Son of Freedom

I develop the Islamic Doctrine of War. Then I search for reliable indicators of the threat Islam poses to the United States.

I discuss indicators of the growing antisemitism in Europe and suggest responses.

I discuss the 28 states which used Dominion and especially probable flipped states and prescribe a more rigorous election protocol.

I discuss whether Europe's No-Go Zones are real or propaganda. Then I offer a definition of Islamic Beachheads that makes it harder to deny them.

I explain the Islamic alternative to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights--The Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam, and explain why the OIC countries use it; and what their ultimate aim is.

I examine the likelihood of a peaceful Palestinian state from the standpoint of Islamic doctrine and statements by political parties and militia groups.

I examine several possible hypotheses and build a theory to account for the high incarceration of Muslims in Europe and the USA.

I analyze several common antizionist narratives to show they are actually antisemitic narratives.

I discuss the history of Al-Haram Al-Sharif and the conquest of Palestine and its implications for policy. I thank Sheik Tarik Ata of the OCIF for explaining that, in the Muslim mind, Jerusalem and Palestine are Holy Land because they are Islamic Holy Land because the OT prophets are actually Muslim prophets because the OT is a corrupt revision of the pristine Tawrat.

I zoom out and isolate the main driver of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

I review the substantive peace plans put forward and show why they were rejected. Then I isolate the recurring disconnects between Israel and Palestine. Then I develop a two-state solution.

I give the 20th century account of conditions inflicted on the Jews in the Arab states that gave the Jews the resolve to re-establish their own state.

I propose several lines of legislation to protect American national identity.

I show how Palestinian advocates abuse the intent of Postcolonial arguments in their Marxist theft of the history of Cisjordan.

I study excerpts from the PLO Charter and review its history as part of an overall view of the intentions of the Palestinians.

I evaluate several common propaganda narratives.

I evaluate several of the common claims for their truth-value.

I examine several ubiquitous narratives about the Palestinian refugees to evaluate their truthfulness.

I explain these four concepts and their use in civilization jihad against the West.

I map the logical space and do what I hope is a sober analysis of the alternatives open to Israel and the Palestinians.

I describe these Five Core Values in order to remind Westerners what they are historically committed to. I do this to help Westerners to stand strong against Islamization and attacks from Critical Theory (i.e. from cultural Marxism or Leftist ideology)..

I show how the history of this problem has been distorted. The exile of about 820,000 Jews by the Arab countries in retaliation for the nakbah is never discussed in the maintream media. The confining of the North African Diaspora Jews in 104 Nazi labor camps as holding camps for transport to Nazi death camps, with the complicity of the Arabs, is also never mentioned by the media. This shows that the mainstream media has been Palestinized.

I argue how it is that Israel has rendered a great service to the world by showing us how to roll back (part of) the dar al-Islam.

I debunk this myth and show the cynicism of Palestinianism which is a branch of Postcolonialism which is a branch of cultural Marxism.

I trace the history of the British Mandate. Then I review in hindsight the errors made by the British that led to the current conflict. Then I suggest policies that could correct those errors in the pursuit of peace.


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I defend the ideals of Western Civilization; also I defend the Constitution of the United States--a beacon of freedom to the world--against all enemies foreign and domestic. I also seek and destroy every stronghold of the Red-Green Axis. To receive my bulletins email me at [email protected]. I have backup channels at and