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(Note: All people make mistakes, and not everything might be 100% accurate. Reason, discernment, and perspicacity are human traits.)This reproduced content has been provided in its entirety without alteration for information, education and humanitarian reasons. The original producers retain and can reserve all rights accordingly. It is recommended you share, view or link from original production sources in support of the original producers.
original title: WATCH THE WATER
dated: Wednesday, March 22, 2022
Dr Bryan Ardis produced by Stew Peters

(Note: All people make mistakes, and not everything might be 100% accurate. Reason, discernment, and perspicacity are human traits.) The edit is provided under fair use information out of civic duty. Full disclaimer appears at the start. The complete original is titled. 'PERVYWOOD 9 - THE NEW WORLD ORDER VOL. 1 2', and I have been unable to locate it to post the link for full producer rights.

Intended as satire. Voiced over presentation videos with notice of disclaimer. share, buy a book or donate to help keep free work flowing for all.

Ep. 8. Chilli sauce recipe. share, buy a book or donate to help keep free work flowing for all.

Episode 7. One of my Guacamole recipe variation.

Episode 6. Crab Salad. Note: As with almost all Cuisine For The Clueless recipes; they are stripped down to the simplest variation. I.e. Cocktail sauce variations with a dash of Tobasco, Worcester Sauce, and or dash of whiskey. Another variation including and or the above, with tiny chopped pieces of green and red pepper, commonly known as 1000 islands. It used to be more popular, circa 1970s-90s. to: [email protected]
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Episode 5. Home made chilli sauce. If you like the free works, share or donate.

Last of the Club Chill tracks on the NEON PALMS 12" (not really a 12")
If you like the free works, you can donate to help make more available for everyone.

Episode 3. Egg salad topping or sandwich filling. Various recipes in one.

Episode 1. Fluffy Scrambled eggs. The light recipe; the other uses butter and single cream or full fat milk.

A respite to raise spirits, travel photography with uplifting quotes. Images from Greece with background sounds from a fountain in a square. (Post production noted three minor irretrievable errors in grammar. No prizes for guesses).

Talk with 'b' roll video background. Language, observations, philosophy. Some uplifting words. Uploaded sound file appears to have crackle damage not on original. Circumstances permitting.

Talk presentation, data, facts, science, video clips. Virus vs Vaccine Addendum & News Media Mistrust.

(Correction: I misspelled Dr Kary Mullis' surname in the video) An information video comprised completely of edited clips of third party presentations, science, interviews, research, documentaries, news media, published publicly some in the public domain. The facts, evidence and science contained does not agree with state messages to the public. The experts, virologists, immunologists, world renowned and multitude of health and science experts who are blocked, censored, harassed and even threatened. You decide what could be true. *Dedicated to the victims, courageous and ethical contributors.* Full notice at the start of the presentation.

Presentation and famous quotes on Social Engineering: Buy a book, support free work for all.

Satire: HAPPY MERRY NEW whatever. We'll see what wako turds in power pile on us next year. Buy a book support free work for all.

Satire Woke News broadcast. Buy a book, support free work for all


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