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“In the secret airship factions, you have what appears to be a conflict between those who simply want to do their own thing and those whose thing is to dictate what everyone else’s thing should be.” ~ Walter Bosley, “Breakaway Civilization vs. One World Globalization,” Empire of the Wheel II – Friends from Sonora

Ever try to unravel the mystery of what is going on in the skies overhead? Dive in and the unanswered questions grow like wild flowers in springtime. Go back through history and the questions go exponential. It’s reminiscent of Bobby Kennedy’s words, “I found out that my world was not the real world.”
One thing we can be sure of – flight over North America was going on well before the Wright Brothers took to the air near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in 1903. One of the reasons is the airships mystery of 1896-7. We have more than 1,000+ newspaper and other reputable reports of sightings in communities from California as far east at Michigan. Airships land, pilots disembark, talk with the locals, get back on and fly away.
Any effort to understand the airship mystery of that period draws us into the fierce competition of public private intelligence agencies leading up to World War I, and the age old fight for leadership and control of powerful technology, gold, land and resources. During this period, as now, California was a hot bed of covert activities in the sky and on the ground – “as above, so below.”
Walter Bosley, author of the Empire of the Wheel series on California’s Inland Empire, joins us to discuss the airship mystery and its relation to groups in Prussia that we an integral part of the rise of the Nazis, their integration into the US military-industrial complex and the existence of a “breakaway civilization.”
The airships mystery is an integral part of the mystery of who really controls governance and resources on planet Earth. Bosley’s experience in counterintelligence offers a unique window into these events and how they may relate to the high ..

This week the Saker joins me for our quarterly review of the geopolitical transition underway.

We start with pension fund reform – a political hot potato in Russia as it is in the United States. Then we turn to the latest events in the Ukraine, the cancellation of the INF Treaty and the politics of nuclear weapons and missiles. Next we discuss the Middle East and whatever is going on in Venezuela.

Finally, we turn to the big picture – the unraveling of the Bretton Woods system and the accelerating signs of an emerging multipolar world. We debate what is happening in Europe and whether the Neocons will succeed in destroying themselves in their process of unraveling the American Empire.

Although our topics are not always joyous, what a pleasure it is to map out our world with the Saker and debate the most important geopoitical questions of the day. His brilliant insights abound, wrapped with a concern for humanity that is always nourishing and inspiring. If you have not accessed the Saker’s books or website, The Vineyard of the Saker, you can do so here. Sign up to support his efforts. The Saker makes an enormous difference.

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I am sitting in the most beautiful home and looking over the gardens of Basel, Switzerland. I am joined by Dr. Daphne von Boch, and we are here to talk about vaccines.

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Listen to the full interview at the Solari Report -

Listen to the full interview at the Solari Report -

You might say – well I live in Europe or Asia, why should I care? You should care because the credit of your investments – your pension fund, your sovereign wealth fund, and your banks and insurance companies- is being debased as well. In addition, your national security umbrella is likely threatened.

All of us – no matter on which continent we reside – are shut out from the secrets of those who rule the world. We are funding a rich flow of tax dollars and investments which are financing private investors secret ownership and control of the most powerful technology in the world to build a breakaway civilization. We provide the financing, but we get no say and we get left behind.

Why are we funding a fascist takeover of our government, our economy and our culture? One reason is because we cannot see it clearly. Another is because we do not understand the growing risks of investing in the securities that are financing this machinery. We have always considered them safe. But are they?

No matter where you live, the fraudulent nature of the US federal accounts has had a growing impact on your life and finances for some time. It will have an explosive impact in your future, as the compounding of the US debt and interest expense grows.

The time has come to understand the REAL GAME OF MISSING MONEY. Circumstances have put you on the game board in 2019. Whatever you think your issue is, this is the issue that decides every issue – including the ones you care about.

Will it be Mr. Global who decides? Or has the time come to bring transparency and stop funding Mr. Global’s secret sauce?

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“You can do it everywhere, and you do not have to have a special situation for treating people. You can do it when you go for a swim and someone has a cramp, or you are going somewhere and you eat something that your stomach doesn’t like. You can do it when you are flying around the whole globe and your digestion doesn’t work as you would like it to work.” ~ Astrid Natzler on Korean Hand Therapy

By Catherine Austin Fitts

When you meet Astrid Natzler, you immediately know you are in the presence of someone who is both very special and inspires health. This is a person who gets energy from helping others be successful.

When I was in Switzerland in October, Astrid introduced me to one her favorite therapies, Korean Hand Therapy. I love foot reflexology, so a comparable approach to hands makes so much sense. One of my goals for 2019 is to learn more about how to use Korean Hand Therapy, especially when I am traveling without the many resources I have at my home.

It is so important that we learn and practice preventative medicine and apply natural methods whenever they might work. This is the heart and soul of health care that is practical and economic. Consequently, I asked Astrid if I could share an introduction with our subscribers and audience.

So we sat down on a beautiful sunny day in Zurich late last fall and here’s the result – a fascinating introduction to an intriguing natural therapy.

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This coming week we continue our publication of the 2018 Annual Wrap Up.

For the first two weeks of January, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell joins me to discuss News Trends & Stories. In Part I, we looked at the 10 top stories of 2018 in Economy & Financial Markets and Geopolitics. In News Trends & Stories, Part II, we will cover the 10 top stories in Culture, Science & Technology, Space, Food & Health and discuss Inspiration, Take Action and UnAnswered Questions.

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Secrecy, once accepted, becomes an addiction.”
~Edward Teller

This coming week – the first week of a new year – we will begin our publication of the 2018 Annual Wrap Up.
For the first two weeks, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell will join me to discuss News Trends & Stories. In Part I, we look at the 10 top stories of 2018 in Economy & Financial Markets and Geopolitics:
Economy & Financial Markets:
Story #1: Secret Books: Harvard, HUD, DOD, & US Treasury Go Dark – The Pricing Mechanism Goes Dark Too
Story #2: Interest Rates Rise – Squeezing Debtors, Housing, Emerging Markets, Small Business & Outsiders
Story #3: Piratization Prep: The Deep State Utilities Build Out Their Platform
Story #4: Cash is King: Stocks, Bonds, Commodities Drop Together
Story #5: The IOT Profits & the 5G Launch

Story #6: Deep State Secrecy – Censorship, Coup by FASAB, Climate Confusion and Cultural Wars
Story #7: 9-11 West: Are Thermal Warfare & Disaster Capitalism Spreading Across the US & EU?
Story #8: Mid-Terms: GOP wins Senate, Dems win House, Trust in Voting Systems Continues to Deteriorate
• Includes: The Trump Report Card
Story #9: Trade Wars & The Rise of the Asian Consumer​
Story #10: Brexit: The Endless Agony
As you listen, check out our web presentation for News Trends & Stories, including our complete trends list, our choices for top news videos of the year, and our headlines for the 10 top stories.
In the week following we will cover the 10 top stories in Culture, Science, Space & Technology, Food & Health and discuss UnAnswered Questions, Inspiration and Take Action.
Inasmuch as our discussion is lengthy, we will publish both full-length and chapter-length versions so you can listen selectively if you prefer.
In the third week I will cover equity and financial markets and publish the first Blockbuster Chartology from Rambus for the New Year, 2018.
In the final week I will address our 2018 Annual Wrap Up theme: The Real Game of Missing Money We have heard a great ..

Each year in the last two weeks of December, we celebrate the very best of the Solari Report. This week, in our second part, we publish four favorites from our weekly interviews and Special Reports during 2018.

Last week we published links to all three Quarterly Wrap Ups the 2017 Annual Wrap Up published in January 2018. This week, we publish four favorites from our weekly interviews and special reports.

Why does the world seem so out of balance? I believe the primary reason is that so much of what is happening is secret – hidden behind the secret books and secret operations of bank and corporations under the umbrella of National Security. When I was in New Zealand in May, I interviewed Amy Benjamin on The Cost of Secrecy. When family and friends ask “How could this be happening and me not know?” Amy gives you exactly what you need to explain how secrecy is engineered. How can the Deep State run the government and major operations and finances outside of the law? Here’s how.

When I was in Europe last February, our videographer Robert Dupper and I took a road trip from the Netherlands to Switzerland to interview Present Age publisher Thomas Meyer on The Future of Europe. This is a wide-ranging conversation on how we build a human future. I find Thomas to be an inspiring antidote to help restore and nurture our spiritual and cultural grounding.

I was in France this summer when several of us sat down to watch Ulrike Granögger’s documentary for the Solari Future Science Series, The Wave Genome – Quantum Holography of DNA. This was a paradigm shifting experience for me. How could I be so ignorant of my scientific reality? If you have not watched The Wave Genome, please do. This is invaluable intelligence that will open your mind and open your heart.

We are daily buffeted by a fundamental reordering of institutions and cultural wars encouraged by the establishment. Maintaining our coherence is becoming an art form. I asked Harry Blazer to join me for a discussion o..

Each year as we come into the last two weeks of December, we celebrate the very best of the Solari Report. Our content builds towards our 2018 Annual Wrap Up that will publish in January 2019. We want to make sure you digest the very best of 2018 before we present our strategic thinking for the year ahead.

Next week we publish links to all three Quarterly Wrap Ups the 2017Annual Wrap Up published in January 2018. The following week, we publish four favorites from our weekly Solari Report interviews and Special Solari Reports.

The themes for our Wrap Ups this year covered four powerful primary trends impacting our lives today. They are constructed like intelligence briefings – designed to provide insight that you need to make intelligent decisions. Whether in your home, for your family, at work or contributing in your community, you need reliable maps to anticipate your long-term opportunities and navigate risk.

In January 2018, our Annual Wrap Up asked the question Does Your Pension Fund Have a Deep State Problem? We confronted the powerful lies being told about our pension funds and the dangerous intersection between our retirement savings and a deep state operating outside the law.

In April 2018, in our 1st Quarter Wrap Up we asked Whos Who and Whats Up in the Space Based Economy? Our goal was to ensure you have a powerful overview as the role of space emerges as driving geopolitical force, one that increasingly involves global stock and bond markets. Given the significant growth of investment in this area, equity investors should pay attention. To help you do so our web presentation included tables of publically traded companies active in space.

In July, in our 2nd Quarter Wrap Up, we looked at The Rise of the Asian Consumer. We discovered that many of our subscribers in North America and Europe had not yet integrated the impact of the rebalancing of the US-China relationship into their strategic thinking. What a rich discussion this Wrap Up inspired..

Have you ever contemplated the idea of staying young for ever—without having to die young? The fountain of youth has fascinated people since the beginning of time and is finally starting to look like a real possibility. As scientists start to understand the aging process, there is a growing belief that we could manipulate our cells and genes in a way that stops aging, and even reverses it, so we could literally become immortal.

In the second episode of the Solari Report Wellness Series, I talk with Dr. Vesna Skul, one of the US top doctors specialized in anti-aging and regenerative medecine. She helps us understand the aging process, the techonologies, drugs and supplements that have a chance to extend our lifespan, and also shares her tried and true recommendations that in the meantime can help us remain healthy for as long as possible.

Join us for an overview of this fascinating topic with a very down-to-earth doctor who discusses the advances of science and its promises for longevity, but also the serious threats to our health from our own environment in urgent need of cleanup.


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This week Harry Blazer joins me to discuss the “Deep State.” This is the first conversation on this critical topic, with more to follow.

The Deep State has received a lot of coverage over the last few years. Unfortunately, it is difficult to navigate through the misinformation and disinformation – much of which is intentional.

I asked Harry to join me to define the Deep State and how it operates. In the first episode of this series, we focus on the time period from the passage of the National Security Act and the creation of the CIA until the end of the Eisenhower administration. We rely as our primary source on the books and interviews of L. Fletcher Prouty – a former Air Force colonel and insider who, more than than anyone else, has shed light on Establishment mechanisms and structures that have enabled the contemporary Deep State.

The primary forces that shape our world are covert. Those forces have grown considerably since the late 1940s when the national security state was formally created and given unimpeded access to a powerful US federal budget and credit mechanisms. Using the global reserve currency and securities markets, the national security state has married US sovereign cash flows and credit with the high-margin flows of organized crime, insider transactions and trading, and war. The result is a global economy and culture defined by violence, intrigue and secrecy.

This discussion is the first in a series that is designed to demonstrate that the Deep State exists and is a profound influence on every aspect of our lives. As always, we believe that by shining light and promoting transparency, we can help our subscribers and others navigate the head winds and live a free and inspired life.

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This week on the Solari Report I talk with Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe about their new company Pretty Good Knowledge.

Bill and Kirk describe Pretty Good Knowledge as a young company with a long history. They and their team bring together decades of experience in discovering knowledge from data and combine this with the latest techniques and technologies in data science.

Every enterprise – big or small – is struggling to make sense of an overwhelming amount of data. We want our data to help us do a better job and we want our data to be secure. Bill and Kirk can help.

It’s big news when one of the top teams in data science in the world becomes accessible to private organizations – consequently, this Solari Report will be open to the public. Please feel free to share widely.

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This week on the Solari Report we publish our next episode of the Food Series – Harry Blazer interviews Bill Niman in the third part of a fascinating three-part series with two of the most knowledgeable leaders in fresh food markets in America today.

The first two parts of this series were Hog Heaven and the Godfather of Grass-Fed. As millions of people in the United States and Canada this week sit down to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, it is appropriate that this episode will cover poultry.

No one knows more about raising the finest livestock than Bill and his team. Bill’s wife Nicolette is author of “Righteous Porkchop: Finding a Life and Good Food Beyond Factory Farms.” Together they lead the operations at BN Ranch in Bolinas, California, raising and producing the finest lamb, beef and turkey.

Bill is our hero this week on the Solari Report. The courage and persistence he has shown in his commitment to protecting our food supply and providing the finest meat available has been extraordinary. While giving thanks during this season, please give thanks for Bill and Nicolette and the farmers and ranchers like them who provide us with healthy, nutritious food. Who’s your farmer? Who’s your rancher? Make sure your food is raised by people you can trust and remember to tell them, THANKS!

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This week is the final segment of our 3rd Quarter 2018 Wrap Up. On Thursday, I will discuss our theme – “Megacities and the Growth of Global Real Estate Companies.”

The megacities trend has profound implications both for culture and for markets. This trend includes the flow of capital into real estate and the intersection of global equity markets with global real estate development, ownership and management.

Between 1800 and 2000, the global population percentage living in cities grew from 3 to 47. That percentage is likely to continue to rise for some time to come.

The increase in planetary urban density is tied to the growth of the Asian economies and the rise of the Asian middle class. Of 47 current megacities (with populations of 10 million people or more), 30 are in Asia, including 15 in China and six in India.

Our 3rd Quarter 2018 Wrap Up comes with a web presentation and transcripts. This includes our tables of megacities and global real estate companies for your review. Our goal is to ensure you understand the growth of megacities as an important primary trend — with consequences for culture, geopolitics and investment for decades to come.

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The Emerging Multipolar World with the Saker – US-Russian Relations

November 3, 2018 0

~ Audio will post here for Solari Report subscribers on the evening of Thursday, November 8, 2018 ~

~ Money & Markets will post at the Money & Markets commentary for Solari Report subscribers late on the evening of Thursday, November 8, 2018 ~

“Information flow is not a neutral phenomenon. It is related to the movement of power through a society.” ~ Julian Assange

By Catherine Austin Fitts

I return to the United States tomorrow. After six weeks in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, I am so looking forward to discuss the latest geopolitical developments with the Saker. On our list for our 4th Quarter interview:

Russian Pension Fund Reform – Impact on Putin’s Approval Rating
The Empire Splits the Orthodox Church
President Trump’s Threat to Withdraw from the INF
The Russian Economy: The Impact of Sanctions and Trade Wars
Middle East: Syria & Genocide in Gaza
US Elections – What Comes Next?

Make sure to post your questions for the Saker here before Tuesday morning. Check out his latest on “Senior Russian Diplomat confirms Russia is preparing for War” and “The Empire Splits the Orthodox World.”

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Christmas is my favorite time of year.

This past year was so worrisome serious that I wanted to celebrate the holiday season with something joyful and delicious. So I invited Harry Blazer to regale us with stories of his favorite holiday food traditions. I can’t tell you which ones Harry has chosen for this coming Thursday night – he insisted that it be a surprise! I will share mine too.

Listen to the full interview at the Solari Report -
Solari Food Series:

This is a big week – the launch of our 3rd Quarter 2018 Wrap Up with Part I of News, Trends & Stories. This weekend I will drive into the heartland to join Dr. Joseph H. Farrell for our quarterly discussion of what’s new in the 3rd Quarter, what’s happening that is important and the implications for navigating the road ahead.

This a wide-ranging discussion. Make sure to check out the News Trends & Stories section of our 3rd Quarter 2018 Wrap Up Web Presentation which will go live on Thursday evening here.

News, Trends & Stories, Part I covers our first two categories – Economy & Financial Markets & Geopolitics. Here are our top ten stories for Part I:

Story #1: AI Superpowers: China vs. USA vs. the Rest of the Planet in AI and Tech
Story #2: Growth of U.S. Dollar Alternatives
Story #4: Emerging Markets US Dollar Bear Trap
Story #6: FASB Announcement Shifts the US Budget into Never Never Land
Story #7: Bye Bye Bretton Woods; Rise of the Land Empire
Story #8: Global Thermal & Weather Warfare
Story #9: The War for the Internet
Story #10: Anglo American Powershifts

Part II, published the following week, will cover our top stories in Culture, Science & Technology, Space, Food & Health, Unanswered Questions, Inspiration and Go Local/Take Action.

You absolutely want to support the International Appeal to Stop 5G - and learn more from Michael Blansham about how you can protect your health as the levels of EMF radiation rise. Learn more at the appeal

After years of unprecedented monetary inflation and increased competition for natural resources, many areas of the world are experiencing significant increases in the cost of living. The Chapwood Index estimates that the real cost of living in the United States is increasing 8-13% annually.

I invited John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics to join me on the Solari Report to describe why government statistics on inflation, cost of living, employment and other economic statistics – vary significantly from actual. John estimates that cost of living in the United States is increasing at 10% annually.

Understanding the facts of what is really happening in the economy can inspire you to create the strategies you need to successfully navigate this environment. Depending on where you live, you need to organize your budgets and business to continuously reengineer for the changes underway – including rising cost of living.

Catherine joins Thomas Meyer in his beautiful home in Basel Switzerland to discuss the Future of Europe and how we find the people interested in nurturing Western Civilization and a human culture to help lead through the present age.

By Catherine Austin Fitts

It is with great pleasure that I introduce Brigitte Mouchet, founder and CEO of Healoha, who will be leading and hosting a quarterly Wellness Series for the Solari Report.

I have spent a great deal of time researching guests and topics related to wellness, often to conclude that I did not have sufficient knowledge to provide the quality that I wanted for the Solari Report.

So I started to search for someone who is focused on wellness and has a passion for helping people be healthy – someone who could identify the world’s finest expertise on wellness and help make it understandable and accessible to our subscribers.

When Brigitte left Silicon Valley to create Healoha, I knew I had found the new host for our Wellness Series!

In this video, Brigitte introduces herself and the Wellness Series on


In his discussion with Hugo de Garis on Artificial Intelligence, Harry Blazer gave an impassioned description of our mysterious governance system on planet earth, the dangers that AI is belng used to implement central control and the risks this poses to life.

This week on The Solari Report, Dr. Joseph Farrell joins me to discuss his new book Microcosm and Medium: The Cosmological Implications and Agenda of Mind Control.

It’s time for America is to break from its mind control trance. Step one is to understand that mind control technologies are real — and they are deeply dangerous. Step two is to see the opportunity — what is possible if we break free, as indeed we can do.

With Microcosim and Medium. Dr. Farrell has written the best book I have read yet on the mind control being used to manipulate you and me. More than once, I had to put the book down to digest an entirely new insight. I was amazed to realize how much there was about this subject that I did not yet understand. Looking back over the descent of American politics and communities into madness, I gained wholly new perspectives on what has happened and how it happened.

This book is essential to understand the world we live in and why we can, as Joseph so often says, “own the culture.” Indeed, I now understand what he means and what to do. Joseph provides the kind of intelligence that infuses personal power that no one can take away from you.


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