New Years' Eve in GA, with John Cullen, Rudy Giuliani, and Jovan Hutton Pulitzer
"This was deleted by YouTube"

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Tennessee Nurse Passes Out On Camera Ten Minutes After Taking COVID-19 Vaccine

A Tennessee nurse passed out on camera ten minutes after taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

Critical care nurse Tiffany Dover at CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga was having a lucid discussion with WRCBtv following her vaccination, when she became visibly impaired - holding her hand to her head and swaying. She then apologized to the news crew, turned away from the camera, and fainted.

"Ten minutes after the shot, Dover became light-headed and passed out while speaking with us," the outlet reported.

Bill Gates Puppet Show

Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates we're room mates at Cornell.

Footage alledged to be filmed by a Joshua Good (FIFER) Raw Footage Taken On JVC MiniDV Camcorder you will witness the attack on USA soil. The footage is Clear, Detailed unedited taken from an angle we have not seen before.


I don't know what to say about this mainstream Spanish news item, I'm kinda speechless. This front-line, clearly expert Spanish doctor reveals the reality around the truly massive media madness going on at the moment. He explains the actual reality, and the interviewer is thrown into confusion...!
Then a studio journalist is brought in to sort him out - but our doc is solid as a rock - and leaves the henchman for dead! UNREAL. (subtitled)

The Answer – the new and life-changing book by David Icke now available for pre-order to be shipped a week before publication day.

We live in extraordinary times with billions bewildered and seeking answers for what is happening.

David Icke, the man who has been proved right again and again, has spent 30 years uncovering the truth behind world affairs and in a stream of previous books he predicted current events.

The Answer will change your every perception of life and the world and set you free of the illusions that control human society. There is nothing more vital for our collective freedom than humanity becoming aware of what is in this book.

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A Weddell seal vocalizing while sleeping in Antarctica, Turn Your Sound Up!


Dr Rashid A Buttar - website:

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Testing Oxygen Levels Under A Mask.

Oxygen Levels Drop into the DANGER ZONE FIVE SECONDS After Putting on a Mask.

The Broadcast They Don’t Want You To See… The Ideas They Don’t Want You To Hear…

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Be Brave. Stand Up. Fight For Your Freedom.

What Will You Tell Your Grandchildren You Did During The Removal Of Civil Rights During The Great Pandemic?

Did You Stay At Home And Did What You Were Told? Or Did You Fight For Your Freedom Of Speech?

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You cannot vaccinate for every human illness.

Source: 'Our Future The power is the people'
Original Source Link:

Elite-owned YouTube deletes video of German journalist finding coronavirus 'emergency hospital' EMPTY and long list of German doctors and specialists demolishing the official narrative.

Source David Icke:

My work now backed up on (more below) Is this truly Viral or is to do with the fact that F.I.V.E.-G? C.H.I.N.A has unleashed 60 Ghz all throughout the country with WU-HAN as the PILOT CITY. Unbelievable comparisons to symptoms 'showing' as a V-Irus compared vs what happens when one is hit with 60GHz waves, and it's impact on the uptake of oxygen via the hemoglobin. This specific frequency is absorbed by oxygen. 60GHz causes the rotation of the electrons around the oxygen molecule to spin, thus inhibiting the ability of hemoglobin to properly uptake these oxygen molecules. What would be the ultimate 'solution' to such a problem as this "V.I.Rus"?

Chinese woman just released from hospital tells the driver that several coronavirus patients were taken to crematorium while still alive.

Location: Wuhan City, Hubei Province

Woman: I saw it with my own eyes. I was at hospital bed no. 18, he was in bed no. 17. He was sent to the hospital on Jan. 28 in the morning. That same afternoon, a medical team from Tianjin city arrived at the hospital. He could only exhale, but could not inhale. I think he was experiencing the same symptoms as I did. Because I am younger, and he is in his seventies, he could not hold on.

I can tell you, when one is infected with this virus, the key is whether he or she can make it through the most difficult time. Those who can will survive. Those who cannot will pass away.

Driver: So he was not dead yet?

Woman: Yes, he could still breathe. When they came to bind his body, his hands and feet were still moving. They bound his feet together, bound his hands together. Then, they had a plastic black bag. They put him in the bag and zipped it. They wrapped him in another bag, and then a third bag, layer by layer. The outermost layer is like the material tents are made out of. Altogether, there were four layers of bags. Then, they tied the bags with a rope.

Driver: So they did not attempt to rescue him?

Woman: The only equipment you can use to rescue a patient is oxygen supply. No other equipment.

Driver: That means, a person still alive was directly sent to..

Woman: No other equipment to rescue. It is a hospital designated for contagious diseases. The hospital forms specified that it is a hospital for contagious diseases.

Driver: People who are still alive are sent to the crematorium?!

Woman: They are afraid that the virus will spread, to tell you the truth.

Driver: My gosh!

Woman: I saw several patients who were handled like this. In the ward next to mine, an old man obviously still had breath left, but they sent him to the crematorium.

Driver: Wow! My gosh! Several people were handled this way. That is equal to...

Woman: Yes, we all saw these with our own eyes, when we were hospitalized, with my own eyes. I was grief-stricken. I really feel… I really wanted to cry. So miserable, so tragic!

Driver: My gosh, this is too cruel. The important thing is, he is still alive. They should try to save him!

Woman: How can they save him? What can they use to save him? There is no (effective) medicine, no nothing. There is only oxygen supply. What can they use to save patients? Really... You didn’t get a chance to see it. Those who were carried away in bags, they were handled like dead dogs. As soon as one person dies, he would be placed into the yellow checkered bags and then carried away.

Crrow777 and Owen Benjamin - historical reset and gut health.

Nurse speaking the truth about MRC 5 in VACCINES "Cancer laced vaccines"

I know Im very discombobulated in the video, but my mind is blown to pieces right now and the thing is that when you know how the game works. Its both globe and flat its just that its not all happening on the same level. But whats more insidious about the whole thing is what even asking the question is doing to us all on a deeper level. I will talk one day soon when Im able but I am physically, mentally, psychicly and emotionally, spiritually exhausted right now. I have received 5 days of the most intense downloads in a constant stream of information like nothing I ever dreamed possible. I was awake for two days and nights straight. One night of absolute bliss, a night in hours of the most profound horror my mind could comprehend. I relived every significant moment of my life, found out why every single thing happened the way it did, what this world is, why it is this way, how it got like that, what this game is and what the end of the game is. I saw how the globe earthers, the flat earthers, the fractal reality people, the electric universe guys. All are correct to a degree. The trick is in seeing how the puzzle fits together. As i said in the clip, everyone will think Im nuts but it is what it is. The right ones will hear it, the rest never will. I still have a lot to process before I will have any hope of being able to explain what I was shown in any kind of coherent fashion. But I will explain myself better as soon as I am able.
Much love to all.

The Threat of Fetal DNA In Vaccines.

Dr. Theresa Deisher presents the dangers of residual human fetal DNA fragments are an unstudied risk to vaccine recipients, yet there's a growing scientific body of knowledge demonstrating the high likelihood of autoimmune response and gene mutations in children with a genetic vulnerability.

NOTE: This video has been edited for English-speaking viewers. With the expressed permission from Byoblu, the Italian translation has been removed for easier viewing

Greta Thunberg crumbles without a script.

Greta Thunberg sings Swedish Death Metal

A dangerously unstable man starts to see monsters all around us.
Director: Ruairi Robinson


The Sun and Moon are closer than you might think!


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