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TOPICS: New Normals - Bizarre is Now Normal, Weather Warfare - High-Tech Sciences - HAARP - Aerial Spraying, Highly Evolved "Superman", Truth and Untruth - Knowing and Unknowing - Unknowledge - Fake Knowledge or Nonsensical Trivia, OSS - CIA - Started by British Agent, New Culture for Americas, Logic and Language - Pre-determined Conclusions, TIN Total Information Network, NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization - Scrambled ATON - the sun god - Symbol is Modernized Swastika, "Global Warming Crisis" - Superheating the Atmosphere with HAARP - Tesla, Micro-Burst Storms, Autism - After Vaccinations, Living in Habitat Areas on Top of Each Other - Class Structure, The "East Side" - Polluted Area where Poor Folk Live, Malthus - Population Reduction - Building Homes on Swamplands, WWF - Creating Wetlands (and Mosquitoes), Altering Mosquitoes to Carry Disease, Ordo Ab Chao - Order out of Chaos, Egocentric Behaviour - Bertrand Russell - B.F. Skinner, Dumbing Down the Public More Each Generation, Abolition of Individualism, School System - Group Consensus, Knowledge is Power, Chemtrail Spraying since 1998 in US and Canada - Big Chemical Companies, Sun - Variable Star - Different Rates of Solar Flares, From Ice-Age to Global Warming, Survival Capabilities, Different Chemical Sprays - Storm Creation, View of Reality is Really Planned Fiction, Altering Perception, City Bee-Hives to Drive the Changes, Non-Political Organization - Politics, Clinton Lewinsky Smoke Rings, "The Economist" European Union Article - Arnold Toynbee - Carroll Quigley, Popular "Opinions" and Polls, Masses Parrot Popular Propaganda, Club of Rome, "Apathy" and Voter Turnout, Absence of Debate on European Union Constitution - EU, Society Run by Experts, Dog Experimentation - Shocks and Levers - Psychopathic Scientists - Funded by Tax Money, Thanks to James (Florida) for Mic, Waking Up Around the Globe - Changes Begin, REAL Facts to Back You Up, Rethinking What Life is All About

This conversation between Greg and some AltRight twink is a bizarre expose' on who's on coke, who is a homosexual, Gay #AltRight Facebook, and who is Jewish in the #AltRight.
SmashTheLeft disavows Roosh and race mixing for Whites.

VertigoPolitix Published on Feb 18, 2019
When Europeans can finally view themselves as being a part of a larger family tree, many will choose ethnic self-interest in the realms of social politics. The survival fitness of European ethnies depends upon this realization...

Taken from this M. Rienzi article:

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Greatest Thing That Man has Ever Done Byron de la Vandal

Laura Towler Published on Feb 9, 2019
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Defend Europa DETV

German town Wolmirstedt is like in the slums of Mogadishu

Unity News Network 2/3/2019
Do you stand with the Yellow Vests? Get your Yellow Vest here NOW! Plain and with Union Flag available! Any profits help our news site!

VertigoPolitix Published on Feb 1, 2019
As the entire Third World is being emptied into the West at the invitation of Liberal governments and Multilateral political entities, the financial, cultural, and existential costs are fast-becoming untenable. Without organized political push back, European ethnic groups will be eradicated within 100 years...

TheCynix Published on Feb 1, 2019
"Empire" actor Jussie Smollett was assaulted in Chicago on Tuesday by two men who hurled racial and homophobic slurs at him and wrapped a rope around his neck in an attack police are investigating as a hate crime

No White Guilt 1/30/19
Going Free is an interactive series designed to empower and embolden you by training you in my Archetype Alignment Protocol (AAP), a program designed to enable you to Go Free from the social and political sickness plaguing you and our civilization – Antiwhiteism.
►BORN GUILTY (Book) – “Empowering-thrilling”:

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No wonder. 370 of the first 383 commissars in the first Bolshevik Soviet Union government were Jewish. Trotsky’s real name was Lev Bronstein, Lenin was also half Jewish, and so was Lazar Kaganovich. They’re refusing to acknowledge it as a genocide because they were the ones who did it.

VertigoPolitix Published on Jan 29, 2019
Wakanda is now a part of the post-modern lexicon, its mythology brimming with Marxist, neo-Liberal iconography that is designed to pathologize White culture, while replacing its old Heroes with those now glorified by our Western, cultural elite...
Taken from this Paul Kersey article:
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Bill Smith
Published on Jan 28, 2019
Dear Q Anon Subscribers: WATCH TILL THE END.
Tired of chaising your tails yet?
Tired of the dead weight in our camp?

Pedometer Watch How to Use.
--- A SLAVE ---

I've been subjected to hissing, harassment, and death threats.
No, it didn't come from the left.
It came from JEWS and Christian ZIONISTS.

ZIONISM does not equal Judaism. They are different.
Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitic.
That's a trick Jews play to shut down legitimate criticism of taking your stuff and enslaving you slowly.

Joe Rogan
Mike Cernovich
Lauren Southern
Faith Goldie
Ezra Levant
Jordan B. Peterson
Tommy Robinson
Alex Jones

Do you think a guy with a YouTube channel would look into a surveillance camera at Comet Ping Pong in Washington DC just before setting fire to it? Does that sound reasonable??

This video was by Johnny Gat. He was removed by YouTube including any and all backups, backup channels, and mentions.

If your'e out there Johnny:
DM me on Twitter at @Real_Bill_Smith (I got my account back).

You can follow me here, I'll start posted again soon:

Asha Logos Published on Jan 21, 2019
Countless threats of violence/death, doxxers scouring for their personal details to distribute online to ensure their lives are destroyed, mass coordinated demands that they be expelled, attacks on their parents... nearly half of this nation is now essentially programmed by our news media, mobs can now be created at the drop of a hat.

The concept of 'don't hate others' was somehow seamlessly morphed over the years into 'teach your children to hate themselves and know their place and endure the hatred of others'.

A scapegoat is being created for all the world's ills.

Because we're pathologically altruistic as a culture, it can be helpful not to think about yourself or your *own* future, but rather think about future generations, and the world they'll inherit.

This is a developing trend, and this is just the beginning... we need to be aware, intellectually honest, and begin taking stands before it's too late to avoid total chaos.

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Cultured-Thug Published on Jan 20, 2019
Summary of the political beliefs of the NRM Full platform here:
Interview with Simon:
Music by: Franz Berwald

Why would the media be pushing the flu shot so hard?
A Call For An Uprising
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Have you ever wondered what's really in vaccines? According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control's vaccine additives page, all the following ingredients are routinely used as vaccine additives:
• Aluminum - A light metal that causes dementia and Alzheimer's disease. You should never inject yourself with aluminum.
• Antibiotics - Chemicals that promote superbugs, which are deadly antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria that are killing tens of thousands of Americans every year.
• Formaldehyde - A "pickling" chemical used to preserve cadavers. It's highly toxic to the nervous system, causing blindness, brain damage and seizures. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services openly admits that formaldehyde causes cancer. You can see this yourself on the National Toxicology Program website, featuring its 12th Report on Carcinogens.
• Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) - A neurotoxic chemical called an "excitotoxin." It causes brain neurons to be overexcited to the point of death. MSG is toxic even when consumed in foods, where it causes migraine headaches and endocrine system damage. You should NEVER inject MSG into your body. But that's what health workers do when they inject you with vaccines.
• Thimerosal - A methyl mercury compound that causes severe, permanent nervous system damage. Mercury is highly toxic to the brain. You should never touch, swallow or inject mercury at any dose. There is no safe dose of mercury! Doctors and vaccine pushers LIE to you and say there is no mercury in vaccines. Even the CDC readily admits vaccine still contain mercury (thimerosal).
In addition, National Toxicology Programs admits in its own documents that:
• Vaccinations "...may produce small but measurable increases in blood levels of mercury."
• "Thimerosal was found to cross the blood-brain and placenta barriers."
• The "...hazards of thimerosal include neurotoxicity and nephrotoxicity." (This means brain and kidney toxicity.)
• "...similar toxicological profiles between ethylmercury and methylmercury raise the possibility that neurotoxicity may also occur at low doses of thimerosal."
• "... there are no existing guidelines for safe exposure to ethylmercury, the metabolite of thimerosal."
• "...the assessment determined that the use of thimerosal as a preservative in vaccines might result in the intake of mercury during the first six months of life that exceeded recommended guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)..."
• ..."In the U.S., thimerosal is still present as preservative in some vaccines given to young children, as well as certain biological products recommended during pregnancy. Thimerosal remains a preservative in some vaccines administered to adolescents and adults. In addition, thimerosal continues to be used internationally as a vaccine preservative."
The report then goes on to say that the FDA studies thimerosal and somehow found it to be perfectly safe. It also states that vaccine manufactures are "working" to remove thimerosal from vaccines, but in reality it's still being manufactured right into the vaccines.
By the way, this report also reveals that the FDA requires preservatives like thimerosal only in so-called "multi-dose" vaccines -- vials that contain more than one dose of the vaccine. Drug companies could, if they wanted to, produce "clean" single-dose vaccines without any mercury / thimerosal. But they choose not to because it's more profitable to product mercury-containing multi-dose vaccines. As the report admits, "Preservatives are not required for products formulated in singledose vials. Multidose vials are preferred by some physicians and health clinics because they are often less expensive per vaccine dose and require less storage space."
So the reason why your child is being injected with vaccine boils down to health care offices making more money and saving shelf space!
"Mercury in vaccines is a conspiracy theory!
I've been told by numerous "skeptics" and doctors that there's no such thing as mercury in vaccines, and that any such suggestion is nothing more than a "wild conspiracy theory." That just goes to show you how ignorant all the skeptics, doctors and health professionals really are: They have NO CLUE what's in the vaccines they're dishing out to people!
All they have to do is visit this CDC vaccine additives web page, which openly admits to these chemicals being used in vaccines right now. It's not a conspiracy theory, it turns out. It's the status quo of modern-day vaccine manufacturing!

Published on Jun 30, 2018

WotW looks at two recent news stories and what they tell us about the cost we all pay for diverse societies.
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Published on Jan 2, 2019
The science of diversity

Red Ice Media Published on Jan 1, 2019
While Oprah wants the movie "Black Panther" to receive an Oscar due to its "pride making" for young black children, White children are being taught that they are racists and evil for being White. In mass mainstream culture, one group is held up and celebrated while the other is being held down and demonized. One group receives affirmation and cultural boosts to aid their self-esteem, while the other is attacked and told they are bad. Whiteness is now a sin and anything that gives children who are White a sense of pride ("White Pride") about their culture, history and achievements is fiercely attacked.

If "White Supremacy" was ruling in the West, as we hear all the time, then you would not be able to observe this phenomena of two totally contradicting messages - depending on if you are White vs. non-White.

Pride for everyone! No more double standards.

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