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*NOTE TO NEWCOMERS AND TO MY FRIENDS AND SUBSCRIBERS. I'LL NOT BE ON HERE MUCH FOR A WHILE. I HAVE TO FOCUS ON MY STUDIES AT SCHOOL. UNTIL THEN ENJOY SOME OF THE 200 FILMS I UPLOADED FOR ALL YOU CRAZY CLASSIC MOVIE FANS. SPACE SPOOK WILL RETURN!!!!! Here's a link to another channel that is adding movies in my absence it's called Spawn of Space Spook go on over and have a look while I'm away. Space Spook exist in a dimension between the living and the dead. Trapped in a time splinter between Post-World War 1945 and the Summer of Love 1967. The first top secret Cosmonaut to ride a rocket beyond the Stratosphere at the beginning of 'The Space-Race'. The mission was a failure and now Space Spook bides time relaying satellite transmissions to Earth. Trying to warn humanity, through horror and science fiction films. Warn them of the Red Scare, the menace of Communism that Space Spook only escaped by being trapped in time. Knowing that a large portion of films from this era are riddled with anti-communist themes. Space Spook transmits these films hoping, praying all humanity wakes up to the horror of ........ Sadly old colour & b&w sci-fi & horrors are a lost art in the days of CGI. Grab some popcorn & enjoy some old-school classic alien/monster movies with your family & friends. Or just cozy up alone in the dark if you dare. Subscribe & stay tuned as I will be adding more movies daily. Thank you for visiting Space Spook Presents. With out YOU this transmission is just lost in time and space.