Overspending and lending by our governments explained in 3 minutes. Pure madness.

What's this crap?!

Food for thought...

Oxygen is the chemical element with the symbol O and atomic number 8

This can't be healty. So: why?

Het meest recente voorbeeld is het 'homo filmpje' van de recalcitrante Rob Jetten. De VN en klimaatkerk gebruiken allemaal deze tactiek.

Yes, i saved it...because these scumbags are beyond evil.

Remember, nature doen not have straight lines. Never.

Some trucks helping the UN & Globalist altering our weather/climate...

Great vid how they wanna tokenize everything... no cash, no ownership, no ..... They want it ALL!

The dangers about 'non biological' radiation waves and frequenties like 5G, wifi, lofi, and many more...

Part 2 fire in the sky...!

Words have a meaning. By changing words, you change reality for those who don't understand this power. Enjoy this classic!

Just wondering what happend to our sun(light)...

Funny how they show the dome (glass ceiling) in cartoons like this. Anyways, this one LMAO

Amazing footage.

Two sources of light?!

Amazing sky again, What's that comming 'out of the sun?'

Amazing footage of Venus, the sun & horizon.

You tell me what you see? What a mess!

A nice RMX by me with some great geometry by my friend IEOIE. Enjoy!

I'm working on a vid. You like it?! ...more soon.


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