Yes, I did in fact, for the most part, just go around and place Maxis's prefab rooms all over the worlds of The Sims 4. Most of the buildings that you will see came with that game and its official addons. I just added to them as needed (even though Seven Dwarfs' Fairyland and Christmas Cabin were made by other players, I did give those lots a few prefab rooms too.) Of course, Use Your Imagination Park and Newcrest Mausoleum actually were built by me, and I got generous with the home of the Landgraabs...

Did you know that Konami made video games based on the Tiny Toons Adventures cartoon series? If not, then you do now, because that's where the songs in this video are from.

Say, what's up with Ellsee Raines and the symbol for the zodiac sign Cancer being shown here?

Yes, I did in fact use music from an NES game in a video featuring The Sims 4. Why not? <:-D

If you look at the four still images that divide the main parts from each other, you can see what mods I am currently using. <:-O

Yes, Badman Chadman is an evil gangster. Can't you tell? >:-O

Here is me using some great mods in order to have fun in GZDoom. Gotta love those Alternians and Inklings, eh?

:) This is my Christmas and New Year's video for 2020. Everything that you need to know is within it. :)

Recently, I managed to get my hands on Wrapper Offline, a cartoon maker that is a continuation of GoAnimate's legacy editor. As you can see, it comes with the old Comedy World theme. Here is what I made with it.

Credits are in the video itself.

This is some dumb Halloween video that I threw together. Better late than never, eh?

A few Homestuck images and even a metaphor for the 2020 American Elections are sure to make your bones tremble with fear. Do you dare to venture fourth?

Do you like Zelda Classic and Team Fortress 2? Well, there might be a treat or two in store for you.

:/ Four midi files from were used in this video. :/

:/ I just wanted to show off the few things that I recently built in Minetest as well as me goofing off in Swamp Cinema's new map. :/

:/ The last part of this video is me imitating how iqbal_j _5570 tends to make his Garry's Mod videos. Interesting guy, eh? :/

:( This video shows what will likely happen if mankind tries to bring down the ruling elite. It is not a pretty picture at all. Sometimes it is better to run and hide than to fight. :(

:( This video took a while to make. I think Olive Video Editor needs an update. :(

Amisia Erdehn wants new colors of blood to paint with, so some seadweller tricked her into leaving Alternia and going out into space where there are lots of nasty monsters that have no respect for her position on the hemospectrum. Looks like it might be her turn to be brutally culled this time. Better hope she ends up feeling sorry for her morbid past back home.

There are quite a few things shown in this video, like certain mods I came across called Complex Doom Cluster and AMC TC. Look for the still images while watching it to find out more. Amisia Erdehn, of course, is from Hiveswap.

You can download the crude Amisia Erdehn player skin shown in this video from here:

Zebruh Codakk has been a bad little Alternian, and now he must pay the price for his sins. Thanks to some "help" from Chixie Roixmr and Remele Namaaq, he gets to experience the "joys" of being a Ruffiannihilator in service to the Alternian Empire rather early. God have mercy on his soul, because the monsters most certainly won't.

GZDoom and a mod called Pandemonia were used in this video. Various other smaller mods were used as well.

Some content from Hiveswap Friendsim was used in this video, but that should be fairly obvious.

You can download the crude Zebruh Codakk player skin shown in this video from here:

Oh me, oh my! Did Trizza Tethis send poor Cirava Hermod into space to face the horrible ordeals that the adult Alternians end up with prematurely!? God have mercy on their poor soul! Nasty, nasty aliens are out there!

You can see what GZDoom mods I used by pausing during the still images within this video. As for Cirava Hermod, they (she to some) are from Hiveswap Friendsim. I just went and put together a very crude player skin of them. You can download it here:

:) The background music in this video is from Gobliins 2: The Prince Buffoon and it was composed by Charles Callet. :)

XD It is over. It is finally over. Even though I feared that the rapture would happen before I got it, even though I feared that WW3 would start before I got it, even though I feared that Nightmare Storm Odell would wipe out the power and/or the internet before I got it, I finally got it. I finally got the Addict Achievement. The chains of binding that held me and Xion, my gaming PC, down are now gone, thus we are now free. XD

To celebrate the fact that I got Xion (my gaming PC) back I made this video. You can find out more information while you are watching it. You can also call it my first attempt at creating motion blur within Olive Video Editor (it's very crude.) My little experiment didn't turn out too good despite the time that it took to do it.

Sadly, Xion (my gaming PC) was not with me during the New Years season, so I had to contend with Joseph (my old PC.)

I spent the start of 2020 playing around in GZDoom and Garry's Mod. Unlike with the start of 2019, I did not miss the special celebration that YukiTheater had going on this time.

Midis from Plutonia MIDI Pack, Blasphemer, Heretic, and Freedoom: Phase 1 were used in this video. You will see more specific credits while watching it.

Joseph can't upload to BitChute...

Sadly, Xion (my gaming PC) was not with me during the Christmas season, so I had to contend with Joseph (my old PC.)

I went into three different Garry's Mod servers and experienced what they were like during the holidays (the first and third segments were YukiTheater.)

Midis from PureZC were used in this video. You will see more specific credits while watching it.

Joseph can't upload to BitChute...

My mother took Xion (my gaming machine) to the computer repair shop. It turned out that her gpu's fan was in bad shape after all. Because of this, the card will have to be replaced with either one that is similar or one that is a little more powerful. That service could end up costing up to $200 (around $330 if I get a new monitor too, since my current one is almost 10 years old.) Even though my mother can cover that fee as a Christmas present, that is still not cheap. Pray that Xion survives the servicing that she needs and that my mother gets a decent discount.

Joseph (my previous computer) is clocking time for GMod in Xion's place right now. However, as you can see, he does not handle that bloated game very well anymore, since he is getting old.

The videos seen in the media players are from various YouTube channels and show off many different things. OpenShot, Flowblade, Audacity, and Gimp were used to make this very video. The midi that plays in it is Out of This Dimension, which was composed by Master-G (Gilbert Orranitia) for It is based on a song from Star Fox of the same name.

Joseph can't upload to BitChute...

The patterns in the frames came from Gimp. :(

The midi in this video is called Last Day v1.4. It is from and it was composed by John Harvey. It is based on The Last Day from The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. :(

I will soon have to take Xion, my gaming pc, to a shop that builds, repairs, and upgrades computers. The graphics card within her is noisy and can even overheat sometimes, so it will probably have to be replaced. Please pray for her, for she needs the protection of Jesus. :(

The credits are in the video itself. :) AMC TC's Polymost update came out recently, so here is a video to show how happy that makes me. :)

Moved from YouTube... Had to be re-uploaded...

E:-D Happy Halloween! E:-D

Do you know what the scariest thing about Minetest is? Do you? The correct answer is its very poor GPU usage.

Tremble when you see what happens when I fly around my weird shelter for moths. Shriek when you see the madness that is the spawn of a certain server that I visited. Enjoy mortals.

Moved from YouTube... Had to be re-uploaded...

There was an interesting little experiment going on in Swamp Cinema today. EX-D By the way, if those two "trolls" seen in the transitions look familiar, that's not by accident (the one video request that I make in here is your clue.) E:-P

Moved from YouTube... Had to be re-uploaded...

I will remind all of you that I am not a composer of any kind. I just find midi files online and use them for background music. The ones in this video are from a Zelda Classic quest called The Legend Of Zelda Remix, which was made by Alex-Link.

This video shows me goofing off on five different Garry's Mod servers. Pray earnestly for the well-being of my gaming pc, which I named Xion, so that I can continue to enjoy her for many years to come.

Moved from YouTube...

Thanks to runs adding E:-3 death's head hawk moths E:-3 to his petz mod those little winged friends can now be in Minetest. Look at the weird house I built for them...

Moved from YouTube...

You can call this my first attempt at a meme. E:-P This shows what happens if you try to play AMC TC with Polymost (and Polymer.) E:-(

Moved from YouTube...

Did you think that I had stopped uploading videos? Afraid not. Now you get to see another one of my GZDoom gameplay videos. Vulcan rules.

Moved from YouTube...

To see if making videos in 60 fps would be feasible I made this goofy video. You can thank Benrob0329 for his great advice. :)

Moved from YouTube...


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