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Just as the prehistoric universe exploded into being like a hell storm of raging chaos, so too the sounds of SOLARMASS leap into existence in the present era with seemingly random acts of ferocious aural violence across a broad spectrum of sub-genres to escape the mediocrity of the governing Magian death-cult. Behold the Faustian aristocracy, as they announce a declaration of war, and lead a counter-attack to reclaim the right to Metallic existence. Hear the atomic warlords impose a new epoch, a nascent counter-culture, on a dying world swamped with obsolete lo-tek assets which resemble mindless automatons, managed by the invisible hand of media moguls and alien usurpers. Bear witness to the war cry, the 4-string fog-horns of doom, the clanging of metal armour, the rattle of sabre-lasers, and the sound of air raid sirens screaming across the fire lit crimson skies, into night's dawn as the mechanised battalion marches with savage brutality and cutting-edge technology, towards the nuclear horizons of an otherwise dystopian future. A deafening roar asserts dominance over the cowering effeminate Indie and lo-tek MOBO radio-wave slaves, to relinquish and thwart the encroaching vanguard of invading simian hominids. See how in their confusion and fear, the Boomer label-stables huddle together, seeking shelter and refuge in the subterranean sewers of pop music, hiding from the 6-string extermination squads sent in to ethnically cleanse the inferior dreadlocked mongoloid WOMAD’s, under a reign of bombastic fire from overhead neutron canons. An audial pogrom set in motion, as a consequence of fashion’s own making. A cataclysm repaid in kind for criminal psychopathic altruism, for genocidal crimes against Metal, committed with impunity, under the protection of modernity's rainbow mud-world. So, begins an inter-stellar assault, and a long cold nuclear winter for the subhuman de-Gen X-er's to endure, as deadly amplifiers detonate like one billion megatons of TNT, stamping out miserable Millennial-retard campfires, breaking their linked-hands, murdering their “kumbaya” mantras, smashing their acoustic guitars over their befuddled shit-lib heads, snuffing cuckolded dreams of an egalitarian planet once and for all. Listen as communist pop-stars are mercilessly extinguished by entropic Zyklon-Gen forces, indicted for singing hymns to a 3rd World from the Sun. Lift up your chalice and quaff the toxic Heavy Metal, as it overflows like a Sonic Shockwave into the darkest recesses of the eternal space drama. The gas giant, Jupiter loosens trident lightning bolts at the heart of these alien invaders, until they are corralled into the path of caustic meteor showers. Like an obelisk, the solar phallus that is SOLARMASS is penetrating deep into the enemy's temples and shrines: so that even 'in safe-space, no one will hear their screams'...over the wild hiss of primordial white noise.