MeWe has positioned itself to be a serious contender to the "big three", with privacy and freedom as their main goal. In this video, I walk you through the most basic navigation through their platform.

Featuring the Ryzen 2600X 3.6 GHz processor, 16 Gigabytes DRAM (memory), NVIDIA graphics card, 250 Gigabyte SSD (Solid State Drive) and excellent case with plenty of cooling fan options (in addition to the two fans already included in it). Top-notch components for a "budget" price (personal opinion). In this video, I take you through each part ordered via Amazon and explain a few things along the way.

To Ignore the current state of Educational group-think is to enter life abundantly. Get back to the absolute basics for yourself and your children!

Call out their names from thine magick circle, and from the depths of the pools of the dead will dry bones be restored to life. They shall speak unto thee tales through which only the darkest of mirrors can tell.

Latest review of the Dissenter browser, how it works, what it can do for YOU if you are one who wants unfettered freedom of speech, privacy, and expression.

Video produced with "Olive" video editor on an old HP Pavilion single-core desktop PC with only 2 Gigabytes of RAM. The resultant video is quite amazing considering the machine!

A special video to all my fellow Amateur (Ham) radio operators out in "Ham-Land". As well as to those entertaining the notion of getting involved in Ham Radio, and even to those who aren't.

Seasons Greetings from KW0P. It is my holiday wish that Santa bring every fellow HAM one of every item featured in this video greeting.

Blessings and Much Merriment

From: Kurt Schanaman, KW0P

Sometimes a man must take a drastic fall before success in ANYTHING can be successfully attained...

To my subscribers, you will find me on alternatives mentioned in the video.

Title speaks for itself

I have been testing the radio with a progressive technique, starting with a 9 volt alkaline battery (which provides half a watt RF out) and now a 12 volt car battery (providing right at 3 watts RF out). Next step will be to test with a running vehicle to supply 13.8 volts which should provide enough power to get about 4 to 5 watts RF out.

Testing my newly built transceiver for RF output into a dry dummy load I built also.

Final test... it should be as we want it to be now.

QCX Transceiver
10-Watt Amplifier
20-Watt Dummy Load

Going on fifth hour of continuous rapid snow, wind and drifting. 4:45 pm MDT

Results from quart-sized jar to gallin-sized jars PLUS two quart-sized jars!

So many people complaining about the "limitations" of DMR, while yet DMR offers MORE than what we've ever had before in ham radio. Here are some thoughts...

Migrated from quart-sized jar of kombucha to a GALLON sized jar of Kombucha. The gallon sized jar was started with a quart-jar sized SCOBY, which means it has taken longer to read the point of fermentation necessary to taste really great. Here is my video diary of the process, along with a taste test after 14 days IN that gallon jar...

Seventh month of following along with the 'yeard challenge'. Start date: July 7, 2018 Current: February 7, 2019

What is it like for a truck driver not used to Denver, CO (or any bigger city for that matter)?

Here it is. Plain, simple, and to the point. NOT send inexperienced drivers into this rats nest. Trust me. Do NOT DO IT!!

Don't believe me? Try it!!

Homemade kombucha trumps store-bought many times over. I "left Earth" for a short period of time tonight due to "sensory overload"


Sixth month of growth on my "Yeard Challenge"

Here is a family recipe I personally made tonight which is "da bomb". It was created by my mother, Carol, and has been passed down for two generations now. I am sharing the "tongue gasm" I had while making and eating it. May the world be blessed with her creation!

Credit for this recipe goes to: Carol Ann Schanaman (pre-1990)

Month 5 of 12 update, December 5 2018

Learn the eighth Hebrew letter CHET. Habd-print, hand-written (modern cursive), pictoglyph (ancient Hebrew), sound and numeric values.


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