Soozie Snake

Soozie Snake

Contains a swear word.
Judges - Simon Bowell + Unknown Turd.

Dave is the best!

Singing Dave. Sh!t post.

Cold and raw the North did blow,
bleak in the morning early.
All the trees were hid in Snow,
tackled by winter yearly.
Gentlman riding o'er the hill
met with a farmers daughter.
Her rosy cheeks and her bonny brow,
they made his mouth to water.

CONTAINS one swear word.
Dave is quitting again!

Colin's culinary delights.
Colin made Dave a sandwich,
Dave is now so mad he has gone on holiday :)

Hello from Dave :)

Made for my own amusement but I thought I'd share it anyway.
I do realise this is too much Dave for one week :)
All dialogue is from Labyrinth. My little rescue Budgie added a little bit at the end :)

Do not attempt Dave's makeover at home.

A video about nothing, not worth watching.
Excuse me! I'm always worth watching - Dave.

Thank you for being Egremont's friend. You make him happy :)


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