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The game was being especially aggressive to me today considering my low level Bartz. Also, I do not know why Bartz is dressed like Derek Zoolander, but here we are!

I don't really care much for Dissidia NT, and see it as a huge downgrade. Nearly everything that was great an unique about the original was removed and replaced with an arena battle system, which would have been great as an additional mode, but is not great as a replacement. Too many things going on at once, too many buttons when you need to be quick, and not enough of the customization from the older title. I play it every once in a while because, visually, its beautiful, and its cool to see your favorite FF characters in such high definition, but it always makes me feel bad shortly after starting.

Decided to get back into play some OG Dissidia, since it runs well on my phone. Thanks to a Razor Kishi, its almost like playing on the PSP.

A final update on my trio of Keltec firearms (well, mostly final). Took them to the range, added a few things onto them and have a little more input. Will go to a new range that will let me go full bore rapid fire in a couple of weeks, and will probably record that, but otherwise no other videos on these guys unless I do something big with them. Enjoy!

My official channel name SHOULD be "Snapper's Domain", in tribute to the original FF6 soundtrack "Kefka's Domain", which is the first official game OST I purchased waaaay back in the day. In additional tribute I created a video intro to use for future videos or, possibly, my podcast (if I ever get around to it). Let me know what you think, cause it might be a little on the long side.

Not a great video since it's the first one I've done of this sort, but we all gotta start somewhere! Also, I've been missing a tooth since the lockdowns a couple of years ago (long story, and dumb to boot) so my voice sounds weirder than normal.

Took the crew out to the range to test the CMR and make sure I put the PMR and the P17 back together properly! Had a minor issue with the P17, the PMR ran flawlessly and the CMR had some first use issues, I think. Overall a fun, but really hot day in Florida. Looking forward to making another video, maybe at a different range next time, and maybe, just maybe, with another new firearm!

This one was shorter than the other secret battles, but probably more dangerous! For a second there I was going to just restart the game and try again, but my perseverance paid off!

Ended up buying a Keltec CMR30 to go along with my PMR30 a couple of weeks ago (my birthday present). Decided to follow up and do a short review of the thing before I take it out to the range. Overall, I like it! It's light, small and shares magazines with the PMR, which makes for a great carry combination, if I ever needed to! Next up, range day!

Still honing my skills for doing video reviews, and I'm working on some intros and stuff for next time!

I tried this battle late last week and got spanked, and fast. Thanks to having the Runelord job mastered, however, it easier battle, lets just say that! 😆

This was a tough one, but such a fun fight! Now that I have mastered the Runelord I can take on some of the more difficult battles with ease! I may have to grab OP2 and play it very soon, and I may even snag the mobile game and check it out.

Holy smokes! I thought this was just another tough monster, turns out he's one of the tougher bosses in the game! This is my second attempt, because he tore me apart on the first try. I was totally unprepared, but came back strong!

Very cool of DA-TARGETS to ensure I got the correct product!

Not sure why the recording started kind of messed up. This was a difficult battle, and this was my third or fourth attempt at it! The break system really keeps things mixed up. I've spent far too long trying to finish this game, but I look forward to getting it done and then playing Octopath Traveler 2 (after a couple of other games).

My second gun review, I purchased the PMR30 just a couple of weeks after the P17 in my last review and it is an amazingly fun gun to shoot. I've dubbed it "The Weeb Cannon" because if you like anime, sci-fi and holding a katana in your off hand, this is the gun for you. Whether you're the Spaceman Spiff sort of fellow or more of a Spike Spiegel, I can't see you going wrong with this thing. Unfortunately I can't take a katana to the range, nor can I do a full on mag dump, which is where this guy really shines, but it's still a fun, accurate and....tiring gun to shoot. 30 rounds is a lot, and with two mags, you almost get tired of holding it. 😆

Also, check out my review of the mighty fun little Keltec P-17 in 22LR!

Don't forget to join my Guilded server if you want to talk to me directly or check out any of my other witty banter.

I don't normally do longer reviews like this, especially for guns, but I figured I should practice, and I really like this little pistol. Chambered in .22 LR, its a fun and accurate gun that will probably become my EDC. Don't knock .22 LR. You know what sucks more than patching up a guy with a big bullet hole in him? Patching up a guy with eight little bullet holes in him!

Check out my other review of the Keltec PMR30, aka "The Weeb Cannon".

This time I take on the Crisis Core portion of the story mode, and do some draws and upgrades. When the game finally arrives, this will likely be the brunt of the daily gaming experience....which is, unfortunately, like many other mobile gacha games out there. Log in, check stuff, complete daily/weekly/monthly tasks, upgrade, play, rinse, repeat.

Recorded about an hour of gameplay for the upcoming FF7: Ever Crisis. I got selected for the beta and, though it took an extra day, I finally got to sit down and mess around with it. No commentary on this one, though I may make a review video when the beta is done. As of right now my only real thought on the game is....why? It's a remake/gacha type game, but not a full remake, just a remake of parts of the game. I will admit, though, I prefer the graphical format a bit more than the FF7 Remake because its more in line with what I think a lot of people were hoping for from an FF7 remake. Have a watch and tell me what you think in the comments!

Just a short review of my experience with the DA-TARGETS 6" self-healing, color changing polymer gong. Bought it from, and it's a pretty nice range toy to have if you're headed out for a day of slinging lead, though it does have a slight downside if you live in hotter climates. Thanks for watching.

I recorded this earlier today. It's a fun game! I wish I knew more about the 40k lore, but my TTRPG experience is almost entirely Palladium, though I think we did play Warhammer (not 40k) back in the day for a little while, but its been so long I may be wrong. Either way, enjoy some gameplay! I had though I recorded this with voice over, but I didn't turn on some settings, so, you get what you get!

Still getting used to my capture card so...THIS RECORDED WITH NO SOUND!!! GRRR!!!!

That being said, this is, by far, one of the greatest turn based battles I have experienced in all my years of gaming! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! The BREAK and WEAKNESS system in OP is so incredibly simple, yet innovative and cool! I added the battle music to the video after the fact, so please enjoy. Oh, and SPOILERS, obviously!

After a long hiatus and a broken capture card I got around to buying another one and can now capture/stream my Switch. Stop on by my Guilded server ( to catch me streaming on the weekends or maybe hop in on some multiplayer action. Hopefully more videos incoming! Enjoy this test of the BEE-OO-TIFUL Octopath Traveller (no commentary).

It took me a while to get over my crippling depression over the game being shut down, but I told you I had a few more videos to put out! Enjoy this final Ranger class run, set to the soothing melodies of Disciple!

Thanks for watching all of my First Soldier videos, but the game is officially over! This was my last and final run! Though I had hoped to get in a couple more before the servers went down I didn't have a chance. I still have a few earlier videos that need to be processed, but this is it, the last time I played.

Maybe some day FS will return. I never cared much for these types of games, but with it being FF related I had to give it a chance, and I loved it! Now, however, its gone and I probably won't be playing these types of arena shooters anymore. Stick around for some other FF related content, though!

In the dead of night you need to be wary of even the slightest rustle of leaves! The mako ninja comes, and she brings death in her wake.

(Okay, maybe machine guns aren't the best quiet ninja weapon, but they get the job done!)


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