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Two NPC's enters a chinese business in America.

Size: [2.97mb]

Two Doom NPC's find each other.

Size: [1.76mb]

Police shooting like in Doom.

Size: [1.11mb]

Shooting like in Doom.

Size: [3.53mb]

German shepherd dog bites jewish star

Size: [623kb]

Original amateur video with explosion during 11-S

Size: [3.70mb]

Donald Trump: I can't breathe (George Floyd) MEME

Size: [256kb]

He is the choosen one.

Original amateur video with explosion during 11-S

Size: [3.14mb]

Russian subhuman lying on the ground.

Size: [2.98mb]

Raise your right hand!

Size: [3.31mb]

Russian subhuman dancing (MEME)

Size: [3.84mb]

Tucker Carlson: Force is more efective than vote; violence works.

Size: [3.13mb]

Womans aren't real. El diablo.

Size: [4.76mb]

Commie: "That flag (francoist) must be removed"
Deputy of VOX in Spain: "Come, take it off, come on, take it off yourself"
Another VOX member; "Long live Spain!"
Woman: [when he runs away] "hahaha fag".

Size: [5.82mb]

Abascal: "Mr. Sanchez, you are the worst president in our country in 80 years..." (Pablo Iglesias get surprised) "Yes, Mr. Iglesias... in 80 years" (in other words, Franco's goverment was better than actual).

Size: [1mb]

Columbus Day - We Would Do It Again (MEME)

Size: [6.19mb]

Spanish television reporter (Spain) from a left wing program closes the show for the newscast. While she dances, the news reports the explosion in Beirut. The reporter see the actitude and stop talking to repeat again the news.

She: "Well, happy Friday, we leave you with the news".
He: "Three days after the devastating explosion in beirut they continue to come to light" ....... "good morning, three days later"

Size: [3.20mb]

President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad talks about Trump and the american Deep State.

Size: [2.52mb]

Family Guy scene with Walt Disney

Size: [200kb]

DROP IT meme from 9-11 - WTC "terrorist" attack

Size: [3.18mb]

Black gang shooting N Shiet

Size: [964kb]

Race mixing video in films and others.

Size: [3.98mb]

Black people shooting each other in High Quality. A moment in which ignorance overruns the brain causing an outburst of irrational aggression.

[Size: 4mb]

Who Can It Be Now? jewish meme.

Size: [629kb]


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