A Divoc is a possessing Hebrew demon or the soul of a dead person. It's all Luciferian word magic, but the truth is being revealed.

This will blow your mind

The words being spoken are what everyone knows are true

The Republican candidate, Mack Miller, was assaulted and dragged from the County Commissioner’s meeting after attempting to defend a group of women who were protesting the vote banning speech that goes against the government's covid narrative.

Stolen Elections have consequences that are always TREASON

All prescription medications are just synthetic versions of a compound that comes from a natural source. You don't need to turn to the murderous pharmaceutical industry when you can make your own medicine at home.

The "Powers that shouldn't be" are limiting access to drugs like hydroxychloroquine for a reason... They work

Active Compounds: Quinine, Zinc Citrate, Shikimic Acid, Suramin, Vitamin C

2 grapefruit juice and peels
2 lemons juice and peels
citric acid
can of legumes (beans) it doesn't matter which kind
pine needles
(Not Norfolk Island pine (Araucaria heterophylla) or Yew pine (Podocarpus macrophyllus), because they're not true pines, & both contain toxic compounds)
slow boil for 4-5 hours with lid on
let cool
strain, and enjoy your health

Love how this ends, I wouldn't want to hear what the lying POS has to say either

👀 💪 When Peaceful Protests Are Met With Tyranny, Freedom Fighters Go On The Offensive

Capt. Seth Keshel (ret) is an Army trained #DigitalSoldier and this message is for all of us on the front-lines who have volunteered to fight this information war:

"We're winning and be ready for the big moment in history"

The Canadian Province of Saskatchewan Has Gone Full-Blown Covid-Military Martial Law

This report from Chris Sky is confirmed

We are living through the greatest psychological warfare operation of all time. Every step of the way has been planed and execute with the sinister intention to induce a psychotic break in the population in order to use trauma based mind control techniques to indoctrinate vulnerable minds into the New Word Order's nightmare Covidian Cult.

The mind-washed sheep are charging full-speed off of a suicidal cliff, and if the awakened don't separate from the self-destructing lemmings, we will follow them to their fate. United Noncompliance

Source's TheirTube channel -->

The crimes are so great, that every Sheriff and Law Enforcement Officer the world over is duty bound to act on this. If you're a cop, and you haven't figured this out yet, these Murderous co-conspirators in government want to genocide EVERYONE. Cops and their families are NOT EXCLUDED

Nobody Gets To Sit On The Sidelines... Nobody !!!
Choose the right side or be culled like a blindly obedient sheep

Sheriff Karl J. Dailey of Nebraska is standing up to unconstitutional vaccine passports and mask mandates, refusing to enforce the dictatorial policies of the radical installed regime.

Former National Guard veteran & State Rep Anthony Sabatini has put forth legislation and is calling for arrests to be made of any Federal Official that is trying to violate Florida's law by implementing mandatory Jabs. It looks like Governor Desantis stands with Sabatini on this, and they are calling this a "Litmus Test" for Florida Rinos.

If the air quality would not be safe under OSHA guidelines to work under such conditions, then why the hell is it ok to subject a child to toxic oxygen deprivation and CO2 poisoning?

It's not, but they know that, and that's the whole point. These sociopaths are intentionally inflicting irreparable harm. It's bad enough that they're corrupting children, but mask wearing is literally killing their brains

The terror attacks that happened on September 11th, 2001 were not carried out by a bunch of Islamic goat-herders hijacking planes. It was a False Flag attack that was carried out upon the American people by their own government.

They did this so that the New World Order could further its agenda by providing justification to launch endless wars, occupy Afghanistan, Iraq, & Syria, and perhaps most importantly, it enabled them to enact the "Patriot Act" which provided them the legal framework to weaponize the Federal Government against their true enemy, which has always been the American Patriot.

This is why the Luciferians did their ritual sacrifice on Sept 11th as a desecration of the Messiah. The reason we have been taught to celebrate Christmas on Dec 25th, is also because it's a desecration as it's the date for the Satanic Feast of Satunalia.

Whatever this is, it happened on September 8th, 2021

Personally, I'm on the fence regarding Project Bluebeam. I do think that they have the technology, however I also think that it's possible that Bluebeam could be just another Psyop meant to get people to dismiss legitimate phenomena as nothing more than a hologram.

What do you think?

Evidence of Anthony Fauci's criminal culpability is coming to light. The newly unearthed batch of emails reveal that Dr. Fauci funded the development of a bioweapon at the Wuhan Lab. Not only does this conclusively prove that he lied to congress (which is a criminal offense in itself) but also that he's a War Criminal who has violated numerous international treaties prohibiting the development and deployment of bioweapons.

Covid-19 and it's accompanying Depopulation-Jab is the greatest Crime Against Humanity ever committed. Fauci and his ilk, are responsible for deaths of millions.

Canada has seen a massive and extraordinary expansion of police power in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic over the last 18 months.

In the first three months of the pandemic, Canadian governments issued more than $13 million in COVID-related tickets. Quebec accounted for two-thirds of charges and three-quarters of the nation’s $13 million in fines. While not all arrests were Covid related, it is clear that Covid raised tensions and inflamed tempers.

Did enforcement during the last eighteen months during Covid go too far?

You decide.

I've been following Maria Zack's work since she published a full confession from an individual with the military contractor Leonardo Satellite Systems, admitting to facilitating the stealing of the US elections. But the evidence that's about to drop is so much bigger than just what happened in the United States. 47 countries have rigged elections, and we're about to see the proof. And there's more.

There are only about 10 sociopathic billionaires that are pulling the strings, and they're responsible for the worldwide infiltration and the Covid Genocide. What we know as the Deep State, are lower down the totem pole.

This is confirmation the Jab is a Bioweapon and that a mass casualty die off is inevitable as the depopulation injection does what it was designed to do.

Anyone who had a hand in this Crime Against Humanity that wan'ts to seek leniency, September 17 is the deadline to provide a sworn affidavit confession. The time is to start pointing fingers is now if you hope to avoid the Gallows.

And I'm being kind enough to provide you the link -->

My brother pulled his child out of kindergarten because they're setting up jab centers in all the schools. Our Government and Medical Establishment are going after children with a Satanic intent. They will administer the bioweapon to every child they can, and in their Luciferian eyes, if you send your kid to school you're consenting to letting it happen.

David Dickson is The Angry Albertan 🇨🇦

If it isn't clear to you yet, let me spell it out in plain English. Hospitals are officially murder factories whose only purpose is to dole out death. No matter how sick you are, going to a hospital for treatment is seeking medical care from an executioner. It's pure suicide


An Electrician uses a device designed to measure air quality to prove that wearing a mask immediately lowers your oxygen intake and spikes your CO2 levels beyond what would be considered safe under Occupational Health & Safety regulations. If it is unsafe for a worker to be exposed to such conditions in the workplace, then how is it safe to be ordered to wear a mask all day at that same workplace? Or worse yet, have children to wear one for all the time that they are at school?

Being exposed to CO2 Poisoning and Oxygen Deprivation has serious long-term ramifications on one's health, which are well documented. There is a reason why it is considered unsafe to work in poor air-quality conditions, and there are already rigid safety regulations on the books to protect workers.

If your boss is ordering you to wear a mask, contact Occupational Health & Safety and file a complaint. Not only are they practicing medicine without a license, they are intentionally exposing workers to unsafe working conditions. Businesses that are mandating masks can be taken to the cleaners over this because the regulations are even stricter for the general public. The same is true for Children in Schools.

This is all the ammunition needed to launch so many lawsuits that will sink every single one of these tyrannical organizations. The best part of this, the government can't get involved in private lawsuits against a business, so the excuse that they were just following government mandates won't save them because they'll be left standing on their own in a court of law.

Time to take them to the cleaners. This is huge, Patriots, let's make this go viral.
o7 #wwg1wgaWORLDWIDE

We have all suspected this as it's very obvious by the FDA's actions that they are a "captured operation" but this is an official confirmation COMM on who exactly is pulling the strings


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I am a Canadian Patriot who has answered the call to become a #DigitalSoldier (Citizen Journalist) because the media is complicit in a conspiracy to commit genocide. When I'm not speaking at a Freedom Rally demanding Justice I am working online to fight this information war because actual lives are at stake and people are dying.