A cold, windy day, a light dusting of snow on everything, and the chugging of a good old steam engine chugging along the tracks. What more could I ask for? A better camera, I guess.

Title as it says. Got rid of the original music in the afterburner level and replaced it with Works pretty well.


I don't even know what I jumped into. Ignore my mediocre gameplay and listen in on why little kids shouldn't be in TF2 (and how funny it is as well).

A playthrough of the entire singleplayer campaign for Delta Force Land Warrior.

Running the MOM site in an incursion on EVE online in a vindicator in the Warp to Me fleet.

Been wanting to get this done for some time. Video's a catelog showing virtually all the contraptions I've built as part of the Half Life Road Switcher (HLRS) series that began all the way back in 2009, and boy were there over a dozen of them!

Because of the generally atrocious lack of players in gmod's trainbuilding community who scratch-build anything, I do keep a number of the later engines as dups I will hand out to players if they ask (HLRS-17, HLRS-27, HLRS-37, HLRS-47, and the HLRS-60) for players to use as company engines, study for their own projects, or modify to their own needs and desires.

This is a recording of a quick 2v2 skirmish with another player and me (as imperial guard) commanding against some AI orks. I neglected my power during this match and it made things a tad more difficult later on.

Extra Note: Video was originally meant to be uploaded on my old youtube account but I have decided to post it here instead.


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