Son of Freedom

I show that there is no science in the Quran. None of the statements purporting to be science are in fact science. They are either theological statements or mere observation statements or merely reflect the cosmology of the period. The Quran in no way predicts modern science.

I read passages from the Gospel of John on (1) the woman caught in adultery, (2) Jesus' dispute with the Jews over Abraham, (3) Jesus' healing of the man born blind, (4) Jesus as the Good Shepherd, (5) the Prologue of the Gospel of John. This is especially for Muslims who do not have a Bible, to give them a portrait of Jesus as God's Son, to show you God's grace through His Son.

I develop Islamic threat doctrine. Then I list the steps European nations must take to throw off Islam. Hijra, migration, immigration, Eurabia, jihad, Islam, Muslim, war, national security of European states, Europe.

I list 9 evidences of shadow banning by YouTube and Google. I also discuss the performance of Bitchute searches. Since making this video, my YouTube video "Islam's Plan to Dominate the World" has been banned on YouTube. That video is all included in my video on this channel titled, "Islam's Theft of Europe" at this link: YouTube has also deleted my video entitled "Defeating Islam."

I show an example of propaganda jihad at work and analyze it to help you recognize it. Then I give you suggested readings. Typo at 7:39--replace reign with rein. Typo at 14:08--Replace Quran 5.52 with Quran 5.51. Here is a link to the video I critique:

I break out 14 Hebrew words transliterated into Arabic and incorporated into the Quran, and discuss the significance of this for the claim that the Quran is of Divine origin.

I face you, my European friends, with the choices you must make to regain your national identities. For Europeans, please also see my video, "Islam's Theft of Europe" at

I show that the Muslim has no assurance of Paradise, except if he dies a martyr. But he dies for an illusion because it can be shown that the concept of the houris (72 virgins) is not inspired but a cultural borrowing. Note at timestamp 2:24, I misspoke and said "22" when I meant "72".

I compare Muhammad's bargaining with God to bring the number of daily prayers down to five, with Abraham's bargaining with God to spare Sodom. Muhammad's appropriation of the <structure> of this story in Genesis 18 backfires when you consider the <subject> of the story. RT = Reliance of the Traveller, a compendium of Sharia Law.

Here I explain the Quranic Dilemma. I also show that the Quran makes an empty claim that Muhammad is predicted in the Bible; and the efforts by the editor of the Noble Quran to salvage that claim fail.

I compare Islam to Nazism. I discuss ways in which Islamic actors, by their nefarious use of language, blind Western countries. I refute Islam's hijacking of Abraham for political purposes. Note an important quote from the Explanatory Memorandum mentioned at 15:30: "The process of settlement is a 'Civilization-Jihadist Process' with all the word means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and 'sabotaging' its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's [Allah's] religion is made victorious over all other religions." Abn Alhuriya is Arabic for Son of Freedom.

I discuss the problems involved in defending a Divine Quran. Then I discuss 7 errors in the Quran. And thus I show that the Quran is not a Divine book.

I contrast the contemporary church against the spiritual power of the early church. I do this to help the church regain its saltiness and to help it be a bastion of Western civilization against Islamization and cultural Marxism.

I show that the Doctrine of Abrogation, together with examples of abrogation in the Quran, demonstrate that the Quran is not a divine book; that it is only a human book.

I analyze this controversy and warn how Islamic activists can use conflicts like this to erode and finally abrogate the First Amendment.

Here I provide a series of descriptive statements elucidating Islam's intentions for the world that you will not find in mainstream media. Islam calls the non-Islamic world the "dar al-harb" which means the house of war.

I recount the two Barbary Corsair raids on Iceland, summer, 1627. "Islam. Taking slaves since 0 A.H."

This video describes the Barbary Corsair piracy, motivated by Islamic Doctrine, conducted in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean from about 1530-1830CE. "Islam. Making slaves. It's what we do."

In this video, I cut through propaganda coming from Islamic actors and Leftist enablers, and recommend needed measures to protect the U.S. from Islamization. Are you awake yet, America?

Sharia Law--the legal corpus of Islam--would suffocate freedom in the West. Since every obedient Muslim belongs to Islamic civilization embodied in Sharia Law, any Muslim taking an oath of naturalization to a non-Islamic state is either committing apostasy or perjury. Since few are committing apostasy, nearly all are committing perjury.

Workplace bullying & mobbing; work abuse; analysis and modification of organizational norms. For ease of reading, I suggest setting a speed of 0.5x. You will need to pause between the 360 slides. Designed to be used as an all-day workshop. If you run a workshop using this slide show, either nominate a narrator or drop this file into a text-to-speech software tool. It is my hope that this workshop helps make your workplace healthier, happier, and more productive.

History and tactics of the Islamization of Europe; superiority of Western over Islamic civilization; policies to help European nations preserve national identities.

I show that Islamic civilization cannot co-exist with the U.S. Constitution. Every faithful Muslim is sworn to fealty to Islamic civilization and Sharia Law. The only way a Muslim can support the U.S. Constitution is to renounce Islam. Almost none will do so. Therefore nearly all are lying under oath when naturalized.

I show that because Islamic actors are hiding behind First Amendment protections of religion to wage civilization jihad, we must reclassify Islam in law as a political doctrine which speaks in religious language, and revoke its status as a religion proper.

Here I suggest 22 policies for stopping the Islamization of the U.S. Abn Alhuriya is Arabic for Son of Freedom.


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