So Really?!

So Really?!

So Really?!


******Must see & share! Greg Reese for Infowars reports on Big Pharma's governmental unaccountability, medical tyranny and ithe New World Order/Globalist's insidious plan to depopulate 95% of the world's population. Watch your six patriots and lovers of humanity!

Must see and please share! The horrific realities inside the Planned Parenthood/Abortion Mill. Warning: includes graphic images of some shocking behavior by abortion clinic workers and abortion doctor’s graphic description of a second trimester abortion.

Leo Lyon Zagami and Alex Jones exposes the Black Magic and Satanism in the Catholic Church. This video also touches on AI and how it plays out in the last book in the Bible--The Book of Revelation.

***Must see video expose on the health and privacy factors regarding the 5G rollout. Jon Bowne reporting.

*****A must see expose by Greg Reese breaks down the history and tactics of the belief system. Please share!

***Must see: Candace Owens follow up to her appearance to congress; destroys dems talking points as a Civil Rights Activist attempts to assault her character. Please share!

Evidence that the EU agenda in Hollywood to create a race war is no longer a speculation! 1-minute video of a Black male character’s monologue justifying violence towards “white supremacy”.

Facebook, Google and Apple platforms and their connection with the UN. Video by Jon Bowne

***Must see: something smells fishy Downunder—this may happen in a city near you!! Greg Reese for Infowars breaks down the unusual circumstances prior to the event through the aftermath—please share! #infowars #newswars #forbiddeninformation #censorship #globalism #nwo #bigbrother #nofreedomofspeech #guncontrol #firstammendment #secondammendment #pleaseshare

Greg Reese for reveals the insidious truth!

Newswars: George Soros influences behind the media, political and social realm.

Newswars special report by Greg Reese breaks down the facts and reveals the mysteries behind the 2018 California wildfires.

Greg Reese breaks down how 4 families have dominated California for the past 80 years. Politically running California into the ground from a once beautiful, prosperous and influential state to a state of disrepair.

***Must see—Infowars: Paul Harvey “If I Were the Devil”(1965) Video Montage—please share!!! #infowars #newswars #paulharvey #devil #satan #satanism #usa #america #media #politics #sex #violence #christianity #religion #wakeup #pleaseshare

Must see: George Carlin lays out who really is behind world governments.

Must see: Infowars video montage of the NWO currently playing out in America and abroad.


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