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I am providing this video for 2 reasons: 1) to persuade law enforcement and the national guard to phase in the use of tranquilizer darts as an additional tool for control of an insurrection or for riots and looting; 2) to overcome the Leftist narratives designed to intimidate and demoralize us from defending the U.S. Constitution. The Left is at war with us. They intend to destroy the country. The sooner you wrap your head around that, the better you will be able to engage the enemy. Keywords: Left Leftist Marxism BlackLivesMatter Antifa NFAC Master Jay Riot Looting

Sun Tsu said, "If you know your enemy, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles." Keywords: Racism CriticalRaceTheory CriticalWhitenessStudies IdentityPolitics Marxism

I recount some the statements made by the leader of this Black Separatist militia in an effort to show that it is enlisting American blacks to support it in a race war to carve out a territory for their own country. They are also intimidating police to gain deference towards blacks in law enforcement. Keywords: Black nationalism racism 1619 sedition conspiracy insurrection treason differential law enforcement de-policing BLM Black Lives Matter Marxism

I unpack the implications of the discrepancy between the Quran and the Sunnah on the subject of Muhammad's alleged miracles. The deeper you dig, the thicker the plot gets. Keywords: Muhammad miracle buraq Islam history historical criticism split moon Night Journey Battle of Trench Hudabiyyah Badr Mecca Medina

I apply the Quranic Dilemma to several historical revisionisms carried out by the redactors of the Quran. Note: Taurat = Torah = Old Testament; Injil = Gospel. Keywords: Kaaba Quran Islam Muslim Quranic Dilemma Revisionism Abraham Jews Israel

I apply the technique of the Quranic Dilemma to the crucifixion of Jesus/Isa to show that it is evidence against the Divine origin of the Quran. Keywords: Jesus death redemption Islam Muslim propitiation blood Christ

I introduce the Quranic Dilemma and then apply it, as a test case, to the Quran's account vs. the Genesis account of the naming of the animals. Keywords: Genesis animals Adam Quran infallibility inerrancy inspiration Allah

I work out a model of how a worker-owned collective would compensate its worker-owners. The collective has the potential to pay much higher, motivate workers more, and create happier workplaces. Migrating from corporations to worker-owned collectives can dissuade Americans away from socialism. Keywords: cooperatives collectives worker unions workplace innovation business capitalism

I explain the contributions of classical and cultural Marxism behind the trend in the U.S. towards de-policing. Keywords: black African-American white race racism post-colonialism critical race theory Frankfurt School Antifa Seattle

A reading of Luke 13-16 followed by lessons for the Muslim and an invitation to follow Christ Jesus as Lord. This is presented especially for Muslims living in Muslim lands in which they have no access to a Bible. Keywords: Jesus Isa Gospel Injil

I admonish the Black Church to be more of an agent for building character and citizenship among blacks. The solution is simple. Keywords: race racism

I begin with a calculation of the (black on white)/(white on black) ratio of violent victimizations. Then I confront the attitudes in the Black community that drive racial resentment, mob violence, and looting by blacks. Then I show that BLM is a shell company for the Democratic Party which has been taken over by Marxists. This is why blacks and Antifa are working in tandem. The Democratic Party are the face of the Marxist Counter State. Keywords: BLM race racism looting riots Antifa

I calculate one statistic that will be easy to remember in arguments with blacks and Leftists. I also give some perspective of the current unrest. Keywords: blacks African-American identitypolitics violence riots crime black-on-white white-on-black race racist

I explain from the doctrinal sources of Islam what motivates the rape of European women and what it means in the Muslim mind. Keywords: Islam Muslim Rape sexualtrafficking groominggangs dominance jihad plunder hijra migration

I read Luke 5-8 straight through. Then I go back and apply some passages to the Muslim. Then I extend an invitation to the Muslim to follow Jesus Christ as Lord. Keywords: Muslim Islam Muhammad Jesus Isa Gospel Injil

I explain the potential benefits for Law Enforcement of using tranquilizer darts in combating riots and looting. If you think this video is helpful, please forward a link to it to law enforcement. Keywords: riots BLM Black Lives Matter Antifa looting vandalism control

I show an easy way to understand the various narratives of identity politics by showing how they all fit into the Marxist template. By the way, don't be intimidated by the cultural terrorism of accusations of "white supremacism". "White supremacism" is a code phrase for Western civilization, which Marxism wants to overthrow. Keywords: BLM Black lives matter feminism LGBTQ gay women Muslim Antifa

Amazingly, in academic circles, in the media, and among bureaucrats there is enormous denial that Islam, as a movement, seeks to dominate the world. I put that denial to rest. Keywords: war jihad land territory Shari'ah Sharia taqiyya Islam Sayyid Qutb Karadawi Khomeini national security

A reading and explantion of Luke 9-12 for the Muslim. Includes an invitation to follow Jesus. Keywords: Jesus Isa Injil Muhammad Islam

I apply the Hare Psychopathy Checklist to see if Muhammad qualifies as a psychopath. If the answer is yes, then that explains much of the predatory and parasitic behavior found among Muslims, since in Quran 33.21 Muslims regard Muhammad as their "good example." Keywords: psychopath Muhammad Islam Muslim jihad

I show the origins of "Islamophobia", how it is being used to intimidate and deprive us of the ability to neutralize Islam through criticism. Then I show the true source of Islamophobia. Keywords: Islam propaganda linguistic warfare cultural terrorism censorship tyranny totalitarianism Tommy Robinson Paul Golding Jayda Fransen Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff Geert Wilders Robert Spencer Pamela Geller OIC M103 M 103

I read excerpts from about 8 conferences held from the 1970s to the present which were designed to set up the architecture to fold Europe into the Islamic orbit. Listening to the flowery language of the declarations from these meetings is like looking at a swine wearing lipstick. It is a good exercise in decoding taqiyya. I also discuss what Europe must do to undo the damage done downstream from these meetings. Typo: The Amman Summit was 25-27 November 1980. Keywords: OIC Euro-Arab Dialogue Islamization Europe Dawa Da'wa taqiyya Israel Palestine Palestinians Arabic

The fact that Muslims riot when their prophet is criticized is strong evidence that he functions as a god in Islam. I show that the Muslim worships or idolizes or fetishizes at least 12 gods. Keywords: Islam Muslim Muhammad Quran Kaaba Black Stone fetish idol Tawhid monotheism polytheism idolatry Animism

A narcissist says to the world: "I am a god. Worship me." A vindictive narcissist adds, "...or I will destroy you." This seems to fit Muhammad. European politicians, media, and law enforcement aren't willing to admit, and after a while cannot even see, that the cause of the industrial scale rape of European women and girls is that Muslim men are merely following their "good example," Muhammad (Quran 33.21). Keywords: Islam polygamy Aisha Zaynab Safiya Juwariya

I describe about 85 different ways the Muslim is in bondage. Some of these ways the Muslim perhaps has even pushed below the level of consciousness. I do this to re-awaken the Muslim's humanity and make him or her long for freedom. Leaving Islam is risky. But what is the alternative? A lifetime of slavery? You can be free, O Muslim. Your fake prophet, the "Apostle of Allah," continues to enslave you, and dupes Muslims, even from the grave. Keywords: totalitarianism tyranny bondage mind control cult slavery


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