pt3 is a better and more condensed summary of the points made earlier in this series.

link to pt3:

RAW file label: Voice 605 pol

full explanation of the core internal structures within the four sides of the mind MBTI model.

RAW file label: Voice 600 pysch 4 sides complete

Will try to add time stamps of when I talk about political analogies of group consciousness of a shared internal-idealism protection for an internal codependency: and the subsequent looming danger that the super-ego then poses to the unconscious.

I also include interesting tangents on ENTPs and sociological impacts of borderline personality disorder on culture, and how this relates to its collective psychic disorder of narcissism or in the form of political ideologies.

Raw file label: Voice 593addendym sense making 1

addendum to:

slight digression on the Fascistic values conflicting with spiritual awareness, and getting into some esoteric psychology issues.

Raw file label: Voice 025further eloboration of crucifixion

the next and final part of this sequence will be a summarized and complete thesis.

RAW file label: Voice 054 5th inequality

Finally a somewhat robust and self-contained thesis on this entire matter of how inequality is ideological interpreted and used as a proxy of a subversive symbolic-morality, facilitating a reactionary and systematic corruption promulgated by autocratic politics and ideological policing.. of a unilaterally defined ""safety"" and ""harassment"".

RAW file label: Voice 055final inequality addressed

Also involves discussion of political matters and ideology and legal frameworks/culture...

RAW file label: Voice 025further spiritual matter of identity poli

RAW file label: Voice 052politics 3rd gwen equality act root

videos referred to in the recording:

Gwen Ngwenya:

David Berlinksi:

Scott Adams:

discussion of meta-type cognitive functions with digressions pertaining to culture and politics.

RAW file name: Voice 036--cognitive functions 3rd

Raw file label: Voice 049contunued democracy political economy

part 1 link:

part 2 link:

Raw file label: Voice 043small addendum fi being prime basis

Raw file label: Voice 050nick extension of 4 sides

this discussion is subsequent to:

RAW file label: Voice 031-- fascist culture critiqued

this recording is also a follow-on from the esoteric psychology part. 3

RAW file label: Voice 028 meta development and spirit

RAW file label: Voice 029 4 sides meta development

RAW file label: Voice 030addendum 4 sides development

RAW file label: Voice 026roger Harrington and addendum

19th July and 20th July.

Answering Roger Harrington's use of Russel Brand to challenge to Jordan Peterson's political interpretation. Fascism has always promoted itself by garnering credit and legitimacy in the field of leftist sentiment, its domination of the left in the end, is all the evidence that it feels should be sufficient to provide, in securing (for itself) the right to rule. It is by internal dialog that Fascism erupts into radical exacerbation of its insulated process of identity-hypnotism, with its corresponding sympathies of self-referencing narratives (identity-ideation): without believing its internal ideology to contain the depth of the human soul, bound into its own logic of identity-mythologizing, esoteric doctrine and collective-destiny/fatalism/determinism, it is stuck in the proto-fascist dimension of cognitive dissonance in the conception of Justice that cannot both represent the cause of identity that is virtue signaled as [impossibly] being both separate and equal (whose dissonance can only be overlooked by the blood of a scapegoat, a structural-villain, at the cost of any historical relativism which is so shaky that only one may wield it, although it has been promised to every one: leading to the dishonesty ironing over, in order to preserve the vision of many inheritances for the future to bring: a calculus that deconstructs life into meaninglessness to anything, save for the identity-consciousness alone— promised not to be racist because of its equal reach to imprint all of life under its shared conditional imagination; the tribal politics of corrupted dictatorships, selling protection to their in-group at the cost of a break down of common law, common understanding, common language, common reason).

These are the people's videos who I mentioned and comment on in this recording:

Rebel Wisdom---

Alter Ego---

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RAW file label: Voice 023south African parliamentary politics
conjoined with:
Voice 024addendum South African parliamentary

12th July 2019

RAW file label: Voice 023south African parliamentary politics

12th July 2019

RAW file label: Voice 013 further psych

11th July 2019

RAW file label: Voice 020constituion equality racism

10th July 2019

This recording is meant to a more complete treatment of the points raised in my 'synopsis recording', which didn't clearly draw out the Constitutional issues, and was quite an imperfect recording in many respects.

Tracing out the Legal and ideological histories of state and moral corruption in the South African context.

RAW file label: Voice 016nick mindv4 sides lecture

5 July 2019

Theoretical speculation of extending Linda Berens 4 sides of the mind

Attempting to expand my theory of mind into Linda Berens MBTI system. I have since made quite a few further extensions to what is discussed, owing to further discovery in Linda Berens MBTI model.

RAW file label: Voice 017synposis of issues

8 July 2019


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