Hey guys i'm back with another Minecraft video. In this video I rebuild one of the buildings in my world due to technical issues. I am helped by SnowMia at some parts too

Today I play Work At a Pizza Place. Sorry I haven't uploaded a video in a while, school is tiring.

Hi. Today I'm playing Fashion Famous!

We're having a build challenge to celebrate the school holidays!

Hi, I'm playing Minecraft with Snowmia456

Hi everyone, I'm having a shot of splatoon 2 wish me luck!

Hey! Another Fortnite video for you this time with Cornet!

Hi I'm playing Roblox again this time with Grampamax

More Fortnite, this time with ewbobuddie08

Me and MiniTunic are playing Fortnite Battle Royale for 3 games, we have lots of fun!!!!! Hope you enjoy it!

Hello! In this video I'm Playing Roblox. I hope you enjoy it.

Hi, Martin Gay and I have done another build challenge, SnowMia is the judge again.

Happy New Year! We're doing a challenge video. Who can build the best new year themed thing in a 15 x15 block square. SnowMia is the judge again.

We're back in my world after a long while. Let's take a look around

Merry Christmas! In this video Martin Gay and I do a 10 x 10 block Christmas building challenge.

Hey, welcome back it's been a while. Here's a new video for you in my world.

Hi, in this episode MartinGay goes down the baddie hole to see what's in there. I go fishing.

Hi and welcome back. In this episode I am joined by AidanBoyG, ErinGirlG and MartinGay and we're going to battle. Who will win?

Hello, in this episode MartinGay, AidanBoyG and I go to the newly modified shooting range while ErinGirlG goes fishing for things.

Sorry on the poor quality of this video, it's MartinGay's fault for recording retro gaming videos. Back to 1080p 60fps next time I promise.

Check me out at YouTube:

Hello, in this video I make a level in Super Mario Maker for MartinGay. I also play the level he made for me! :0)

Hi I've just got the Wii U Pro controller, so it's time to BATTLE!!!!!

Hi, this is my first Splatoon video hope you like!!!

Hi everyone, in this episode MartinGay and I go to the new shooting range and see if it's hard enough... is it?

Hello, in this episode MartinGay and I got to the Nether to get glowstone to make glowstone lamps for a shooting range mini game.

In this episode AidanBoyG, ErinGirlG, MartinGay and I go where no minecrafters should really go........ to the nether. Well we have to get glowstone. BTW how did Erin get on with the Parkour?


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