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I'm going to be so sick of Suzumi by the end of this

Sunday Shooter (Len'en) Episode 117: Time Travel Jokes

Even by Len'en standards


Music is Hartmann's Youkai Girl from Touhou 13.5 Hopeless Masquerade

I love how as soon as it looks like Tsuba is in trouble, Yabu's mask drops off completely

I love EE

Wow, I am really incoherent in this episode. My ramblings about photo game reflexes make absolutely no sense in hindsight

This was a pretty shit run but I wanted to upload it because the dodges on nonsensically reflecting lines were so hilarious. This script is also far longer than any other one I've made so each attempt takes ages.

Music is Dark Side of Fate from Touhou 10 Mountain of Faith


It's okay to be a terrifying flying death melon

Poor Fumikado and friends

Time to get wasted with alcohol instead of by bullets

Before you ask, no, I'm not going to go spin stage portion roulette in hopes that I wind up with enough resources to brute force a clear. Instead, I'm going to grind until I get enough upgrades to have enough resources to brute force a clear. Tanoshii.

Add that to the list of insanely dumb len'en mechanics like bullets still killing you after the healthbar of the final card hits zero

This script is extremely silly

Music is Prismic Drive from Len'en 4 Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle

Also I forgot to mention this but I find it hilarious that it took me so long to find Fumikado and it turned out she was actually lost

Welcome back to more Where's Fumikado, I'm your host Makes Bad Decisions While Dodging Productions

This game is confusing

Shion continues to climb the ranks of my favorite len'ens list

Shion is a surprisingly good tsukkomi

This was fun to make

Music is "In This World ~ Monochrome eye" from Len'en 1 Evanescent Existence

Who put all these onions at the top of the pagoda!?
I've discovered since recording this that the other left/right routes aren't translated in-game yet, so how should I go about doing the middle routes?

Don't bully blind people


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