The negro struggle IS the Jewish struggle!

Another wholesome human being arrested amidst the worse pandemic in human history! >:(

Better yet, get off the internet and never return you anti-semite!

This anti-Chinese sentiment reminds me of the holocaust!

The Palestinians must surrender to Israel!

This is my protest song against the 2nd Amendment! >:(
Originally a Ween song (I Don't Want To Leave You On The Farm)

(Reminder: This is a satire account. Too many people think I'm for real)

Throw down your arms and bow down to your Semitic masters at once goys!

(Reminder: This is a satire account. Too many people think I'm for real)

I'm sick and tired of Iran executing men who are just trying to get some ass!

We must control both sides of the dialectic! The goyim must not find out!

All white men must hit the gym and join the infantry so that we may wipe Iran off the face of this planet!

Enough is enough! Iran must be attacked before they attack Tel Aviv!

Light that Constitution on fire. This is serious!

The laws of the goyim do not apply to me!

Do NOT make fun of the Jewish people!
(original video did not upload)

This is such hatred against people who just want to get some ass from the same sex!

Can you use the force to give a guy a hand job?

All BitChute citizens be aware that the migrants of YouTube have come to this site. By order of Israel, during their residence here, all mockery of Jews and their one God shall be kept to an appropriate minimum.

This man had thousands of books of transsexual research burned! Just imagine if we could've been reading books at Drag Queen Story Hour 20 years ago. Where would we be now!?

Me and my Rabbi are going to go to town on this website if this hateful ideology keeps up!

This is a protest song against all the white nationalists on this website who are hateful towards the gay, Jewish, and pedophile community!

The Christians should think about how they're ostracizing the Jewish community with this holiday!

Originally uploaded 8/10/19 on YouTube.

Go rub one out damnit!

Originally uploaded 6/23/19 on YouTube.



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I will not tolerate antisemitism. And I will not allow you to leave YouTube without my Semitic influence!

This channel is satirical in case there's anybody that still thinks I'm for real.