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This is a big week – the launch of our 3rd Quarter 2018 Wrap Up with Part I of News, Trends & Stories. This weekend I will drive into the heartland to join Dr. Joseph H. Farrell for our quarterly discussion of what’s new in the 3rd Quarter, what’s happening that is important and the implications for navigating the road ahead.

This a wide-ranging discussion. Make sure to check out the News Trends & Stories section of our 3rd Quarter 2018 Wrap Up Web Presentation which will go live on Thursday evening here.

News, Trends & Stories, Part I covers our first two categories – Economy & Financial Markets & Geopolitics. Here are our top ten stories for Part I:

Story #1: AI Superpowers: China vs. USA vs. the Rest of the Planet in AI and Tech
Story #2: Growth of U.S. Dollar Alternatives
Story #4: Emerging Markets US Dollar Bear Trap
Story #6: FASB Announcement Shifts the US Budget into Never Never Land
Story #7: Bye Bye Bretton Woods; Rise of the Land Empire
Story #8: Global Thermal & Weather Warfare
Story #9: The War for the Internet
Story #10: Anglo American Powershifts

Part II, published the following week, will cover our top stories in Culture, Science & Technology, Space, Food & Health, Unanswered Questions, Inspiration and Go Local/Take Action.

You absolutely want to support the International Appeal to Stop 5G - and learn more from Michael Blansham about how you can protect your health as the levels of EMF radiation rise. Learn more at the appeal

After years of unprecedented monetary inflation and increased competition for natural resources, many areas of the world are experiencing significant increases in the cost of living. The Chapwood Index estimates that the real cost of living in the United States is increasing 8-13% annually.

I invited John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics to join me on the Solari Report to describe why government statistics on inflation, cost of living, employment and other economic statistics – vary significantly from actual. John estimates that cost of living in the United States is increasing at 10% annually.

Understanding the facts of what is really happening in the economy can inspire you to create the strategies you need to successfully navigate this environment. Depending on where you live, you need to organize your budgets and business to continuously reengineer for the changes underway – including rising cost of living.

Catherine joins Thomas Meyer in his beautiful home in Basel Switzerland to discuss the Future of Europe and how we find the people interested in nurturing Western Civilization and a human culture to help lead through the present age.

By Catherine Austin Fitts

It is with great pleasure that I introduce Brigitte Mouchet, founder and CEO of Healoha, who will be leading and hosting a quarterly Wellness Series for the Solari Report.

I have spent a great deal of time researching guests and topics related to wellness, often to conclude that I did not have sufficient knowledge to provide the quality that I wanted for the Solari Report.

So I started to search for someone who is focused on wellness and has a passion for helping people be healthy – someone who could identify the world’s finest expertise on wellness and help make it understandable and accessible to our subscribers.

When Brigitte left Silicon Valley to create Healoha, I knew I had found the new host for our Wellness Series!

In this video, Brigitte introduces herself and the Wellness Series on


In his discussion with Hugo de Garis on Artificial Intelligence, Harry Blazer gave an impassioned description of our mysterious governance system on planet earth, the dangers that AI is belng used to implement central control and the risks this poses to life.

This week on The Solari Report, Dr. Joseph Farrell joins me to discuss his new book Microcosm and Medium: The Cosmological Implications and Agenda of Mind Control.

It’s time for America is to break from its mind control trance. Step one is to understand that mind control technologies are real — and they are deeply dangerous. Step two is to see the opportunity — what is possible if we break free, as indeed we can do.

With Microcosim and Medium. Dr. Farrell has written the best book I have read yet on the mind control being used to manipulate you and me. More than once, I had to put the book down to digest an entirely new insight. I was amazed to realize how much there was about this subject that I did not yet understand. Looking back over the descent of American politics and communities into madness, I gained wholly new perspectives on what has happened and how it happened.

This book is essential to understand the world we live in and why we can, as Joseph so often says, “own the culture.” Indeed, I now understand what he means and what to do. Joseph provides the kind of intelligence that infuses personal power that no one can take away from you.

Harry Blazer interviews Dr. Andrew Killgore about dental health. How do you find and build an excellent relationship with your dentist. What is important to ensure good dental health. It is always informative to learn from the pros.

It seems like there is no better topic to launch the Solari Report Wellness Series than the gut microbiome. Hypocrates (460 - 370 BC), a physician in Ancient Greece often considered to be the father of modern medicine, said “All Disease Begin In the Gut”. Although we know that this statement is not entirely accurate, it contains incredible wisdom and foresight considering the complexity of this organ. We are just starting to scratch the surface in our understanding of the gut, its ecosystem—the gut microbiome—and its role in maintaining physical but also mental and emotional health.

We are riding multiple tsunamis of change. How do we navigate this period? Catherine and Harry have been discussing this intensely for several months. So we decided to record our latest.

This week on The Solari Report, I will present the 3nd Quarter 2018 Wrap Up Equity Overview, including the new Rambus Blockbuster Chartology. Make sure to check out the financial charts on our 3nd Quarter 2018 Wrap Up web presentation and the Chartology when it is posted on Thursday.

I want to revisit the fundamental model operating in the global financial markets. The US has now made a significant public commitment to a financial systems based on “neverland” accounting. The federal finances are non-transparent as a matter of official policy at the same time that ever more resources are centralized and directed through the federal budget and credit. Furthermore, he federal government can waive corporate transparency in the interest of national “security” while it engineers corporate profits. This means the corporations that run — and even control – the US government operations also enjoy “neverland accounting.”

We have reached the point where stock and bond market prices are politically determined and subsidized with citizens funds – including taxes, savings and pension funds. If prices and financial disclosure are more or less meaningless, and Constitution and financial management laws are suspended, how do we navigate? How do we save and invest? How do we view the global securities markets?

I will touch on the most important events in the global equity markets since our last Equity Overview:

Divergence between US and global markets
Where are we -correction or bear market?
AI Superpowers – the billion dollar IPOs
The Global 2.0-3.0 divergence

Listen to the full interview for free on

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” ~ John C. Maxwell ~

By Catherine Austin Fitts

Alan Phillips has joined me on the Solari Report several times. He is the leading attorney in the United States specializing in advising his clients on vaccine law, including vaccine exemptions. He is the author of The Authoritative Guide to Vaccine Legal Exemptions which you can find at his website Vaccine Rights and hosts a radio show on vaccine rights and related topics.

Solari and I have both contributed to Alan’s Go Fund Me account and I have signed his petition in support of his efforts to defend his practice and protect his clients from compromise of their privacy. We have made this Solari Report public so that you can learn more about it by listening to Alan. You can also read his description online and link to his petition and campaign here.

Please join me in support of Alan Phillips – a man who is giving his all to protect our health freedoms. Please lift him up in your prayers, donate as you can – every little bit counts – and please pass on this interview to friends and family who want their health freedoms defended and protected.

Thank you for your support. It means the world to Alan and me!

While I was in Auckland, I had the opportunity to interview Amy for the Solari Report. We discussed her concepts of direct and indirect secrecy and explored in detail how indirect secrecy is engineered so as to make it difficult, if not impossible, for the general population to understand what is happening around us — in the government, in the economy and the financial markets.

Indirect secrecy includes (i) monetary and fiscal policy (making sure you do not have accessible central bank and government financial disclosure so you can understand “how the money works”), (ii) outsourcing government operations and intelligence to private corporations and (iii) engineering secret agreements and transactions through international institutions.

It is a challenge to understand how so much is kept secret. Once you understand the mechanics and infrastructure, however, that engineers this growing divide between “official reality” and reality, the world we are living in today starts to make a lot more sense.

We explore how to return transparency to our governments and public discourse.

I joined Thomas Meyer and his members in Sofia to attend Wagner's Ring produced by the Sofia Opera House. Thomas gave a public lecture on The Ring during the series. Afterwards he and I sat down for a discussion about what Wagner has to say about governance and power on planet Earth.

Hugo de Garis has been one of the most brilliant and compelling voices warning against the dangers of AI. in this fascinating interview for the Solari Report, Hugo and Harry Blazer discuss Hugo's landmark book, The Artilect War, and debate the risks of AI and the nature of human intelligence and a human future.

Jon Rappoport is one of the people who has had a profound impact on my understanding of the world. He has had a profound impact on my understanding of health, consciousness and practical steps I can take to enlist my imagination in living a free and inspired life. When I find my sense of coherence frayed, I often to turn to Jon and his work for assistance. Jon is like a intellectual foo dog protecting fake news incursions on a wide range of subjects from vaccines to control.

One source of perpetual joy for me is what has happened since I introduced Harry Blazer to Jon's work. Harry has become one of Jon's many loyal readers and listeners. Last month, Harry called me and pointed out that Jon's work and philosophy is scattered throughout scores of Solari Report interviews. Could he interview Jon to gather this wisdom together in one Solari Report? Of course, I said yes.

In the second episode of Future Science, Ulrike Granögger explores the nature of human DNA and recent scientific discoveries that help us understand how our DNA relates to consciousness, communication and community.

The rise of the Asian consumer will have a powerful impact on your life, your work, your investments and your community for years to come.

Asian growth is driving many current trends, from the rise of megacities, to the heated competition to produce self-driving cars, to wild swings and mergers and acquisitions in pork, wine and other agricultural markets, to scores of Western schools adding Mandarin to their curriculum. It is also inspiring fierce competition in currency and financial markets, leadership in technology and space, and growing trade wars.

The goal of our 2nd Quarter 2018 Wrap Up is to help you understand what is happening and to inspire you to anticipate what it can and will mean to you. I will look at the impact on economics, on financial markets, on geopolitics, on consumer products as well as local communities as scores of successful Asians and their children study, invest, work and immigrate globally.

This week on The Solari Report, Saker joins me for our quarterly discussion of the emerging multipolar world.

We review the Helsinki meeting between Trump and Putin as well as Trump’s participation with NATO, and the resulting reaction from a Washington establishment drowning in swamp drama.

We also cover events in the Middle East, Ukraine and Iran.

Russia is unloading its portfolio of US Treasury securities, showboating new weapons, deploying troops on the European front and working with China to develop the Shanghai Cooperation Agreement.

Iran has fired its central bank governor and announced a new cryptocurrency to trade around US economic sanctions. Fake news is leaking that Trump is planning to bomb Iran shortly.

The White House is announcing new tariffs with China while the Congress works quietly to rescind them.

The economic and political order is – to say the least – fluid while US leadership sorts out whether it represents the US taxpayer or multinational corporations making sales to a rising global middle class and exporting weapon systems.

I had the most remarkable conversation with a Solari Report subscriber joining me on the road to Uluru. He said that what would take us through this period of change was divine enlightenment and inspiration. The reason to embrace the U.S. Constitution and the period of enlightenment that inspired it was that we needed to draw on our legacy of divine enlightenment, that we and our ancestors had received to date. We should inherit the divine inspiration of generations.

To continue our discussions regarding the U.S. Constitution, I asked Dr. Edwin Vieira to join me to discuss his book The Sword and Sovereignty regarding the militias. Dr Vieira is one of the finest Constitutional scholars of our time. If you have not heard his Solari Report on why it is essential to enforce the US Constitution, I highly recommend it. LINK TO

This coming week, Dr. Vieira and I discuss what the militias operating at the time of drafting of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and why such organizations have the potential to contribute to a self governing people.

Understanding the history of the militia teaches us about both our inheritance - the divine intelligence and practical values that support the rule of law in America.

This week I walk through the new Rambus Blockbuster Chartology and the 2nd Quarter financial charts. More discussion to help you connect the dots between the financial coup d'etat, the repatriation of capital to America, trade wars, the push for "piratization" and the global US dollar bear trap building in the emerging markets. Global equity and financial markets are indeed a window on the shift to a multi-polar world.

“Being alive on the planet is a great privilege and must be pursued with gusto!” ~ Elana Freeland

This week on The Solari Report, Harry Blazer speaks to Elana Freeland about her new book Under an Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown. Under an Ionized Sky received a Solari Gold Star and Solari listed it in Best Books for 2018.

In Under an Ionized Sky, Freeland connects the dots between the satellite infrastructure of the national-security state, the cell towers and networks of the telecommunications companies, HAARP, and the engineering of nanoparticles sprayed in chemical cocktails above our heads. What does this have to do with weather and natural disaster warfare? What does this have to do with mind control? What does this have to do with the EMF radiation that is making so many people sick? The answer is a quite lot.

Elana Freeland and Harry Blazer help you make integrated sense of so many things happening since we built out a global satellite infrastructure.

Why am I so confident that trillions are missing from US government accounts without kicking off hyperinflation yet? I decided to invite financial markets guru Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics into the invention room with me for an exercise in imagination. If we were going to write a movie, what different mechanisms would we use to transfer the missing money into private hands? What would the financial plot be? From black budgets to the Exchange Stabilization Fund to the derivatives and fixed income markets, from Wall Street to Washington we explore the who and hows of $21 Trillion of your money that is missing.

This coming week we continue our publication of the 2nd Quarter 2018 Wrap Up. Dr. Joseph P. Farrell will join me to discuss News Trends & Stories, Part II. We review the top stories in Culture, Science & Technology, Space, and Food & Health Here are our picks:


Story #12: Can Chinese “Rule of Law” Attract Financial Liquidity?
Story #13: Family Wealth: Asia For; the West Against
Story #14: Promoting Women: The Rise of the Asian Consumer
Science & Technology

Story #15: Inhumanism: Censorship & the AI Invasion
Story #16: 5G, Cybersecurity & the AI Invasion
Story #17: The Ionized Sky & the AI Invasion
Story #18: The Falling Cost of Renewable Energy

Story #19: The Space Race
Food & Health

Story #20: Food & Health: Disappearing Disclosure & the AI Invasion

Before closing, we also cover UnAnswered Questions, Inspiration & Go Local.


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