This weekend we cover several stories in the news. Cannabis medicine is a theme throughout most of the weekend report.

Oklahoma is registering medical marijuana patients at a rapidly accelerating rate in the winter months. Our current rate will put us over the expected annual projection of 78,000 in September.
But will the businesses find a stable economic model?

Chris 'Uncle Grumpy' Moe, sums up the ongoing legal battles to aid suffering patients seeking access to legal medicine. It seems that the bureaucrats at the capitol don't like it when the grassroots rises up and boldly asserts their constitutional rights of redress of grievance and petitioning the govt.
This bunch even had supporters claiming that you should not be allowed to speak until you've registered your identity to their satisfaction. Several groups came together and stood with the Medical Cannabis activists. OK2A, Tulsa 912 Project, Mental Health Advocates, OCPA, and individual citizen journalists.
Then he talks about Yukon ordinances with Jason (JaHo) Hodge.

"Uncle Grumpy" advises the Oklahoma Ethics Commission on the errors they are pondering, and what may become of them, if the 'soviet-style' controls on free speech & petitioning of govt. for redress of grievance, are put into effect.

This week on the SoonerPolitics Weekend Report, we discuss;
- Ethics Heavy Hand
- Collinsville Slow-Walks A Dispensary
- Stitt Cleans Out Old Bureaucrats
- Legislators Have A Bill To Fix Everything
- Cannabis Medicines Haven''t Destroyed Oklahoma Yet
- GOP Elections

The Oklahoma Ethics Commission was formed to monitor the behavior of our elected officials and our govt. agencies.
But this current Ethics Commission is mulling new rules that would force private citizens to file paperwork or face fines, if they petition their government for redress of grievance (a constitutional right).
They held public hearings this past week on a set of rules which will become law, unless specifically voted down by the Ethics Commission board, or the entire legislature.

The Oklahoma Ethics Commission Is considering a rule on private citizens' regulations, for communicating with their elected officials.
It's outside the mandate and authority of their agency, but they may push it through anyway.

Ben Shapiro is expected to be on the air in Oklahoma, beginning January 7th. Shapiro recently said that Oklahoma City is one city he really would enjoy living in.
Tulsa will probably carry his show live, but his OKC exposure is still not known. He's currently heard on tape delay in the OKC dial, at 10am, on 1640, KZLS

This week we review major Oklahoma news stories of the past several days.
- Speaker Pro Temp Booted From Republican Party Leadership
- Murdock Loves Him Some Steak
- Grove City Govt Avoids Patient Lawsuits
- Tea Party IRS Settlement Checks Arrive
- Horn Shows Her Liberal Colors Immediately
- Talk Radio Gets A Shapiro Boost

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The modes of sharing information are rapidly changing. So are the faces of who we get our information from.
SoonerPolitics is always seeking innovative ways of getting the important information to the citizens in an accurate, timely, & efficient manner.
While we're not making it our career track, we still seek to be professional in how we conduct ourselves.
We encourage all citizens to review their methods of staying informed and helping to share that info with others.

The Oklahoma Medical Board(OMB) has published an announcement for an upcoming 'training session' entitled "Pills, Pot and the Politics of Pain". The OMB (a state agency which governs medical licensure) is not conducting the course. They are merely promoting it for the Oklahoma Medical Association (a trade group which is hostile toward the new medical marijuana laws).
It appears to demonstrate a bias of yet another state agency. They reward a physician with education credits for attending a political rally.

Patient and advocate, Chris Moe, is reporting a series of threats of harm were communicated to him over the weekend. On Friday night he exposed a series of narratives of illegal distribution in the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry.
While Moe (known as Uncle Grumpy) did not name anyone specifically, he did give enough details to make many 'bad actors' feel very threatened. Some bad actors are going after Moe, rather than cleaning up their practices and apologizing to those Oklahoma patients being harmed.
SoonerPolitics wants to set the record straight about Moe's words. We read into his video statements that he might reveal conspirators at another time, if needed.

This week we review major Oklahoma news stories of the past several days.
License plate scanners: Is George Orwell proud?

Sharp's Crusade - gotta shut down them charter schools!
Cannabis Medicine - is the black market thriving in gray areas?
Medical Board Politics - Calling political indoctrination healthcare 'science'
Oklahoma Media - New media and old, in Oklahoma

From the pages of, and associated reports

Tonight's broadcast was focusing on;
- The Platform Agenda
- AG Warns State Health Dept
​- APAC Set To Release Several Audits
- Constitutional convention
- House Leadership Announced
- Cannabis Comes To Your Town
- Silly Occupational Licensing
News review from the pages of, & associated reports

News review from the pages of, & associated reports

Gary hearkens to the visionary speech of John Kennedy, in this emotional and compelling 60 second TV ad.

David Van Risseghem of the Drug Policy Reform Network, speaks about the newly passed Medical Marijuana laws and the emergency rules enacted by the State Health Dept.
The group is the Tulsa 9.12 Project (Oklahoma's largest Tea Party group). This event was on July 12th, 2018.

Isaac Caviness & Ron Durbin discuss their lawsuit against the Oklahoma Dept. of Health and some Board Members.


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