short video of my Borneo Short Tail Python constricting a mouse "hopper". Purchased from AE Herps & Exotics.
Hope you all enjoy.

Just got some filming in while I cleaned up the rats and fed my colubrids. Shout out to AE Herps & Exotics. If you live in the PHX Metro area definitely stop in.
#Husbandry #Hobbyist

reupload of my GBB sling without the giant black bars. SO now its just super zoomed in. Yay..
#AEHERPS&EXOTICS is where I picked this little guy or girl up.

Think my little guy is in pre-molt so I offered him or her a droplet of water. Hope you enjoy.

Attempting to compile a feeding clip or two but had fun anyway in the process. the P Metallica and H MAC were purchased from n one other than Bryant from AE Herps & Exotics PHX AZ #SonoranLiving

My first edited video longer than a few seconds. Feeding some ball pythons and my Borneo Short tail. Racks are Freedom Breeder 80w and a C Serpents Combo Rack.

BORNEO SHORT TAIL feeding . Purchased from Bryant at AE Herps and Exotics

Giving my male a meal in between locks . He's been an amazing breeder this year.


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