Speaking about Telford extremist sexual exploitation.
Discussing Russia and terrorism and the legislation now put into place to sentence people downloading terrorism videos for up to 15 years.

Article from 2015; UK Police state

Amber Rudd; Downloading terrorist videos; 15 years prison sentence

Chemical warfare agents;

The OPCW (Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons);

A good article;

Documentary about grooming gangs articles;

My compensation claim has finally been accepted. The next step is to fight for how much I win.

Do you agree the word "globalist" is anti-semitic?

People need to wake up and smarten up. Learn our legal system. Protect yourselves.

Let's talk about low self esteem, social anxiety and depression.

My blog post on the subject
Who really wins when you remove the rights for women to vote?

Here is the link to my blog post and many others I have researched and will do a video on in the future.

How socialist are socialists?
How reliant on capitalism are capitalists?

DNA of Cheddar man suggests he had black skin amongst other suggestions.

Making changes and thinking of solutions with struggling with fear of Islam and diversity after being raped by a migrant.

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Already I am noticing the incredible positive changes from fighting this battle for myself. They are completely unexpected and it is all very overwhelming. I have an interview with a solicitors office for a job to work there. I'm not sure what kind of job, but I am more than happy to make cups of tea as I listen in to legal conversations and learn new things.

YouTube has blacklisted me so I have decided to record the games they are playing to discriminate against me.

YouTube seems to have blacklisted me on an automatic demonetisation due to being offended by what happened to me. Once they monetise my non-offensive videos you will be updated. Thank you for your support.

I found out today that after self-representing my case in tribunal for criminal injuries after a rape by a migrant stranger I won the case. I want to explain what they found, and I didn't say it in my video but thank you all so much for your amazing support through this horrible situation.

The new rules by YouTube and my concerns about the future of YouTube.

Sorry for the previous Livestream. Here is hopefully a better explanation of what happened. It's been a long day with many downs and few ups so I am exhausted.

Updates on the tribunal case.

As I speak about my experience as the victim of a rape by a migrant I get great hostility from the left. Here is an example of leftists responding to my rape, and their reasons for disbelieving me.

Thank you for your support so far. I'm going to close down my Patreon account because I feel I am supported predomimantly by the alt-right who I frequently criticise and I feel this is wrong, insincere and unjust. I may put up an account later but I am unwilling to cave in on my values to ensure short term gain and therefore will take the long rough journey ahead to hopefully achieve what I hope to achieve.

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I try to be rational in my explanations as to what happened to me but here is the typical reaction I get. Please do not troll these people back. I do not endorse that behaviour.

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Consider being a white victim of an Asian (Pakistani, Indian) rapist and seeing that Asian (Pakistani, Indian) victims of child molestation and sexual abuse see their perpetrator receive a longer sentence, is this equality?

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Just keeping you updated that my case date has been set.

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I'm social3state a victim of the EU mass migrant/immigration crisis. I was sexually assaulted in my own home by an Asian stranger. My case is still open hence my need for anonymity. I talk about my concerns regarding political correctness and how it enables horrific crimes and silences those victims.