REVIEW! Expensive in experience (but not in dollars)

Great wooden pipe!

No longer a "Pipe-Shaped Object (PSO)!" This $1.99 cob is now declared an actual great smoking pipe!!!

Starting fresh to REALLY drill down deep into this biblical spirituality thing. No more looking at it through the lens of mainstream religion. But rather through uncovered eyes.

Saying "happy 100th" to my corncob Meerschaum. They make truly wonderful cob pipes. Bar none!!

The "unruly" stage has begun!

A GREAT smoke following the "orange peel trick!"

Applying Orange Peel Oil To a Natural Cob Pipe -- Crack Prevention!!

Idea: Orange peel oil as a natural coating to prevent cob cracking

No man could ever wish for a more perfect girlfriend. Bar none!!

I have had a hankerin' to try making my own extra-hold mustache wax suited to a white mustache like mine. After a bit of WHITE bees wax (1.5 oz), .5 oz of cold-pressed coconut oil and ten drops of Sandlewood essential oil for scent... here it is in all it's glory :)

Applied bandage to stem of the cheap 3-day old pipe due to cracks forming. It shall live another day (or 40 or 365 or more...)

An exercise in becoming a REAL experienced pipe conossoir.

All natural corn cob pipes under two dollars tend to go up like a hay stack if not going slow and easy for the first twenty or thirty bowls. This video begins my journal on hopefully getting one there. Here goes...

I have caught Google's YouTube in the act! Eight separate friends viewed a video I uploaded on Sept. 13, 2018 while the view counter shows only two views.

Precisely why I have joined many others in using an alternative video hosting platform:

Wanna repel women? Grow it!

Flat Earth Debunked through a simple real-time video chat. It just doesn't get any more "well-rounded" than that!

Deals ARE out there. Visit your local shops daily to catch them :)

Don't just ask "who am I, what am I, why am I here?" Answer it with silence!

Religion is a division of perspectives.
Philosophy is a division of perspectives.
Bigots judge based on Religion and Philosophy.

Yeah, I'm talking to YOU.

No battery to go bad. Never runs out of power since it is self-powered. Never needs a recharge. And, it has a special way of marking the spot where you left off last time. A marvel long before it's time.

Pipe smoking: Not as quick and without "instant gratification" like cigarettes. An exercise in patience, but the reward is extraordinary. Here, I share up-close what I learned to be a successful pipe toker.

The damn things bring nothing but stand-stills, headaches, and higher prices for consumers.

Recording with a cell phone mic doesn't do a Bodhran drum justice. The bass isn't picked up. How sad. Need to invest in a decent mic geared for recording drum sounds. Though if one has a sharp ear, one can hear the subtle bass (or can you?) I could hear it in-psrson super well. Cheesy Android devices suck.

This, after several months of "life" getting in the way of enjoying my violin. I lost a little speed, bow band technique, and intonation. But haven't forgotten the tune I left off learning :)


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