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I started the day at Brown Creek Shelter and decided to hike 15 miles over to Oak Mountain Shelter. It was a pretty amazing day on the trail even though it rained all day. A few tricky water crossings but also a couple of beautiful waterfalls along the way.
I got rained on a few times on this hike but this was the only day it rained all day so one day of hiking in the rain isn't too bad!

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How to thru-hike the Ouachita Trail is not just specific to the Ouachita Trail, I truly believe you can use this information to hike any one of the Triple O (Ouachita, OHT, and Ozark Trail) trails and beyond.

I think this plan would work on almost any 150 to 300-mile hike.

I have a more in-depth video where I go over how to cache your food for a thru-hike:

More information on the Triple O Trails:

A few other easy to forget items:
Lens cloth for Camera
Wet WIpes/TP


I started the day with just a little bit of rain falling on me right as I packed up the last bit of gear. Even though this started as a rainy day it turned out to be one of my best days on trail ever. It was the most colorful day of hiking and the slow pace allowed me to really take it in, I hope the camera does it some justice.
I decided to hike over to Brown Creek Shelter and spend the night there so I can get out the certain rain that's moving in. Along the way, I pass the Forest Boundary to complete the final 30 miles of the trail I've never done. also, I hit Northside Pinnacle along the way for some great views.

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I woke up near a beautiful little creek to start day 2 and it is just another gorgeous day in Arkansas. These first miles heading Westbound are the easiest part of the trail so it's helping me get warmed up for the middle sections to the end where it's going to be extremely difficult. Sunny weather and blue skies all day today as I enjoy a wonderful walk through the forest.

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I finally decided to tackle the last 30 miles of the Ouachita Trail and connect my footsteps to complete my Triple O. Since I was going on the hike anyway I decided to just do the whole trail from Pinnacle Mountain near Little Rock over to Talimena State Park in Oklahoma. This was also cool for me because now I have completed a thru-hike of all three of the Triple O trails.

I spent 16 days on the trail and have shattered the record for the SKT! I'm pretty sure I have the Slowest Known Time to hike the entire trail as a thru-hike.

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This is the end, Beautiful Friend!! Well, it's finally come down to my last day on the trail and it's a really easy morning hike to the car. I had just less than 4 miles to do today so I really savored these last few moments on the trail.

I hiked off the trail just a little way to an old Smelter and it's really cool looking and worth the extra footsteps for sure.
Not too long afterward I come to the end and actually surprise myself by becoming emotional. I wasn't expecting to be overwhelmed but it was so exciting to know that I had really done it.
I started my 700-mile journey back to Dallas with stops at Hwy DD, Hwy P and finally Hwy 60 to pick up all my cache bins.

Thanks, so much for coming along on this hike, I feel fortunate to be able to do these hikes and then share them with everybody.

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Thanksgiving and it's my last full day on the trail! What a wonderful way to start the day with a dry tent and mild temperatures finally. This was one of the most beautiful days on the trail because there was a little bit of everything towards the end.
I hiked by tons of rock formations and pine forests, several water features, and most notably the cliff walls that surround the Courtois Creek and finally the crossing of Courtois Creek.
The section known as "The Narrows" is absolutely beautiful. You could spend a few days just in this area exploring all the little caves.
I get to the overlook that I planned to camp and decided to move on since there is still plenty of daylight and the campsite is pretty good but not quite good enough to get me to stop for the day. There is another cool place about 30 to 40 minutes past there that was actually a better place to camp but I still wanted to go a little bit farther.
There were actually several good spots to camp but I saw Courtois Creek and decided that I wanted to get across it and not wait until the morning. Once I got across I had to really hike fast to get to a place where I could camp. I did walk through a campground but I definitely didn't want to camp there for my last night so I kept moving.
I had to set up with very little daylight left but it was a great end to one of the best days on the trail.
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I start the day just a little past the Hazel Creek Campground and it's another day of frozen beginnings. The tent was completely covered in ice and made my fingers go numb trying to get it rolled up and in the stuff sack.
It turns into a beautiful sunny day later on and I finally do what I've been avoiding the entire trip, I cross Lost Creek barefoot and it is by far the most painful water crossing of my life. Thank god, it's not too far across but the water is definitely below freezing.
I get a few underwater shots with my new camera which is something I've waited until the end of the hike to start experimenting with. I've included them in this video and would like to know what you think about them.
I end the day a little bit early because I walked by the most beautiful mountain top campsite and I can't resist staying there. This was the best campsite for the entire trip. I was able to witness an amazing sunset along with a stunning sunrise, a beautiful spot that I will always remember.

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Surprise! another super cold morning, probably one of the coldest mornings of the entire hike. The weather finally starts to take a good turn around the middle of the day.
I hit my last cache today at Hwy DD and get everything swapped out and continue down the trail. This is my last cache of the hike so we're in the final push to the finish line now.

I also, leave the middle Fork section and enter the Trace Creek section which I manage to get through in one day. I think this section is the flattest one so far so it helps me get some miles on the day.

I walked past an old chimney in the middle of the day and I actually found a tent stake laying on the ground which was awesome because I have broken one completely and damaged another one pretty bad, it's true what they say, the trail provides.

I make it all the way past Hazel Creek campground for a new record hiking distance of 22.6-miles. Thanks for watching.

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I leave the lodge around 7 a.m. this morning and it's cold but not too bad. I hike back up the road to get back to the trail and head out for a really grey day of hiking.
Although the sun never comes out it's still a really great day of hiking. I feel pretty good with a half-day of rest and a good night's sleep in a bed. I manage to get a little over 20 miles on the day so it's a good start to this final 90 miles.
Although the sun never comes out it never gets super cold on this day, hopefully, the sun will make an appearance tomorrow to brighten up the day.
Due to constant hiking in frozen shoes, my Achilles tendon on both feet have gotten pretty sore. It's not too bad once I get moving but it's pretty rough getting moving in the morning.
It's definitely not bad enough to make me quit at this point, I've come too far to bail out now.
A whole lot of water in this section, I hardly needed to carry any water through here. So many creeks and a few waterfalls along the way with a couple of cool bridges.
Another great campsite that I had to throw together at the last minute but it was awesome. I got there late so I wasn't able to get a shot of it until the morning.

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Somewhere on the Trail!!!!

A relatively short and uneventful day. I finally make it to the Brushy Creek Lodge after a little mix-up. I got into my cabin around 1 p.m. and spent the rest of the day relaxing and mostly getting cleaned up.

The owners of the Brushy Creek Lodge were such amazing people. They are incredibly friendly and let me take a few meals from the hiker box (which I thought I was buying) and a can of fuel to ensure I would be good for the rest of the trip.

I would highly recommend staying here to anyone who is doing the trail. It's a great place to jump off and relax for a day or two. The cabin is reasonably priced and it's not very far off the trail. It's around mile 140 going North and around mile 90 if you're hiking South.

I almost stayed for a full zero-day the following day but I saw the weather report was looking good for the next 4 days and was getting bad on Friday so I decided to just have a nearo day and head out in the morning for the final 90 miles.

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I have been trying really hard to cut these videos down to a shorter length so people wouldn't get tired of watching but this is about the best I can do. I am trying to keep them as close to 15 minutes as possible but I never seem to quite make it.

I'm officially over halfway done with the trail at this point! This is my last full day of hiking before I take a break off the trail for a night. I'm trying to get as close to the lodge as I possibly can.

Believe it or not, it's probably a little above freezing this morning. It turns out to be the warmest day of the hike so far. The weather has been a little better over the last few days, still cold but sunny.

I'm still in the Karkaghne section and I cross the Black River near the end of the day. Coming down from Sutton Bluff was very beautiful, there's a quick little road walk to end the day. I improvise a quick campsite right before dark and it ends up being really great.

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Surprise! Another super cold morning with frozen shoes and toes. I am doing pretty good until I get to a confusing junction on the trail where I have to guess which way to go. Anyway, it turned into about a mile trip off of the trail and I had to backtrack quite a way to get back and figure things out.
Also today I get to my second cache later in the day which is at Highway P at mile 114 on the trail. I definitely have the hiker hunger now and take all of the food out of this cache, I left quite a bit in the first one. I get all of my clean clothes and leave the things I don't need and head on down the trail.
I find another great mountain top campsite and I stake out every corner of the tent with a heavy rock. I have been very careful to stake it out really well after the tent collapse the night it snowed so much.
I'm finally getting close to Brushy Creek Lodge which will give me a night off the trail and a chance to rest up for the final 90-mile push.

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So far day 5 and today, day 6 were my favorites on the trail. I finally started feeling better and my appetite has finally come back. It was fun waking up to a snow-covered forest.

I also woke up to a partially collapsed tent which I had propped up overnight with, my backpack and an umbrella.
I had finally dried everything out completely the night before by a most welcome campfire, the only one on the entire trip only to wake up and have to get everything wet all over again.

I spend the morning hiking across steep ridges covered in snow with beautiful views down to the river. I was able to find a great sunny break spot in the middle of the day and get the tent out to really dry it off.

Later on, I cross the Current River and I pass from The Current River section into the Blair Creek Section. There a lot of really great bluffs overlooking the river as soon as I entered Blair Creek.

All in all, one of my favorite days on a trail ever, I really like hiking in the snow it makes all of the colors really stand out. I find a really cool cave near the end of the day but decide to push on for a little while longer and I end up with a really great campsite again.

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Another super cold day with frozen shoes but still amazingly beautiful. I think this is one of the best sections on the whole trail. It is super scenic and so colorful when I walked through. The climb up Stegall Mountain was incredible with some of the most wide-open views off into the distance. When you get to the top it's marked with cairns to get across to the other side, I highly recommend this section of trail if you can only do a section hike.

I get turned around on a re-route through Peck Ranch and wound up on the part of the trail I'm not supposed to be on. This section is closed during hunting season and I found out the objective is to keep hunters out of there during Elk mating season. Anyway, I practically jog through this area in an attempt to pass through here as quickly as I can.

There is a quick 1-mile round trip side hike to Rocky Falls which was one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen on a trail. Absolutely worth the extra mile! I also passed by the old Klepzig Mill today which was built before 1912 and it was an interesting old structure with beautiful views out of each window.

I finally find an amazing mountain top campsite on a bluff overlooking the river and decide to build my first fire of the trip. I was determined to get everything dried out once and for all, little did I know what I was in store for overnight.

Stay tuned and thanks for watching!!!

Another beautiful day on the trail, it starts out incredibly cold and I struggle to get my feet into frozen shoes. It's not too bad once I get walking and by the end of the day, it's actually pretty nice out.

I got off the trail really bad this morning for about 30 minutes so that cost me some time, I've never been off the trail as bad as I was this time. It took me about 30 minutes to find the trail. It's very easy to get turned around in the snow, afterward I kept a very sharp eye out for trail signs and markers.

I ended the day short of Peck ranch which was good since there is a re-route due to hunting season which includes no camping. All in all, a really good day only made about 16.5 miles due to being lost and switching everything out at my first cache at Highway 60 trailhead.

I also leave the Between the Rivers section and enter the Current river section. Thanks for watching!!

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Day 3 starts out with me trying to find the trail as soon as I leave camp. It's a very cold, grey day and it finally starts to sleet on me around the afternoon as I was stopped at a water source. I had to quickly pack the tent back up and throw on the pack cover and grab my umbrella. It only lasted for an hour or two so I didn't get wet at all with the exception of my feet.

I was able to get my first 20-mile day of the trip but ended up exhausted. As soon as I got to camp that night I pitched the tent real quick and got in to lay down for a minute and I fell asleep. I woke up a couple of hours later and it was dark and I had never zipped up the doors to the tent, they were wide open.

I had no appetite this evening and decided to just not eat any dinner since I was so tired. I did wake up in the middle of the night and eat a few spoonfuls of peanut butter just to have a little food on my stomach.

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Started day 2 around mile 12+ and I am still in the Eleven Point River Section but I actually finish this section near the end of the day and enter the Between the Rivers section.

Another very cold day on the trail and there was ice on the walls of my tent when I woke up this morning. Overall it was a fairly easy day of hiking but I did get pretty tired toward the end of the day. Day 2 and 3 always seem to be the hardest for me, after that I just kind of get into a rhythm.

Managed to get a little over 18 miles on the day so I fell a little bit short of making the hopeful 20. All in all, still a very good day on the trail, as they all are.

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Somewhere on the Trail!

Day one of my 230-mile Northbound Ozark Trail thru-hike begins at the western end of the Eleven Point River section and I managed to get 12+ miles in for my first day. I got started around 11:30 a.m. so I felt great with making that many miles on day one.
There were still an amazing amount of Fall colors and a ton of frost flowers scattered all along the trail. The weather was colder than I expected and it snowed on XC Crow and I the night before at Berryman Campground.
We figured it was between 15 and 20 degrees so it was a very frigid start to this hike. I was thankful for any sunshine that I got because the chill would really settle in after it was down for the night.

First-time Father-son Backpacking trip to Colorado. Originally we were going to hike Lost Man Loop but it was completely snow-covered as of June 16th. We decided to head back over Independence pass and pull into a random trailhead and just hike in and check it out. It turned out to be a 14,000ft + mountain and there was no way we were going to make it to the summit. It was the first time my son had been on a trip so it was a little rough on him with all of the uphills but he got through it like a champ. We spent 2 nights on the mountain and had a wonderful time all things considered. We headed back to Leadville after the hike and has some great double bacon cheeseburgers and then made our way back to Denver.

A quick and rugged day hike to the top of the tallest mountain in Colorado. Beautiful Mt. Elbert is 14,433 ft. high and is the highest of the 50+ 14'rs in Colorado.

A short 4.5-mile trail to the summit from the Half-moon trailhead outside of Leadville, CO. Even though it's only 4.5 miles it's over 4,000 feet of elevation gain so it's a pretty good climb.

A 9-mile round trip that left my legs feeling like Jello. All in all an amazing hike with breathtaking views.

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See you Somewhere on the Trail...

#Mt. Elbert

A beautiful 15-mile loop through some of the most beautiful scenery in Arkansas. It's really unbelievable what this trail has to offer in just 15 short miles. Located in Devils Den State Park just a short drive north of Ft. Smith.
This trail is probably the most diverse trail you will find for being such a short hike, an amazing overnight backpacking trip!

#devils den
#butterfield hiking trail
#arkansas hiking

My resupply plan for the Triple "O" trails in Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. I never left the trail for a re-supply on any of these trails and this video will explain how I went about caching food and supplies along the trail for myself. Re-supply without ever leaving the trail!

#The Ozark Trail
#The Ouachita Trail
#The Ozark Highlands Trail

An honest overview of one of the best hiking shoes available the Altra Olympus, I have personally hiked exclusively in the Altra Olympus for 6 years now and wanted to share my thoughts with fellow hikers who might be in need of a new hiking shoe. If you experience blisters on your toes or you have sore joints or feet after hiking please consider trying out a pair of Altra trail running shoes. They have many different models to choose from with a level of cushioning that goes from a minimal feel to an incredibly cushioned feel.
The Olympus is the maximum cushioning you can get from Altra but there are many models with moderate cushioning like the Lone Peak, which is arguably their most popular hiking/running shoe.
This is NOT a paid endorsement for the Olympus, I truly believe this is the best shoe for hiking and hope to help other hikers find the right footwear they're looking for because nothing ruins your hike like blistered feet.
Try a pair of Altra Olympus today and once your feet experience the amazing feeling of the foot shape toe box you'll most likely make it your new hiking shoe.


Back on the Ouachita Trail!! Starting where we left off at Deadman's Gap and hiking to Horsethief Springs. This was an amazing section of trail, lots of water, boulder fields, shelters and many beautiful vistas.
So far, this has been one of my favorite parts of the trail due to the ruggedness and the climbing. Thanks for watching!!!


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