Watch the video proof that EVIL steals kills and still destroies.

DDS and BBM and OFW Worldwide wake up and make it happen!

Next carrier path "Gay life skills" teacher.

DDS and BBM and OFW Worldwide wake up.

Public moment with the Queen of Drama Ma'am Kris!

DU30 and the Catholic Church? Join me now

DDS and BBM and OFW'S World Is Watching! Open your lifestyle and heart to be more than just a participant! Become a leader!

Stop killing our children with your church and religion! Our Father in heaven did not create church and religion. Our Father in heaven created Humanity!

Judge the fruits of others. Also see the trash of the Gago! Tatay Digong serves the Father in heaven and not the stupid God of the Gago!

People in business!
People in life!
People in partnership?
Action and wisdom = Successful results!

Victim 108 of killer vaccine. Tatay Digong please attack this evil before time will not heal our loss.

Tatay Digong and John do not serve the Stupid God of babalyon! Most of you do though. Join us

John exposed this a year ago!

Our Father in heaven did not create religion! The stupid God of babalyon created religion.

Evil always points fingers at good. LP Vatican fools always expose there agenda of Gago! Tatay Digong is a real man of nobel cause.

Year of changes? Issue is your life! Your response and will for change. Do you desire freedom and happiness?

GMA called me on Facebook Messenger asking me if it was true. They said how did you get the photos? I said only our Father in heaven knows.

Only ūüíĮ Truth will save you from being a coward.


Wake up sleepy head! Your freedom must stand with your truth.

LP will not walk a life path of accountable Nobel cause. Even Jesus Christ has his moments of anger and reaction even to a figtree but still is the heart of man that Our Father in heaven judge's...


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