One of the most irritating verses in Christendom, quoted ad nauseum whenever any discussion whatsoever arises concerning health and diet, who on earth hasn't heard someone quote the following

Colossians 2:16-23
16 Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days:

Translation, the person quoting this is usually merely excusing their desire for intemperate, degenerate eating habits.
Conversely, those who ignore this verse are usually those who wish to engage in nitpicking, overbearing, legalistic dietary restrictions as if salvation by diet were a thing.

However, something you never hear about in these conversations is the Principle of Stewardship, temperance and balance, concepts almost wholly abandoned by the contemporary Christian society.

So whats the story really?
To eat or not to eat?

Even though I am a protestant, for the sake of this video I wish to set that aside for a moment to assess the typological connection between Judas Escariot and the Antichrist, both of whom are the only two entities to ever be called 'the son of perdition' in the bible.

The reason for this is because the bible regularly employs the typological tool in order to give us insight into what the greater manifestations of things will be like in the Ante-type.

That said, I desire to see if by assessing the character of Judas, his personality, actions and habits, if we can then gain an insight into the type of person the Antichrist himself will be, and, by extension, the kind of personality, habit and actions which will be manifested in anyone who has the spirit of Antichrist in them, and by this means assist us in knowing where to look for them.

As the bible says, "by their fruits you will know them".

Todays topic, Pedophrasty and how the political and media establishments use it in order to social engineer and manipulate its populations.
This is a fine example of the kind of sophistry that Christians should expect to encounter and fall for, which millions of Christians do, when we give more credence to sentimentality and emotional appeal at the expense of the plain principles of our faith.

Pedophrasty, Bigoteering, and Other Modern Scams

Nayirah testimony,only%20her%20first%20name%2C%20Nayirah.

Nayirah Kuwaiti girl testimony

Greta Thunberg to world leaders: 'How dare you? You have stolen my dreams and my childhood'

Top 10 Reasons Why Greta Thunberg Is a Fraud

The Great British rake-off... what really happens to the billions YOU donate to charity: Fat cat pay, appalling waste and hidden agendas

Charities: the corruption of goodwill

Too many of our 'charities’ are nothing of the sort

Ranking of EU political groups & national parties on climate change

China intends and is currently going full commy on the bible and on Christians, and will rewrite the bible to conform to communism, which is essentially just another slave bible, for that is all that communism offers, and having recently read the Gulag Archipelago this issue is settled in my mind completely.

This issue exposes a few Atheist complaints for the farce that they are, that is to say that...
1. If the bible actually taught slavery and expounded oppression, then totalitarian and slave keeping regimes through all history would never have found it necessary to either abolish or heavily edit the scriptures, but could simply use it as is instead, and this myopic and frankly idiotic assertion comes in the face of the fact that the most free societies to ever be created have always been Christian ones, which originated every good thing that atheists value, though they perform regular songs and dances to try minimise this fact.

2. Demonstrates that in the protest against Christian accusations of atheism being responsible for the hell that was the 20th century, they insist that Stalin and so on were actually some how instantiating some kind of religious order rather than a pure humanistic and atheist one that necessarily derived from those views, and that is how they did so much damage by some religious perversion of humanism, is an utter nonsense.
The ideology that gives impetus to these regimes is a totally human centred and godless one, and just because western intellectuals prefer their definition of humanism, does not mean that literally every communist and socialist state did not define humanism in a very different manner, and in any case, I will show in this video how the libertarian humanistic ideology is basically working itself out to the exact same ends as communism does, so that it is only different in method and rhetoric, not results.

In China, they’re closing churches, jailing pastors – and even rewriting scripture.

This one is pretty straight forward. It appears the detractors cannot even get the verse right.

On September 6 - 2019 the BBC reported on a landmark court case in Australia in which 6 personalities of a woman with multiple personalities was permitted to testify against their abuser, Her father, who went on to be sentenced to 45 years in prison.

In this video I discus not only the report, but will share my personal experience with Multiple Personality Disorder as well as try to shed a little bit of light upon the subject so that people may better understand it and be more informed.
PLEASE NOTE: I do venture into explaining some details, so if you are a sensitive viewer, please consider before watching.

I also venture to discuss how this disorder, also known as Dissociative Personality Disorder, along with other personality disorders can be seen in large social movements which pretend to be concerned and wanting to help, but in fact are modes of exploitative social engineering.

Dissociative Identity Disorder: The woman who created 2,500 personalities to survive

In this video I discuss the latest in the mainstream media perversion whereby the U.K.'s channel 4 issues a documentary in which 4 mothers, in a deluded attempt to combat "bad pornography", as if such a prefix was required, venture out to produce their own pornography which in their minds would be suitable for their children to watch as an alternative.

We look at how Channel 4 is funded by the government and how this represents more in the line of globalist schemes to pervert its populations, because broken families make broken people, and broken people are easier to control.

I also go through two articles by psychology today which go into the reasons and statistics which demonstrate that modern womens sexuality has been perverted, which shows that the violence of pornography does not merely reflect perverted male taste, but that of females as well, I link the articles at the bottom of this description.

Far from any kind of love and respect for women, it is my belief that the feminist movement and its globalist backers actually hate women, as well as men, and are using every means at their disposal to destroy our precious women, who men in general have become too impotent to properly defend them from evil.

Please note: My references to the articles in Psychology today does not mean that I fully endorse all of their conclusion regardless of whatever value they contain.

Channel 4 Interview with Emma Morgan

Why Do Women Have Rape Fantasies?

Women's Rape Fantasies: How Common? What Do They Mean?

The Book 50 shades of grey is a prime exemplar of the kind of violent literary porn that women consume with great enthusiasm.
Explaining 'Fifty Shades' wild success

Some comedian who recently made a joke about Tourettes Syndrome.
This audacity to violate the rules of the social justice overlords who feign to tell us what we are and are not allowed to do has caused the expected amount of virtue signalling emotional incontinence you would expect from SJWs.

As it happens, I have Tourettes syndrome myself, so, for what its worth, I reckon I'd put in my two cents worth on this matter.

Tourette's charity attacks 'rubbish' winning joke at Fringe festival

Tourette Syndrome Fact Sheet

Hello everyone. This video is an old one from the beginning of my YouTube channel. I apologise for the quality and for the cringe worthy introduction, but thought I'd upload this one as the issue came up again recently.

Does the size of the universe make us meaningless? Atheists think so, and often it appears that when staring into the vastness of space the feeling of insignificance can often find is way into the heart of a believer, and I personally find this to be helpful on those day I feel like there is too much vastness stack up against my worth.

So this is just a short video addressing the objection Christians receive when atheists determine that the size of the universe undermines our importance and emphasises God's wastefulness.

Ever wondered why Pagan religions, wherever they are found, always use the Lion, Eagle and Ox symbolism for their most senior or prominent deities? Even though you will find other creatures, typically for lesser gods, these 3 are always common in terms of the apex of its kind in the region.

If these religions actually developed organically, as many say they did, then why such universal use of these symbols?

Turns out it is a lot less organically developed than many would think, and, as it turns out, every single pagan religion ultimately believes in absolute divine simplicity, which is a false doctrine of deity we also find held by some Christian denominations.

Hey there all.

In this video I give a little bit extra to my previous video regarding cult like behaviour and tactics present in the secular world and the globalist social engineering and PSYOP manipulation of populations.

Today I talk about how cults always set specific dates for world ending events in order to stimulate emotionally unstable and unthinking people to accelerate the cults desired behaviour, which is often required if there is a risk that with time the con could be found out.

I refer to the IPCC's new prediction for the end of the world which is set now at the year 2040, and how this new report has caused a tsunami of emotional incontinence in the population at large.

Fanatical cults are no mystery to us, and in fact they are quite the curiosity in a horror movie kind of way and are the subject of many films.
That said, beyond the curiosity value there is a very serious phenomena at play, one that ruins the lives of everyone that it touches, even to death.

In this video I go through several points by which cults are generally classified to see if these warning signs can teach us something about behaviours and trends we see in the world today, but rather than in just a few small group settings, can the cult phenomena be weaponized and to mass scales in entire populations.

Most of us are familiar with MK Ultra mind control, PSYOP's, Social Engineering and the kinds of tactics that are used not only to create obedient soldiers and operatives, but also to manipulate entire populations, and how CIA are often actually behind some of the worlds best known cult factions, such as the well known Jones and the peoples temple cult.

Interestingly enough, the way in which a cult leader sets up his little enclave use these very same tactics of charisma, manipulation, brainwashing, abuse, intimidation and so forth....

Could it be that these are being applied on much larger scales in order to induct not only a few hundred, but literally millions of people at a time into mass cult like movements whether religious or atheistic?

Are we all living in one massive cult and even willingly participating and enabling it without even realising?

The basic identifiers of cult behaviours are as follows.
1. There is always a Guru you cannot question. His minions and followers will attack you if you do, often shielding him/her from ever having to do their own answering. This is usually done by severe Ad Hominum attacks.

2. The Gurus or leaders often have attachments to secret societies and government agencies.

3. The cult is aggressively anti logic and reason and independent though, whilst still believing it is very logical.

4. Cults impose harsh punishments and unrealistic standards - Even though they start out by utterly "love bombing" you and smothering you with infinite and unconditional love whilst you are still new to the cult. It is always excused to be done in the name of love.

5. Highly emotional. Cults rely on and encourage the emotional lability (instability/volatility) which is often why their anti logic is successful. This also explains why 65% of cult members at least are female, as personality trait theory has demonstrated that women are on average considerably higher in trait neuroticism than men are. This is why Feminism has worked so hard to divide men and women and discourage men form their protective, sceptical and cerebral roles.

6. Cults are often obsessed with money, and have a variety of ways to encourage and even coerce you to part with your hard earned wages.

7. Sex is a central feature that is always perverted to extremes of either utter abstinence, in which the natural urge is treated like a punishable disease, or conversely, the utter indulgence of any and all forms of sex addiction, from homo to to paedophilia to even bestiality, is not only encouraged, but viewed as a liberating virtue.

8. Cults cultivate an unnatural and unhealthy dependence on their institution or leader. Individuals are possessed by ideologies and their identities become subsumed into the cult collective.

9. Often attach themselves to previously existing symbols, myths or religions who's ancient traditions lend an air of credence to the ideology being presented.
For example, Islam and Mormonism both claim Christian roots, whilst secular black and white consciousness movements and feminism regularly use old pagan motifs such as the goddess, witchcraft, Wicca, Egyptian mythology and so forth, all of which are becoming increasingly prevalent.

The objection itself is not made clear, but, It seems that the objectors believe that there should be no Agagites 600 years after the events With Saul.

Yet again, no contradiction.

Yup, there is a bible version made special for slaves.

What does this tell us?

The Smithsonian Magazine

Yes really.

Somehow, with mankinds proclivity to find any excuse to to fornicate with anyone willing, you'd think that 2000 years of Christianity would have been able to find literally any biblical reason at all that permitted adultery, or at least polygamy... Yet, neither are permitted.

Alas bredren, some Atheist thinks he has found the loophole that makes adultery acceptable...

Instead of a contradiction, this objection actually raises an excellent opportunity to elaborate on the issue of condemnation by the law and grace through Christ.

In short, it is yet not another contradiction.

Nehemiah's account is merely reporting on the contents of an extra biblical source in which the mentioned records are held, which, after a 15 year period may well have undergone revisions, especially due to the instability of the time in which these events were taking place, namely, a population of slaves who had been taken captive roughly 70 years earlier returning to and rebuilding their homeland.

Find me on the following social media platforms if you prefer them.

We have all come across the mention of Empath or of people who even themselves claim to be Empaths.

I am here to tell you, unfortunately, that there is no such thing as an Empath as such, for this is not a clinical category, but cannot even be properly measured, so that if it did exist, we cannot measure it in any meaningful way, no such tests exist, those that exist are not only unreliable but entirely outside the scientific professions existing mostly in the realms of spiritism and the new age where these categories even go into psychic abilities and so forth.

Instead, what we are recognising when an Empath is being described is in fact aspects of personality that are on the higher percentiles of the traits that are common to people who typically identify themselves in such a manner or whom at least resonate to a degree with the descriptions. The traits most common to this category of person is high scores in Agreeableness and Neuroticism.

In this video I discuss where in the Big 5 traits the aspects of an Empath are in fact expressed, plus, I venture to explain the various debilitating experiences which are commonly associated with those who describe themselves in this manner, such as being easily traumatised, or suffering depression and so forth and we will see that, depending on the severity, that those who are labelled as Empaths are either merely in the high percentiles of certain personality traits, or are both high on those traits with the addition of personality disorders born out of some form of past trauma experiences which imposes upon such people the sense of hypervigilance, amongst other things, which ultimately are the manifestation of coping mechanisms.

Big 5 Personality Trait test. Nota Bene, you do the test first, then upon completion you select whether you receive the free version or the full paid version.

The Top 10 Traits of an Empath

I have heard it said, many many times, and this past weekend in person from a member of my own church state quite plainly and publicly that doctrine is not important, and some will even go so far as to state that it should be a side issue at best, or totally discarded at worst.

Since this statement constituted a fine example of sophistry that is used by the ignorant and malicious to justify undermining the faith and even bring into it outright heresy, in this video I will demonstrate how by using simple logic this idea can be shown for the utter sophistry and nonsense that it is.

Basically, this is not a contradiction, but rather, the person who raises this objection is possibly making a subset error and is also failing to distinguish different times.

I have heard it said, many many times, and this past weekend in person from a member of my own church state quite plainly and publicly that doctrine is not important, and some will even go so far as to state that it should be a side issue at best, or totally discarded at worst.

Since this statement constituted a fine example of sophistry that is used by the ignorant and malicious to justify undermining the faith and even bring into it outright heresy, in this video I will demonstrate how by using simple logic this idea can be shown for the utter sophistry and nonsense that it is.

In this video I discuss why there is no such thing as Emotional intelligence, and, I offer up a very good solution for assessing and measuring the aspects of a persons social abilities in a very reliable and scientifically valid test which has great predictive and explanatory power.

Psychology Today Emotional Intelligence

Big 5 Personality Trait Test - Please note, this test is free if you want a simple version of your results. However, for about £13 you can buy the full detailed results.
Also, you do the test itself first, and once completed you will be given the option to either buy or receive the free version.

Hello everyone.
I recently discovered that my church is officially pro choice,and this has outraged me immensely.
Therefore I am making this video for the following reasons

1. To bring it to peoples attention.
2. To demonstrate that I do not turn a blind eye and am not inclined to bias. I hold everyone to the same standard, no matter who they are.

Official Statement Guidelines

Abortion: history of Adventist guidelines

Gianna Jessen Testimony

PRO-WHAT? Seventh-day Adventists and Abortion.


Horse Doctor

Allred Center for Financial Literacy

No Barking Dogs In Loma Linda

La Sierra University Responds to Edward Allred Center Story

Adventist University Names New Center for Alleged 'Notorious Abortionist'

Seventh-day Adventist University names new economics centre after abortionist

Faces of the American Holocaust – Dr. Edward Allred, MD

Jackson Lee: Abortion A 'Needed Action'; Refers to Babies' Heartbeats As 'Sounds'

Whilst watching a debate between William Lane Craig and Jeff Hester, Jeff brought up the example of evolutionary algorithms as an example of how evolution works and as a proof that Darwinian evolution works in principle.

In this video, drawing from my engineering experience, I will argue that this is nonsense and that the only reason "evolutionary" algorithms work in Engineering is precisely because there is nothing Darwinian about them or the process in which they are utilised.

The first 13 mins is introduction, and a little demonstration of what kind of Engineering I am involved in. You can skip that if you want.

Is Theistic Belief Rational in a Scientific Age? | William Lane Craig vs. Jeff Hester

According to the objection there are not only 2 different creation accounts, but that they contradict, namely, the order is slightly different.
By the way, its not a contradiction...

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