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In this clip from 1996 taken directly from the court transcripts, Alan Isaacman attorney for Larry Flynt argues the case of censorship. It's more relevant today than ever.

In this clip from The Avengers Endgame Thanos changes his strategy from eliminating 1/2 the population of all worlds to something more extreme.

Does any of this sound familiar today ?

Being a product of 70’s & 80’s pop culture I was introduced to a host of TV programing my favorites were always’ legal or crime drama’s. Therefore, when Boston Legal came along I was a fan.
Hollywood on more than one occasion comes out and shows the public how things really are & in this mash clip Denny creates the narrative and the reality for the story he wants to tell.

Why am I posting this?

Recently "Tina Glandian" Jussie Smollett‘s attorney attempted the same thing yesterday. Unfortunately for her, the outcome had a less than positive affect.

Bottom line people are on to this game, sincere, honest & humble is the new media currency.. Someone please send her a memo

The Video that's being wiped from the internet after Media Matters hit piece.
Hour 1/2 podcast with Joe Rogan & Alex Jones and the end of Free Speech

Alex Jone's in one of his best rants - 2103 relevant today more than ever

In this scene from the Bourne Legacy Rachel Weisz lays out what would appear science fiction to the average person, however this is more real than anyone in the field will ever admit\t

"Why is the government helpless to stop unidentified immigrants from marching in and taking advantage of our system...

while 300 million law abiding citizens are shuffled barefoot through airports and barked at by officials because we're on an Orange Alert?"

30 years of cell phone spin and how they did it

In this scene from the movie Jupiter Ascending, Jupiter Jones is shown the key to immortality, Ironically being a Hollywood production, on the Alex Jones show today ( 3/21/18) He discussed the same thing and the elites quest for it. So what am I getting at ? This isn't the only time Hollywood's done this and I could lay out plenty of examples where Hollywood in my opinion is showing the masses what the 1% desire and are working diligently to achieve.

During President Trump's round table discussion, College of the Ozarks President Jerry Davis describes the working model behind the schools success and has a zinger of a line for ivy league menials.

Tommy DeVito in rare form

Dinesh D'Souza LIVE from GWU at YAF's 39th NCSC, final segment regarding both wars political and culture


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