I can't wait to see where this goes.


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Coming for Christmas: THE SPIRIT OF YULE written by Thomas (Survive the Jive) Rowsell, illustrated by Christopher Steininger (Me).

Another take. I was too nice. This guy is a hateful loon.

Marvel is JP Morgan. DC is Goldman Sachs. Comicsgate is Bitcoin.

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This first issue reads like a comic series in the form of a movie pitch made up of ideas we've all seen before. Nice art though. We'll see...

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I may sound a little spicy in this one. Adults only greatness inside.
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Here's how you can get the most out of this great book.
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DC Vertigo is back with Bordertown. Let's take a look.

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I had 6 minutes to spare so I thought I'd completely fix the comics industry before I head to the gym.
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The Spirit of Yule, by Thomas Rowsell & Christopher Steininger
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The Spirit of Yule is written by Thomas Rowsell

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My take on the Last Jedi.

An amazing sculpture garden in Reykjavik, Iceland. Photos by Christopher Steininger.


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This is the channel of Christopher Steininger, artist/publisher at Smile Titans Publishing.
Current projects:
In Search of Hannibal - a graphic novel about the 2nd Punic War. Written by Nikolas (Lindybeige) Lloyd.
The Spirit of Yule - a Dickensian Yuletide story written by Thomas (Survive the Jive) Rowsell.