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By request.....A Fistful of Dollars (Italian: Per un pugno di dollari, lit. 'For a Fistful of Dollars' titled on-screen as Fistful of Dollars) is a 1964 Spaghetti Western film directed by Sergio Leone and starring Clint Eastwood in his first leading role, alongside Gian Maria Volonté, Marianne Koch, Wolfgang Lukschy, Sieghardt Rupp, José Calvo, Antonio Prieto, and Joseph Egger. The film, an international co-production between Italy, West Germany, and Spain, was filmed on a low budget (reported to be $200,000), and Eastwood was paid $15,000 for his role.

By request.....Across 110th Street is a 1972 American crime film, directed by Barry Shear and starring Yaphet Kotto, Anthony Quinn, Anthony Franciosa and Paul Benjamin. The film is set in Harlem and takes its name from 110th Street, the traditional dividing line between Harlem and Central Park that functioned as an informal boundary of race and class in 1970s New York City. Focusing on a heist, murder and their subsequent investigation, Across 110th Street takes inspiration from both the blaxploitation films of the 1970s as well as the film noir genre. Across 110th Street is remembered in part for its soundtrack, which features a classic song of the same name by soul artist Bobby Womack.

"Young Man's Fancy" is episode 99 of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone. " You're looking at the house of the late Mrs. Henrietta Walker. This is Mrs. Walker herself, as she appeared twenty-five years ago. And this, except for isolated objects, is the living room of Mrs. Walker's house, as it appeared in that same year. The other rooms upstairs and down are pretty much the same. The time, however, is not twenty-five years ago but now. The house of the late Mrs. Henrietta Walker is, you see, a house which belongs almost entirely to the past, a house which, like Mrs. Walker's clock here, has ceased to recognize the passage of time. Only one element is missing now, one remaining item in the estate of the late Mrs. Walker: her son, Alex, thirty-four years of age and, up till twenty minutes ago, the so-called perennial bachelor. With him is his bride, the former Miss Virginia Lane. They're returning from the city hall in order to get Mr. Walker's clothes packed, make final arrangements for the sale of the house, lock it up and depart on their honeymoon. Not a complicated set of tasks, it would appear, and yet the newlywed Mrs. Walker is about to discover that the old adage 'You can't go home again' has little meaning in the Twilight Zone. "

Moon Zero Two is a 1969 British science fiction film from Hammer Films, produced by Michael Carreras, directed by Roy Ward Baker, that stars James Olson, Catherine Schell, Warren Mitchell, and Adrienne Corri. Moon Zero Two was filmed at the ABPC Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire, England. The screenplay was by Michael Carreras from an original story by Gavin Lyall, Frank Hardman, and Martin Davison. In the U.S., the film was billed as a space Western with the phrase 'The first moon "western"...' Special visual effects for the film were created by a team headed by visual effects artist Les Bowie, who worked on numerous Hammer productions and other British-made science fiction features. The "Moon 02" Spacecraft in the film is described as being 'quite old'. Among the futuristic set decorations are several famous "Ball Chairs" created in 1966 by Finnish designer Eero Aarnio. A dialogue reference to Neil Armstrong becoming the first man on the Moon was inserted, and a lunar monument erected on the landing site was added to the production. The film was released three months after the Apollo 11 Moon landing.

By request....Midnight Madness is a 1980 American comedy film starring David Naughton, Stephen Furst and Maggie Roswell. The city of Los Angeles is the game board as five teams of college students attempt to win "The Great All-Nighter," a dusk-to-dawn competition dreamed up by an eccentric graduate student. David Naughton and Stephen Furst are paired with a grab-bag group of fellow students including Michael J. Fox in his first film appearance. The film was directed by Michael Nankin.

By request....Midnight Madness is a 1980 American comedy film starring David Naughton, Stephen Furst and Maggie Roswell. The city of Los Angeles is the game board as five teams of college students attempt to win "The Great All-Nighter," a dusk-to-dawn competition dreamed up by an eccentric graduate student. David Naughton and Stephen Furst are paired with a grab-bag group of fellow students including Michael J. Fox in his first film appearance. The film was directed by Michael Nankin.

Birds Anonymous is an Oscar-winning 1957 Merrie Melodies animated short, directed by Friz Freleng and written by Warren Foster, starring Tweety Bird, Sylvester and Clarence the cat. The voices were performed by Mel Blanc. The film is a lighthearted reference of 1950s melodramas about the sufferings of substance abuse and drug recovery groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

Super-Rabbit is a 1943 cartoon starring Bugs Bunny who is parodying the popular comic book character Superman. Super-Rabbit was the 16th Bugs Bunny entry, and the 47th directed by Chuck Jones. Professor Cannafraz (a Richard Haydn impression) creates a "super carrot" and uses it on his test subject – Rabbitus idioticus americanus (Bugs Bunny), who immediately wolfs down the proffered carrot. Armed with temporary superhero abilities that need to be replenished with additional super carrots, Bugs remembers a newspaper article about Texas hunter "Cottontail" Smith, who wants to hunt down all rabbits.

"The Changing of the Guard" is the 102nd episode of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone. " Professor Ellis Fowler, a gentle, bookish guide to the young, who is about to discover that life still has certain surprises, and that the campus of the Rock Spring School for Boys lies on a direct path to another institution, commonly referred to as the Twilight Zone. "

Blind Fury is a 1989 American samurai action comedy film written by Charles Robert Carner (of Gymkata fame) and directed by Phillip Noyce. It is a loosely based, modernized remake of Zatoichi Challenged, the 17th film in the Japanese Zatoichi film series. The film stars Rutger Hauer as Nick Parker, a blind, sword-wielding Vietnam War veteran, who returns to the United States and befriends the son of an old friend. Parker decides to help the boy find his father, who has been kidnapped by a major crime syndicate.

A Gruesome Twosome is a Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Bob Clampett and released on June 9, 1945. it stars Tweety and two cats. This is the last Tweety film directed by Clampett, following 1942's A Tale of Two Kitties and 1944's Birdy and the Beast, and the last one before he is permanently paired with Sylvester the Cat, and the last one that Tweety has no feathers. One of the cats in this cartoon is a caricature of the comedian Jimmy Durante.

Diary of a Madman is a 1963 American horror film directed by Reginald Le Borg and starring Vincent Price, Nancy Kovack, and Chris Warfield. The screenplay, written by producer Robert Kent, is an adaptation of Guy de Maupassant's two short stories "Le Horla" ("The Horla"), written in 1887, and "Un fou" ("The Diary of a Madman"), written in 1885. Kent's rendition is notably divergent from the source material, especially in relation to the religious and moral themes of the film, which contradict not only those of the short story, but de Maupassant's as well. The distinctive manner in which the Horla in the story lives on water and milk is dispensed with in the movie.

No Barking is a 1954 Merrie Melodies short directed by Charles M. Jones. A mixed breed cat, Claude, searching for food is harassed by the playful antics and barking of an energetic pup, Frisky Puppy. Frisky repeatedly sneaks up behind the poor tabby cat (who hates the dog) and scares it into jumping vertically when it barks. Claude comes across to see Frisky arrives carrying a bone on his mouth and buries near the electric pole and leaves after he growls around knowing someone will steal his bone. Claude then begins to.....

"I Sing the Body Electric" is episode 100 of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone. The script was written by Ray Bradbury, and became the basis for his short story of the same name, published in 1969, itself named after a Walt Whitman poem. Although Bradbury contributed several scripts to The Twilight Zone, this was the only one produced. " They make a fairly convincing pitch here. It doesn't seem possible, though, to find a woman who must be ten times better than mother in order to seem half as good, except, of course, in the Twilight Zone. "

By request.....Arsenic and Old Lace is a 1944 American dark comedy film directed by Frank Capra, starring Cary Grant, and based on Joseph Kesselring's play Arsenic and Old Lace. The script adaptation was by Julius J. Epstein and Philip G. Epstein. Capra actually filmed the movie in 1941 because of star Cary Grant's availability, but it was not released until 1944, after the original stage version had finished its run on Broadway. The lead role of Mortimer Brewster was originally intended for Bob Hope, but he could not be released from his contract. Capra had also approached Jack Benny and Ronald Reagan before learning that Grant would accept the role. Boris Karloff played Jonathan Brewster, who "looks like Karloff," on the Broadway stage, but he was unable to do the film as well because he was still appearing in the play during filming, and Raymond Massey took his place.The film's supporting cast also features Priscilla Lane, Jack Carson, Edward Everett Horton and Peter Lorre.

"The Dummy" is episode 98 of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone starring Cliff Robertson as a ventriloquist. It is not to be confused with a similar episode "Caesar and Me", in which Jackie Cooper plays a ventriloquist. " You're watching a ventriloquist named Jerry Etherson, a voice-thrower par excellence. His alter ego, sitting atop his lap, is a brash stick of kindling with the sobriquet 'Willie.' In a moment, Mr. Etherson and his knotty-pine partner will be booked in one of the out-of-the-way bistros, that small, dark, intimate place known as the Twilight Zone. "

Steal Wool is a 1957 American Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Chuck Jones and released by Warner Bros. Pictures featuring Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog. Mel Blanc provided for the voices of all the characters in this cartoon; however, like all Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog shorts, this short is mostly composed of visual gags. This is the fourth short featuring Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog. The title is a play on steel wool.

By request.....Wisdom is a 1986 American romantic crime film written and directed by its star Emilio Estevez in his filmmaking debut. The film also stars Demi Moore, along with Tom Skerritt and Veronica Cartwright (both of Alien fame) as Estevez's parents. The ending credits song is "Home Again" by Oingo Boingo and the score by Danny Elfman. The film is dedicated to the memory of Henry Proach, who was a good friend of Estevez, and who appears briefly in the picture.

"The Gift" is episode 97 of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone. " The place is Mexico, just across the Texas border, a mountain village held back in time by its remoteness and suddenly intruded upon by the twentieth century. And this is Pedro, nine years old, a lonely, rootless little boy, who will soon make the acquaintance of a traveler from a distant place. We are at present forty miles from the Rio Grande, but any place and all places can be the Twilight Zone. "

Motel Hell is a 1980 American horror comedy film directed by Kevin Connor and starring Rory Calhoun, Nancy Parsons, and Nina Axelrod. The plot follows farmer, butcher, motel manager, and meat entrepreneur Vincent Smith, who traps travelers and harvests them for his human sausages. Because of its low budget, the original intent was to make a serious horror film, with moments of disturbing wit and irony. It is often seen as a satire of modern horror films such as Psycho and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. It was the number one ranked movie for the weekend of October 24–26, 1980.

Hare Force is a 1944 cartoon in the Merrie Melodies series, directed by Friz Freleng and starring Bugs Bunny and an old lady. Although the title is an obvious play on Air Force, the cartoon's plot has nothing to do with the military. "As Time Goes By" is sung in this short by Sylvester the dog (not to be confused with Sylvester the cat) and Bugs at different points.

"The Trade-Ins" is episode 96 of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone. " Mr. and Mrs. John Holt, aging people who slowly and with trembling fingers turn the last pages of a book of life and hope against logic and the preordained that some magic printing press will add to this book another limited edition. But these two senior citizens happen to live in a time of the future where nothing is impossible, even the trading of old bodies for new. Mr. and Mrs. John Holt, in their twilight years, who are about to find that there happens to be a zone with the same name. "

Destroy All Monsters is a 1968 Japanese science fiction kaiju film featuring Godzilla. The film is directed by Ishirō Honda, with special effects by Sadamasa Arikawa with supervision by Eiji Tsuburaya and stars Akira Kubo, Jun Tazaki, Yukiko Kobayashi and Yoshio Tsuchiya. It is the 9th entry in the Godzilla franchise and Shōwa series. The film story features aliens known as Kilaaks, who have released the giant monsters from Monsterland and have planted mind-control devices on the monsters to control them. The monsters are eventually freed from the mind control, which leads the aliens to release King Ghidorah from space to challenge them. The film was written by Honda and Takeshi Kimura who introduced the concept of Monster Island into the Godzilla film series. The film featured some completely new costumes for monsters such as Godzilla and some that were altered since their appearance in previous films. The film was released in Japan on August 1, 1968.

Hillbilly Hare is a 1949 produced, 1950 released Merrie Melodies cartoon starring Bugs Bunny. It was directed by Robert McKimson, with a story by Tedd Pierce and musical direction by Carl Stalling. As usual, Bugs is voiced by Mel Blanc, as is Curt Martin; an uncredited Stan Freberg and John T. Smith both voice Punkin'head Martin, and Smith also voices the jukebox square dance caller.

"Four O'Clock" is episode 94 (season 3, number 29) of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone. " That's Oliver Crangle, a dealer in petulance and poison. He's rather arbitrarily chosen four o'clock as his personal Götterdämmerung, and we are about to watch the metamorphosis of a twisted fanatic, poisoned by the gangrene of prejudice, to the status of an avenging angel, upright and omniscient, dedicated and fearsome. Whatever your clocks say, it's four o'clock, and wherever you are it happens to be the Twilight Zone. "


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