Firstly: Joey Gibson makes a case for de-masking protesters, and then turns himself in to police on a contrived warrant. Also featured are the players/authority in Portland Oregon who decides who's good or bad, who should have freedom of speech, who's prosecuted or not.
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Joey Gibson:
Andy Ngo:
Aba & Preach:

Congressman Doug Collins chastises Congress for immigration non-action while they complain about something they can easily correct.

A sad state of affairs when even government officials cannot condemn domestic terrie-ists. Also sad that too many people are so perpetually offended on behalf of other people, that they feel the need to harm and silence others who don't share their delusions of morality and self importance.
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Seems that some Dems are not getting along with the neo-progressives and their anti-American rhetoric. I have no idea why people who prosper from American values and policies, hate Americans so much. Maybe these anti-haters are the real haters?

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Tucker Carlson responding to Ilhan Omar's comments and beliefs. My question.. if it's so awful, why did you flee to here?

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Warning: Mature language, and childish behavior. News clips, and live video. Andy Ngo was concrete shake-saulted/battered in Portland. He never says anything to the antifa types, he only records them. They hate him for that. Also, some 2+ minute clips of other YouTubers that you may find interesting. Links below.
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Ranting Monkey:
Salty Cracker:
Conservative Resurgence:
Andy Ngo:
Degeneration Nation:

Woman protester arrested for assault, reaps the benefit of a Portland jury.

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This was too good to not share. A liberal free speech MEP candidate debating an anarcho-communist, who would have no problem locking up, or destroying opponents to accomplish his goals. So much for due process, private property, and free speech, eh?
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A satire of people being caught up in what seems to be compromising situations.

Things aren't always as they seem. A satire of people being caught up in what seems to be compromising situations.
Here's the full video of the intro/outro.. all rights reserved to Band-Maid:

We all see the hypocrisy demonstrate by those in power. This is more of a petty local issue, but I'm sure that this happens on your city/county/state. Do as I say, not as I do.

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Katt Williams assaulted a driver at PDX airport, got arrested, bailed out, and didn't show for court. Warrant has been issued.
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Intro/outro: BAND-MAID - "Dice":

Laura Ingraham interviews the victim of the attack, Hayden Williams, and his attorney. A cowardly attack that seems to be the 'got-to' for far left ideologues.
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Kaitlin Bennett or Liberty Hangouts, and reporter for Infowarsdot com.. challenges the Hebrew Israelites, and their delusional claims. About time someone did. I do not agree with any of the hate spewed by these people (BHI). I condemn it. The color of your skin is the least important thing about you. Get over it.
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Full BHI Liberty Hangout vid:

This is a weird story. Covert actions by a foreign government? My question is, why. "Police say the then 20-year-old Noorah was speeding and driving recklessly when the teenager tried to cross the street and he hit her. Then, cops say he left the scene for a while before eventually coming back. Nine months would go by before police say Noorah removed his electronic monitoring device and they asked the public for help tracking him down. At the time, they had feared he had experienced a mental health issue as he awaited a trial."

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Now a year and a half later, officials with the U.S. Marshals Service say they've learned he is in Saudi Arabia and they want to find out who helped him get there.

Out 1st black councilperson has taken a stand against white privilege and how it destroys democracy.

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There are womxn, and then there are women/females. This is focused on womxns. i.e., the perpetually oppressed, easily offended, females who demand special privileges and extra compensation for doing less than others.
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Justin Trouble full vid:
10 Favorite Things full vid:
Mark Dice full vid:
Second Sasha vid:

Justice doesn't really need any other qualifiers, or adjectives. Justice is justice. Plus, an excerpt from WotW on forced diversity.

Way of the World:
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WA Initiative 1639. Well, it seems that either voters, or their elected officials have gotten their junk in a wringer. How do you legally discriminate people because of their age, and how can you re-define words to fit your agenda. Always focus on the words used.
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Compilation of pre-2019 nonsense, and stuff. When feelings and ideologies trump facts and reality.
Credits to:
Mi amigo, PSA Sitch:
Pat Condell:
Another YT favorite, Justin Trouble:
Mr Andy Ngo:
A special Aussie friend, Gerald Pauschmann

Taking a short vid break from the political and social nonsenses. This is a collection of some of the animals/wildlife that I see/interact with on the daily. Animals can be more civil than humans, and no animal has ever lied to me.. I have respect for that:)

Portland is a beautiful city, very green, clean air, clean water.. awesome scenery and wildlife envelopes and surrounds the city. But, there is a very vocal and intimidating group of selfish, entitled, miscreants that make life very uncomfortable for the other 99%. With the blessings of our local government. I'm not anti gov't, I'm anti this foolishness.
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Paul J. Watson full video:
World According to Briggs full video on Portland:

Lessons on morality from Nancy Pelosi. Then, clips showing Dems being strong on illegal immigration. Followed by Schumer saying the same thing as Trump.. yet Trump is racist, and Chuck Schumer isn't. WTF.
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In case you missed it. Mark Levin interviews Heather MacDonald on her recent book, "The Diversity Delusion". She explains why it's a delusion (a departure from reality), how it's being implemented/indoctrinated in schools, and why it's not producing anything beneficial.. in fact, it's harming society.

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Yes, this the phase we're going through. Socio-Communism seems to be the latest craze. My point: Stupid has a short shelf life. But it's up to everyone to point out these self-centered, non-productive, complaining/blaming idiots. Especially those who live behind walls, and call for no walls.
John Ward:
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As a general rule, my videos present bad behavior and actions I do not condone. I feel the MSM is lacking in showing the depth of some problems, so I'm only adding what they are leaving out. I'm basically an old school liberal, but I'm particularly disgusted with the new leftist, anti-free speech and identity politics BS. (And I'll have some funny/absurd vids too:) Not monetized, just sharing. I'm retired and have a little time to spend mocking the stupidity. I've done stupid, I know what it looks like.