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The world is at a crossroads with two possible timelines unfolding. One path leads to justice being served and prosecutions for War Crimes. The other leads to the Collective West descending into absolute despotism, complete with "show me your papers" lockdowns, Checkpoints, Martial Law, and the suspension of the Constitution.

Our nations have been flooded with migrants for a reason, and this is all part of their plan. Epstein was a MOSSAD agent, and our world leaders became tyrannical because they're being blackmailed by Israel because they've committed crimes against children. Covid was the first attempt to bring about the totalitarian One World Government, Israel's Genocide against the people of Palestine is phase 2.

The decision is now ours, if we continue to stand beside the Zionist Devil, we'll set into motion a sequence of events that will plunge the world into darkness. However, if we rally for Peace and demand a stop to the clearest example of Ethnic Cleansing in generations, then a door will open for Justice to be served. It is up to us, so we must choose wisely.

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Links to channels that have been speaking the truth about Israel
Dustin Nemos:
TheCrowhouse (Max Igan):
Stew Peters:

This is the Apocalypse and the veil has been lifted, all truths are coming to light and some of them are painful to witness. America's blind subservience to the Zionist Jew has set in motion a sequence of events that will lead to the end of Pax-Americana and the fall of Mystery Babylon.

The masks have been removed, and now we are able to see things as they truly are.

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11-1673 Richmond Street Suite 222
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Khazarian Jew Study

Angry North & Boris's Bitches channel

God Bless

This is an incredible documentary that reveals the great Israel deception. It's absolutely a "Must Watch" if you want to understand what's going on.

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American Patriots are sleepwalking into what will lead to the final nail in the coffin for the US of A. All it took was a well planned False-Flag and Fake News stories about decapitated babies, and conservatives forgot all about the election heist, the genocide-jab, and are ready to give Biden WAR POWERS to fight Iran on behalf of Israel... DUMB

If Patriots don't WAKE-THE-FUCK-UP, and see what's really going on, there will be no Election, no Trump 2024 return, the draft will be instated and America will descend into a total Police State.

The right's pounding of the war-drums for Israel will commit the United States depleted, demoralized, vax-injured, woke military to a battle they cannot win, and this is by design. All while millions of military age men have been flooding across the border for 3 years. The enemy's already inside the gates, if Americans don't demand peace, they will be attacked from both inside and out. AND THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE PLAN

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11-1673 Richmond Street Suite 222
London, Ontario
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Excellent analysis

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It looks very much like the so-called Freedom Convoy 2.0 was a controlled opposition set up. They turned away all the Patriots that were ready to make our final stand, diluted the message, behaved like idiots, and got tased for their troubles. DUMB!!!

Major court ruling that dealt a grievous wound to the Censorship Industrial Complex and the upcoming Supreme Court case that's now poised to deliver the death-blow.

Don't believe the WW2 propaganda, here's proof that Jews and Nazis are merely 2 wings belonging to the same Zionist bird. Hitler and Germany may have lost the war, but the Nazi/Zionists went on to take over the world, and we are now living under the Nuremberg Code violating tyranny of the Fourth Reich.

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Now it's your turn America 🇺🇲💪

Just a short meme from yours truly

Does this not explain why today's NAZI's look like Justin Trudeau and are obeying Jews in Ukraine (Big Israel).

Here's proof that the AshkeNAZI Zionists and their puppets are actually today's NAZIS. Bet ya didn't know that Hitler was responsible for shipping the Zionists to Palestine, and providing them German arms so that they could take over and form the nation of Israel?

The German people did not really know that this was happening. Nor did they know that the so-called concentration camps were actually run by Zionist JEWS!!! The National Socialists were defeated, but the NAZIS went on to take over the world and that's what we are seeing today with our One World Build Back Better governments.

This is a clip from my last report

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Everything that can be going wrong for the Libtard D.I.L.D.O.S, is going wrong. Just as they are floundering, the Freedom Convoy 2.0 is coming in to deliver the knock-out blow. And this time we are playing for keeps... NO MORE MR. NICE GUY this time around, we won't be leaving till the job is done!!!

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Kick-ass band Angry North & Boris's Bitches

These freaking idiots have now been identified!!!
It's really boring at the beginning, so you might want to skip ahead.

When it was said that "These People Will Not Be Safe To Walk The Streets", think maybe this is what was being referred to? I do

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On my last report I showed evidence that the 42-month reign of evil has officially come to an end on September 11th, and man, has it ever. The signs are everywhere, and it is now undeniable that the enemy's fall has begun. If you're looking for a reason to feel good about what's happening in the world right now, you're not gonna want to miss this one.

No Hopioum here, this is all verifiable facts that prove the Loser-ferian World Order is coming to an end.

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They wanted us divided and fighting amongst ourselves, but We The People have realized that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. In Canada Muslims, Christians, and Native Indians are coming together to save the Children from the LGBT Loser-ferian Liberal World Order.

It was said that crimes against children will unite us all, and truly that is coming to pass as people from all colors and walks of life are coming together to protect the children from the pedophile groomers that are running our governments

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My life is in flux right now, but when I figure out where I'll end up being located, I'm going to set up a PO Box for those who wanted to mail me something and have requested my mailing address.

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This isn't a fearmonger video to get clicks, an incredible amount of research went into this report, and after watching it, I'm sure you'll agree that it has been 100% proven that an Apocalypse of Zombie automaton slaves is what's coming.

It's confirmed by every journalistic standard there is, the evidence presented here would stand up in a court of law. This is what's happening Patriots, it's what the jab-agenda was truly about, best we be prepared for what is coming.

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God Bless

Kingston is claiming that her life is in danger because she's outed Dr. Robert Malone as a double agent who has infiltrated the resistance movement, revealed some pertinent information, yet in 5th generation warfare style demoralizes by claiming Pfizer has immunity, and there's nothing we can do about that.

Kingston is also claiming that her work revealing how Sheriffs could seize the bioweapon and bring this nightmare to an end has made her a threat that must be eliminated. Here's the link to the letter she's talking about

She's claiming that RFK jr and Children's Health Defense might be compromised, but giving him the benefit of the doubt as he may be just getting bad advice from Dr. Malone. She's asking RFK jr to come to his senses and recognize that he's being played.

If a Kingston has been marked for death, then sharing this video could save her life. This is not a game, there are consequences faced by truthers who can't be corrupted. The movement most certainly has been infiltrated, and this is why I'm a lone wolf and work alone despite many offers to team up. I know I'm a target, so I trust no-one but God Almighty

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There are very few moves left in this grand chess match for the world. The battle between good and evil has been raging for a very long time, but if you're paying attention, you can discern how it's all playing out.

If you're battle weary (as we all are), watch this episode, so you too will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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In this episode I stitch together how the Wagner Coup psy-op and CIA double cross has set in motion a sequence of events that is leading to the fall of the Liberal World Order governments around the world. If you're looking for a reason to feel good about what's happening today, then this is the report that you're not gonna want to miss.
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Russian Hacker Collectives have successfully compromised governments, central banks and infrastructure systems around the world, including the US Department of Energy. Which is why we are seeing reports of military movement, tanks on the streets, and military aircraft over civilian areas all over the United States, Canada, and Europe. Something big is going down, but the question is what? Watch this episode to find out.

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{Matt} $XRPatriot Twitter and Rumble

This incredibly well researched documentary reveals how NATO with the help of international NGO's like the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders have been committing atrocities in war zones like Ukraine in order to enrich themselves through black-market organ harvesting. The victims of this gruesome practice included soldiers, civilians, and even orphaned children.

Russia has uncovered incriminating evidence from the areas in Ukraine that were liberated, and when the Special Military Operation is over, they have vowed to hold tribunals in order to bring these NATO war criminals to justice.

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They've indicted Trump to distract from the massive exposure of Child Trafficking and Adrenochrome/Organ harvesting the Politicians and Snake News are desperately trying to prevent you from learning about.

Big-Tech and Ukraine have been implicated in being complicit in committing horrendous atrocities against children, but thanks to the independent media, the truth is coming out.

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Truthers have been very adept at describing the Crimes Against Humanity and Communist infiltration that has been occurring around the world, but all too often they stop short of revealing the actual criminals who are behind it. What good comes from describing the crime while failing to identify the criminals? Perhaps they're afraid of the consequences? Not me, we are at war, and as a grizzled soldier in the information warfare that's characterized WW3, I must speak the truth and name names.

It's episodes like this one, which should make it clear why it is that I don't have advertisers. It's the price to pay for calling out the Jews, and why this channel is dependent upon your contributions. Here's the link, thank you and God Bless

Here's the link to Harry Vox Unsafe Spaces Bitchute channel

All the dominoes are falling into place and the whole diseased temple is about to come crashing down. The signs are there for those who have eyes to see, want to know when it's all going down? Then watch this report to find out.

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Kristen the Piston

National Citizen's Inquiry

Saving Canada Podcast

Stew Peters vs BBC

Court rulings in the United States coupled with private individuals launching lawsuits against Pfizer have opened the door to a Tsunami of lawsuits against Big-Pharma and even a path to taking government officials around the world who coerced their citizens into getting the abomination-shot to the cleaners. THIS IS YUGE!!!

Looks like my last video has made it to France, because the Freedom Fighters of the French Revolution have started deploying tactics, and it's a freaking AWESOME thing to see.

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Pascal Najadi's Twitter
Ana McCarthy's Twitter

How the French Revolution Freedom Fighters could employ battle tactics to defeat the criminals wearing government issue Riot Gear. Firearms are great but not necessary for it's the mind that makes one truly dangerous.

The path ahead has been revealed, everything's coming to together, and things are about to get REAL. Here's what to expect, so you can be ready.

Watch till the end to learn the most valuable piece of knowledge every Pureblood needs to know to win in court. Truly, this is an inspired check-mate move.

I've been able to continue this fight thanks to God's grace and your help. Got some serious skin in the game, and your contributions are needed and greatly appreciated

Thank you, and God Bless 🙏

Russia is alleged to have used a hypersonic missile to destroy a bunker that was packed with Ukraine's top leaders and NATO brass. The bunker was 400 feet below ground near Kiev, and the attack was devastating.

Sorry I've not been able to shoot a show lately, been busy with court stuff, and I've got a lot to report. I'm kicking ass, and they're dropping the criminal charges. Still have my hearing before the Superior Court to do my Charter Challenge and to argue for disclosure of the contract between the WEF and Ontario Health. I'll start shooting again when I can, and of course, I'll let you know everything. If you can support this channel, your contribution is much appreciated. This legal fight is taking up my entire life right now, (I'm not actually a lawyer, I just talk like one on Bitchute). Here's the link


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I am a Canadian Patriot who has answered the call to become a #DigitalSoldier (Citizen Journalist) because the media is complicit in a conspiracy to commit genocide. When I'm not speaking at a Freedom Rally demanding Justice I am working online to fight this information war because actual lives are at stake and people are dying.