I'm sure most of you have noticed the biased news, biased outrage, and biased coverage of violent protests. These clips address that issue, and were too good to not share. Enjoy?
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Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler on OAN:
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A re-upload, explanation in the video. Various footage from the Aug. 4th, 2018 Patriot Prayer rally, which Antifa/PDX Resistance decided to crash. Police did an excellent job.. pantifa, not so much. It's plain to see who's the civil and tolerant party, and who's not.
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In the aftermath of the recent Occupy ICE, and Patriot Prayer rally in Portland, protesters are whining about how the police treated them after they assaulted the police, and others at the rally.

"Peace in the City" rally in Titusville FL. Aug 4th 2018. Another vicious shooter stopped by Good Samaritan with a concealed carry license.
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The protesters can dish it out, but cannot take it. Hint: When you assault police, don't cry about it when they defend themselves against you. I'm am very happy to see these ill-informed miscreants constantly exposing how ridiculous, cowardly, violent, and self-centered they are. The more they do it, the quicker it'll end.
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ICE Union says Portland Mayor refusing to give assistance to Federal officers may be a Constitutional violation. Also, the leader/founder of PDX Resistance/BLM/Antifa being questioned on where the crowd funding money, to pay for riot damages, went.

What a mess! First part is the police sweep of the people/slobs, then the mess, followed by news report for details of the clean-up process. And they accomplished nothing but disrupting citizens and immigrants, creating a bio-hazard, and putting even more costs on to taxpayers.
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Portland Oregon (7/25/2018): Finally, police move in to shut down the bio-hazardous cesspool, now dump site, that Occupy ICE protesters set up about 5 weeks ago. No thanks to our feckless SJW mayor/police commish, or the new police chief who allowed this behavior for weeks, just to appease the protesters.
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Citizens and businesses venting their displeasure with the Occupy ICE PDX crowd. Plus, a look at mayor Ted Wheeler's claim about whether protesters are on Federal land, which he says he will NOT send police to. Good reporting this time.
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PDX Police Union president calls PDX a cesspool. Plus.. Mayor Ted Wheeler, part time mayor, full time social justice warrior protector, finally calls for Occupy ICE protesters to leave their camp. Mostly because businesses and hospitals are complaining. If/when they leave, our city/county will be hit with more clean-up costs. Portland spends almost $1 million/year cleaning up after these pseudo-homeless degenerates, and 10s of $millions more on the real homeless people.
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Occupy ICE Portland forces Non-profit food cart, that donates to homeless, down. Three news stories from local PDX news stations give added insights to the problem with our professional protesters, also known as our 'activist homeless community'.

Two stories. One explains why a Clark Co. WA Deputy Sheriff was fired, and another covers the knockout in Portland.

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Newly released video from LVMPD, and another instance of cops racing towards an active shooter in Baltimore. There's no graphic violence, but there is a felony pursuit where the police are being shot at. That's why they get my respect. Thinking you can get away from police after shooting at them, is the stupidest thought on the planet.
LVMPD channel video:
Baltimore courtesy ABC:
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The struggle continues. Two high profile thefts of MAGA hats, and assaults on the wearers by supposed 'tolerant' people. Updates on the charges against these people. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty etc. (applies to lefties only).
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My agenda?: People need to be civil in a civilized country, and people should not be hypocrites at the expense of others.

I takes a lot of disregard for laws and a lot of hate for law enforcement to make someone protest the arrest of Child Sex Traffickers. And this has very little to do with immigration. This is despicable behavior from the idiot left. Notice the 'protest hotline' where they call people who'll show up not even knowing why.

Fox News Jesse Watters, with Candace Owens and Dean Cain.. discussing the new Republican ad against the lunacy of the far left, and the capitulation by the Democrats to tolerate/embrace this vile and childish behavior.
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ICE ICE Baby. DHS has arrested 9 "protesters" at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility in Portland OR ). Protesters vow to remain (since they have nothing better to do). Ever notice that these 'protesters' only try to tear down things that others have built, yet they are completely incapable of building anything themselves? Complainers, we have far too many of them nowadays. We need builders.. feel free to tell me how I'm wrong.
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A collage of different perspectives from the media (internet and MSM) concerning the illegal immigration. I fully support legal, and preferably merit based (school, work.. contributers), immigration. I do not advise anyone to break the law. All countries have border/immigration laws, and everyone is subject to them when entering that country. This is not a controversial thing.
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Sargon of Akkad:
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A compilation of statements by Democrats on their stances on illegal immigration. This was before Trump. My, how they've changed. It's the hypocrisy and pandering that upsets me the most. Also some street interviews from Fleccas (Fleccas Talks). Link here:

Studio and street interview by Jesse Peterson plus some other relevant segments. Seems we have a problem showing concrete examples of white privilege and institutional racism. I'm offering my commentary, but all creds to Jesse for doing the hard work.. here's links to the full videos:
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Mesa police release full audio/video of recent arrest of Robert Johnson.

June 3, 2018 - Portland Panti-fascists disrupt a peaceful protest in Portland Oregon. 'Cuz that's the most constructive thing they can do in life, I guess. Plus, some insight into who 'Tiny' Toese is.
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A contrast between self driven, goal oriented women, and other women who are not so driven to better themselves.. which generally results in blaming others for their failures. FYI, men are 'unequal' too, so the notion of everyone being "equal", is nonsense. You either try to better yourself and reap the benefits, or you don't. And some fall in-between. Tis life, tis but a scratch. Do good, reap good.. it's simple math.
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#notall black Americans buy into the 'white privilege' nonsense. I wanted to post this short segment so maybe others could use it to show that not all blacks believe the nonsense claim that whites have some kind of inherent privilege.
Ami Horrowitz, "Whitesplaining white privilege!":

A short video compilation concerning free speech, and why it should not be infringed. (It's not new material, I'm mainly archiving this from a previous video that was taken down by YouTube.)


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As a general rule, my videos present bad behavior and actions I do not condone. I feel the MSM is lacking in showing the depth of some problems, so I'm only adding what they are leaving out. I'm basically an old school liberal, but I'm particularly disgusted with the new leftist, anti-free speech and identity politics BS. (And I'll have some funny/absurd vids too:) Not monetized, just sharing. I'm retired and have a little time to spend mocking the stupidity. I've done stupid, I know what it looks like.