I find that the quad turret method is the easiest. Note that you don't need to use an Ice Bomb to extend their broken armor state for any of these. Full Auto can be difficult to pull off even though it's the fastest because you can easily run out of ammo if you don't start with it full.

Music is Havoc by Andromida. He's great, go check him out.

DOOM: Eternal is a great game, but it has some bugs that are sometimes annoying and sometimes frustrating.

Now featuring extra lives. Check out my UAC Atlantica and Blood Swamps videos if you want the same kind of guide for those levels:
UAC Atlantica:
Blood Swamps:

Now featuring extra lives. Check out my guides for the other two levels if you'd like the same information for those.
UAC Atlantica:
Equestrian Holt:

Here's how you get 100% exploration on UAC Atlantica. I've also included the locations of the Buff Totem and the Soul Spheres/Superchargers. Check out my videos on the Blood Swamps and Equestrian Holt if you'd like the same thing for those. Blood Swamps:
Equestrian Holt:

Set to an unused test song that Mick Gordon made with 264 beats per minute.

YouTube version:

This is the first in a series I'll be doing where I analyze the weapons and enemies of DOOM: Eternal, going over both the basics and more advanced techniques. If you'd like to suggest something for me to do a video on, feel free to let me know with a comment.
YouTube channel:

Song is Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede.


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