon (7/25/2018): Finally, police move in to shut down the bio-hazardous cesspool, now dump site, that Occupy ICE protesters set up about 5 weeks ago. No thanks to our feckless SJW mayor/police commish, or the new police chief who allowed this behavior for weeks, just to appease the protesters.
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As a general rule, my videos present bad behavior and actions I do not condone. I feel the MSM is lacking in showing the depth of some problems, so I'm only adding what they are leaving out. I'm basically an old school liberal, but I'm particularly disgusted with the new leftist, anti-free speech and identity politics BS. (And I'll have some funny/absurd vids too:) Not monetized, just sharing. I'm retired and have a little time to spend mocking the stupidity. I've done stupid, I know what it looks like.