With Nigel Farage at the Newport rally with Ann Widdecombe.

waiting for the speekers to begin was like waiting for a Rock Band to came out and play, If there is a group of people you might call the silent majority this is it, just ordinary people with a common goal. They voted to leave the EU and they want their government to carry their wishes out.

Ann Widdecombe summed it up we knew what we where voting for. We have the worst government since Cromwell and the worst Prime Minister since Clement Attlee.

The UK government have with revoking the general licence banned all pest control in the UK of birds. This is the latest information I have.

It is changing for day to day, its hard to keep up with this story.

Ann Widdecombe Tory Party ex-minister joins the Brexit Party.

Ann is one class act, she said in a TV interview if Mrs T was PM we would have been out of the EU in 2017.

The General Licence we use to allow us to shoot pigeon and crows have been revoked by Natural England.

To get a licence you now need to go onto the Natural England web site.

To allow us to control pests the UK government issue a general licence each year to allow us to shooting Pigeons and crows, this is after the EU bird directive that ban the killing of any wild bird.

Chris Packham and Mark Avery are in a group called Wild Justice and threaten to take the government to court for judical review saying that the general licence was issued illegally by the government. The government did not contest this in court and reoked the general licence on the 25 April.

June Slater has kindly let me upload this video onto my channel, I think she says it as it is, his the nail on the head MP's don't care about the British people.

I have today withdrawn my support for the For Britain Party, I was hopeful that being a Pro-brexit party they would go some good but they have turn out to be a anti-hunt party which I can not support, being a former committee member of the UCSW Union of Country Sports Workers representing gamekeepers and Hunt Staff I can not longer support For Britain.

Ian talks to Caroline Stephens manager of the LeaveEU campaign and now founder of Wake up UK

Comment [The first part of the Act refers to what was done illegally by the King James II the 2nd part has 13 article, the right to have arms artcile 7 and the right to free speech article 9]

Bill of rights 1689
And thereupon the said Lords Spirituall and Temporall and Commons pursuant to their respective Letters and Elections being now assembled in a full and free Representative of this nation takeing into their most serious Consideration the best meanes for attaining the Ends aforesaid Doe in the first place (as their Auncestors in like Case have usually done) for the Vindicating and Asserting their auntient Rights and Liberties, Declare
1. That the pretended Power of Suspending of Lawes or the Execution of Lawes by Regall Authority without Consent of Parlyament is illegall.
2. That the pretended Power of Dispensing with Lawes or the Execution of Lawes by Regal Authoritie as it hath beene assumed and exercised of late is illegall.
3. That the Commission for erecting the late Court of Commissioners for Ecclesiasticall Causes and all other Commissions and Courts of like nature are Illegall and Pernicious.
4. That levying Money for or to the Use of the Crowne by pretence of Prerogative without Grant of Parlyament for longer time or in other manner than the same is or shall be granted is Illegall.
5. That it is the Right of the Subjects to petition the King and all Commitments and Prosecutions for such Petitioning are Illegall.
6. That the raising or keeping a standing Army within the Kingdome in time of Peace unlesse it be with Consent of Parlyament is against Law.
7. That the Subjects which are Protestants may have Arms for their Defence suitable to their Conditions and as allowed by Law.
8. That Election of Members of Parlyament ought to be free.
9. That the Freedome of Speech and Debates or Proceedings in Parlyament ought not to be impeached or questioned in any Court or Place out of Parlyament.
10. That excessive Baile ought not to be required nor excessive Fines imposed nor cruell and unusuall Punishments inflicted.
11. That Jurors ought to be duely impannelled and returned and Jurors which passe upon Men in Trialls for High Treason ought to be Freeholders.
12. That all Grants and Promises of Fines and Forfeitures of particular persons before Conviction are illegall and void.
13. And that for Redresse of all Grievances and for the amending strengthening and preserveing of the Lawes Parlyaments ought to be held frequently.
And they do Claime Demand and Insist upon all and singular the Premises as their undoubted Rights and Liberties and that noe Declarations Judgments Doeings or Proceedings to the Prejudice of the People in any of the said Premisses ought in any wise to be drawne hereafter into Consequence or Example. To which Demand of their Rights they are particularly encouraged by the Declaration of his Highnesse the Prince of Orange as being the onley means for obtaining a full Redresse and Remedy therein. Haveing therefore an entire Confidence That his said Highnesse the Prince of Orange will perfect the Deliverance so farr advanced by him and will still preserve them from the Violation of their Rights which they have here asserted and from all other Attempts upon their Religion Rights and Liberties. The said Lords Spirituall and Temporall and Commons assembled at Westminster doe Resolve that William and Mary Prince and Princesse of Orange be and be declared King and Queene of England France and Ireland and the Dominions thereunto belonging to hold the Crowne and Royall Dignity of the said Kingdomes and Dominions to them the said Prince and Princesse dureing their Lives and the Life of the Survivour of them And that the sole and full Exercise of the Regall Power be onely in and executed by the said Prince of Orange in the Names o

And that the Oathes hereafter mentioned be taken by all Persons of whome the Oathes of Allegiance and Supremacy might be required by Law instead of them And that the said Oathes of Allegiance and Supremacy be abrogated.

I A B doe sincerely promise and sweare That I will be faithfull and beare true Allegiance to their Majestyes King William and Queene Mary Soe helpe me God.

I A B doe sweare That I doe from my Heart Abhorr, Detest and Abjure as Impious and Hereticall this damnable Doctrine and Position That Princes Excommunicated or Deprived by the Pope or any Authority of the See of Rome may be deposed or murdered by their Subjects or any other whatsoever. And I do declare That noe Forreigne Prince Person Prelate, State or Potentate hath or ought to have any Jurisdiction Power Superiority Preeminence or Authoritie Ecclesiastical or Spirituall within this Realme Soe helpe me God.

Move on Lisbon Treaty in Part 2

Wake Up UK youtube Live broadcasts a 9pm daily.

Ian Talks to Caroline Stephens about Brexit, the Lisbon treaty and lots more

The March to leave is marching from Sunderland to London.

7 days to go before brexit.

The brexit leaving date has been changed by Parlaiment for the 29 March until the 12 April but if MP's vote for the May deal the extension will be until 22 May.

The May deal is the mother of all bad deal, it will keep us in limbo land for years before we leave the EU on our terms.

The photo to pormote the video is a poll of Tory voters 94% want to leav ethe EU with No Deal over the shit May Deal.

Ian and Betty talk about the news and world events

Ian talk about the resignation of Dave Davis

Ian talks about Boris resigning.

the phone is just one I found of my holiday in the USA, India chef at Big Hole Battle Field.

Ian talks about Mr trump.

Photo is of my US trip to Montana.

The remainers want us to have a 2nd referendum, like the Irish we will be given referendums until they can fix the outcome or get the answer they want.

How can our national flag be banned?

Photo big hole battle field nothing to do with the video.

Alex Jones has been removed from youtube, I was there first my channel was removed two months ago, do not know if I will get it back.

Note it is the election in the USA today that would not have anything to do with Alex being removed?

I'm not a fan of Alex Jones but I will fight for his right to speak freely.

35 days to go before Brexit and Ian gives us his thoughts on Brexit.

Ian talks to Betty Washam about this weeks news

Ian talks to Betty about this weeks news, child sex camp found in AZ, Trump at the G7 and Tommy Robinson

Ian and Betty talk about all sorts of things.

Ian talks to Betty Washam about the Royal Wedding between Harry and Meghan.

Ian talks to Barry Hammond about the New Worlds Order and who control it.

Betty interview me for her radio show


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