A Lab has released before and after microscope photos which clearly show how healthy round blood cells mutate to become spiky and irregular shaped which then form clots or (aka thrombosis). The lab also reveals the presence of unknown nanoparticles, which the doctors can't readily identify. This is proof positive that the Jab is transforming human cells to become something unnatural and certainly unhealthy.

Song sung by Dee Snider of Twisted Sister
Music Video from yours truly as my Tribute To Patriots

Dr Madej reveals on Stew Peters broadcast that Bill Gates is currently working with Mastercard to perfect the Mark Of The Beast system in West Africa and that they intend to apply this technology worldwide in accordance with Agenda 2030. Doctor Madej shares how this technology can be used to monitor thoughts, detect when someone is lying, and hook people up to the "Internet of Things" like a dystopian nightmare pre-crime unity right out of the Predictive Programming movie "Minority Report".

Dr Madej speculates that this technology is already in the Covid-Jabs and is the reason why people are now magnetic and broadcasting an EMF signal.

Human Rights Attorney Leigh Dundas has taken the gloves off and is railing again the Covid-Jab Genocide, calling on police officers to start making arrests for Crimes Against Humanity as monsters are injecting children with the "Death Shot". Dundas is exposing Human Trafficking and demanding justice.

God Bless Leigh Dundas, a true American Patriot o7

Could not have happened to a more deserving Covid-Thug. These Genetically Modified Monsters are getting what they deserve.

This is Criminal!!! How long are law-abiding citizens going to put up with being treated this way by lawless, irrational maskers attacking out of fear? This shit must end NOW

Celebrating the Courage of a Patriot with a Lion's roar. We held the line, and now it's our turn. Are you ready for the knock-out punch? It's go time. Happy Birthday President Trump

Understanding the wool that has been pulled over our eyes is the first step to seeing your way out of the Matrix. We are Born Free, but the Service Corporation has Birthed a Slave and gave it your name. Christopher James is leading the charge to topple Mystery Babylon from Canada as others in all 50 US States are convening court as We The People. Learn to rediscover your power and help join the fight.

A Warrior Calls

Dr Tenpenny testified before the Ohio Congress on June 8th 2021, because they were preparing a bill that would prevent businesses and Schools from making the Covid-Frankenshot mandatory. She answered every question perfectly and revealed that there is a sinister agenda behind the Covid-Jab which clearly rattled the Congressmen who have already gotten the shot. This is big Patriots, because now the government can't claim that they didn't know. BOOM !!!

The US Navy has released patents for some of the technology that David Adair spoke of during this presentation. You didn't think that President Trump would have started Space Force without a single spacecraft, did you? That would have been like starting the Navy without having any boats. It is my belief that the UFO disclosure that is happening will lead to the "top secret" technology that has been developed by the US military finally coming to light. The UFO sighting people have been reporting for decades may not be extraterrestrial craft at all, but are simply classified craft that were developed by the US government.

If the Deep State push a "Fake Alien Invasion" like many in the truth community have been speculating will occur as a distraction from Election Fraud and the Covid-Crime Against Humanity being exposed, it is important to know that any strange craft in the sky are likely made in the good old US of A.

Canada has now crossed the line into complete unlawful tyranny, Maxime Bernie is a Federal Politician and the leader of a Political Party, making his arrest an act of absolute despotism. The government of Canada is threatening children and using them to blackmail parents into compliance. They have a demonstrated a clear intent to corrupt every child with the Covid-Shot, and they are preventing children from playing with one another until they've gotten the shot.

Bernier is a federal politician and leader of the Peoples Party of Canada. The Government of Canada has crossed over to a very dark place. It is true despotism where the unlawful authorities are now arresting political rivals.

OH, Canada! Our Nation Has Fallen !!!

Captain Clay Higgins of the Louisiana Sheriff's department is calling out the Deep State Radical Left and asking all God Fearing Americans to take a stand.

This is it Patriots, time to take back the country from this Communist EVIL that stole the elections and have been terrorizing law-abiding citizens.


Isn't it amazing how the Board is embarrassed when this Mother talks about anal sex and masturbation, but they have no issue teaching such things to 10-year-old kids? These perverts should be nowhere near children and need to be purged from the school system immediately! They should be in PRISON for sexually corrupting underage children!!!

God Bless This Patriot

This Patriot is blowing the lid off the Democrats enslavement of Black People by exposing how they have twisted history. Uncle Tom was a hero that gave his life for his people, yet Blacks use his name like a pejorative to malign other Blacks while calling one another by the slave title "nigga" as if that is somehow cool. Serious Truth Bombs being spoken here to encourage Blacks to wake up and leave the Democrats Plantation.

She got the shot and is now enjoying the medical industry run-around as she's waiting for a diagnosis and being tracked with a heart monitor. I don't understand why these people are so surprised that their genetic modification wasn't such a good idea?

Sometimes when you can't get through to someone with reason, you might get through to them with music.

We Are The Tunes Now too

For all the Pastors who closed their Church because they feared Covid-19 more than God, know that you're judged by a higher standard and your punishment far worse. The Lord granted Dr Mills a powerful vision of what your future looks like. There is a special place in hell for the False Shepherds who are lining up their sheep to get the Jab. Hiding your face from God behind a mask is a Sin and your fear is a stench before the Lord. Repent or be condemned. Your failure is responsible for the Great Falling Away!

Renowned Cardiologist and Professor of Internal Medicine at Texas A & M College, Dr. Peter McCullough reveals that Covid-19 has always been about requiring people to receive the Mark of the Beast. This is a must-see video that should be shared with the world. Even those who are skeptical about the Covid-Agenda have to recognize the truth about what is happening when they hear if from a Doctor of Peter McCullough's caliber.

Thank you for helping to wake the world to the EVIL we are currently facing
Share this video EVERYWHERE

Reiner Fuelllmich reveals that the Covid-Jab is a Genocide designed to murder the population, before we discover that the "Great Reset" crowd have stolen the world's pension funds. This is the greatest Crime Against Humanity ever committed.

The character who convinced the world to lockdown with "3 Weeks To Flatten The Curve" was also the Bagman that funneled taxpayer money to pay for the bioweapon unleashed by the CCP. This is not "Conspiracy Theory", it is now established fact.

The clock is ticking, and these monsters are rapidly approaching the time when it won't be safe for them to be seen in public

May God Bless these Patriots for answering the call to take a STAND

International Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich says that he's heard testimony from investment bankers that explains the true reason for the Covid-Crime Against Humanity is that the Davos "Great Reset" crowd have stolen the worlds Pension Funds, and so they intend to murder everyone who has gotten the depopulation shot before they find out what they have done !!! The Criminality involved in this Genocide is truly staggering.

Kim Clement Prophesized Q long before President Trump was elected to office. He foretold the role Anons would play in world events, and the true meaning behind the phrase "Where We Go One We Go All". If you want to understand why Q said that this was #Biblical, this is why. The "Plan" we were told to place our trust in isn't Q's plan, it's GOD's plan.

We are now at a time in history where Kim Clement's prophecies can finally be understood.

This is not a small number of people, in fact, these are the kind of numbers that can topple governments.

There is a stench rising from the Corrupt Antichrist Government of Canada, and when this Covid-Crime Against Humanity has been brought to an end by We The People, I foresee the United States of North America coming to being under the leadership of President Donald Trump.


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I am a Canadian Patriot who has answered the call to become a #DigitalSoldier (Citizen Journalist) because the media is complicit in a conspiracy to commit genocide. When I'm not speaking at a Freedom Rally demanding Justice I am working online to fight this information war because actual lives are at stake and people are dying.