Remix using the entirety or parts of one song from each halo game these include the following
Halo - The Silent Cartographer - Rock Anthem For Saving The World
Halo 2 - Mjolnir Mix - HD
Halo 3 - One Final Effort
Because the Mjolnir mix was designed from rock anthem for saving the world they sound great together once i realized this i utilized that to make Mjolnir Mix which i alreayd say is a great theme, even better.

Downloads below:

Download to Wav:

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This is the menu theme from a demo disc that was part of my childhood on ps2. The version I own includes the following games. Ratchet and clank up your arsenal(personal favorite), jak 3, ATV offroad fury 3, Starwars battlefront, ace combat 5, Crash twinsanity, Tak2, the incredibles, veiwtiful joe 2, and spyro a hero's tale.

I Recorded this straight from the PlayStation2 using a line in jack on my PC. This is for all you Nostalgia seekers who used this demo disk as a child, Now you can enjoy this as much as I do because now I added a download link here.!XEYAxCaa!o5FABy0C9jEWd-RyIxDOIMBz_wJFh3bbfgokUV_-U-g




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