After the United States spent trillions on bank bailouts, guess what bank was prosecuted? One of the smallest banks in the country. It did not do subprime mortgage loans. It had an unusually low default rate on its mortgage portfolios. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac make money on its portfolios.

Clearly such a performance could not be tolerated! Cleared off all allegations by the facts and a New York City jury, reporter Dave Lindorff and a subsequent award winning documentary tell the extraordinary tale of the power of the rule of law in the hands of founder Thomas Sung and his three brilliant, hardworking daughters.

Be inspired!


While I was in Auckland, I had the opportunity to interview Amy for the Solari Report. We discussed her concepts of direct and indirect secrecy and explored in detail how indirect secrecy is engineered so as to make it difficult, if not impossible, for the general population to understand what is happening around us — in the government, in the economy and the financial markets.

Indirect secrecy includes (i) monetary and fiscal policy (making sure you do not have accessible central bank and government financial disclosure so you can understand “how the money works”), (ii) outsourcing government operations and intelligence to private corporations and (iii) engineering secret agreements and transactions through international institutions.

It is a challenge to understand how so much is kept secret. Once you understand the mechanics and infrastructure, however, that engineers this growing divide between “official reality” and reality, the world we are living in today starts to make a lot more sense.

We explore how to return transparency to our governments and public discourse.

I had the most remarkable conversation with a Solari Report subscriber joining me on the road to Uluru. He said that what would take us through this period of change was divine enlightenment and inspiration. The reason to embrace the U.S. Constitution and the period of enlightenment that inspired it was that we needed to draw on our legacy of divine enlightenment, that we and our ancestors had received to date. We should inherit the divine inspiration of generations.

To continue our discussions regarding the U.S. Constitution, I asked Dr. Edwin Vieira to join me to discuss his book The Sword and Sovereignty regarding the militias. Dr Vieira is one of the finest Constitutional scholars of our time. If you have not heard his Solari Report on why it is essential to enforce the US Constitution, I highly recommend it. LINK TO

This coming week, Dr. Vieira and I discuss what the militias operating at the time of drafting of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and why such organizations have the potential to contribute to a self governing people.

Understanding the history of the militia teaches us about both our inheritance - the divine intelligence and practical values that support the rule of law in America.

This week on The Solari Report, The Saker joins me on our quarterly The Emerging Multipolar World to discuss the events in Syria. We cover the latest allegations regarding chemical attacks, retaliatory missile strikes and then dig into the Trump Administration reversals regarding US policy in the Middle East.
1. Question: What is the US strategy to maintain a unipolar empire?
2. Question: What does control of Syria have to do with maintaining the US dollar as reserve currency?
3. Question: What are the roles of the UK, Israel, Iran, Russia and China?
4. Question: What is happening in the Ukraine and how does that relate to events in the Middle East.
Throughout this discussion, Saker expresses his concern that the possibility of the Neocon’s triggering a nuclear war is growing.

Music: Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky

This week on the Solari Report we publish our four wrap ups brought to you during 2017. This video gathers all of the excerpts we published for these four wrap ups. This is a great tour of some of the many rich insights of the last year.

Listen to the full interviews at the Solari Report -

U.S. dollar reserve holdings have dropped close to $1 trillion in the last eight or nine months, and that’s on a global scale. What happens when reserves drop means that foreigners have been selling U.S. government securities. They are abandoning the dollar, and if foreigners are abandoning the dollar, the question is who’s buying them? The answer to who is buying the reserves is the U.S. Treasury itself. Specifically, it is the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) within the U.S. Treasury.”

“If GATT succeeds and we are able to impose modern methods of agriculture worldwide, so as to bring them to the level of Canada or Australia, what will happen? 2.1 billion people will be uprooted from the land and chased into the towns throughout the world. It is the single greatest disaster [in our history], greater than any war. We have to change priorities…If not, and we chase 2.1 billion people into the slums of the towns, we will create on a scale unheard of mass migration…We would be creating mass waves of migration which none of us could control.” ~ Sir James Goldsmith, 1994 Globalization Warning

The "Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act" rocketed through the US Congress at record speed in July, imposing sanctions on Iran, North Korea and Russia. Faced with a veto override, an unhappy President Trump signed it into law on August 2, 2017.

Description: Catherine Austin Fitts, host of the Solari Report, gives an example of one family's solution to investing in their local community to build the future and create a healthy local economy with and for the children they love.

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The Solari Report is a weekly live interactive briefing with commentary and guest experts that go behind the headlines to reveal what's really happening in the global financial system and help you navigate the rapidly changing political and economic landscape.

The Solari Report is a weekly live interactive briefing with commentary and guest experts that go behind the headlines to reveal what's really happening in the global financial system. In this video, Catherine Austin Fitts, host of the Solari Report, describes the common thread that brings her global audience to the Solari Report.


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