A quick tour of what equipment I like to carry on the Swinger when I am in the woods harvesting our firewood for our homestead. We heat with wood only and save thousands of dollars every Winter as we heat our house, greenhouse and all our hot water.

A quick tour of the greenhouse as the Spring temps warm things up and the veggies explode.

Edited version of our first 3 new lambs of 2019. They were born on February 15 during an especially warm period for a change. In the past the lambs always seem to pop on the coldest night of the year alas.

First look at our latest homestead arrivals. One of our ewes had 3 healthy babies on a nice warm day as opposed to the normal freezing temps of the past. We are so grateful for the warm weather as are they. In the past we have lost many a lamb or goat to the freezing Spring weather and it isn't even Spring here yet. February 15th.

Ebay demo

December 10th Snow and feeding the sheep.

Just finished up the new 12' x 32' roof over the wood processing area.

We researched what breed of chickens would do best in a grand solar minimum and the general consensus was the Silver Laced Wyandotte. They are the champs when it comes to laying during cold dark days. It happens that they are also beautiful and smart. I don't say a word during the video because at this age they are very skiddish. Here they are in there intermediate house and cage after their original 3' x 4' brooding box and before their present yard and house.


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