Touhou makes its return on the day before len'en's anniversary

It's wednesday my dudes

Can't believe I almost forgot how great Shion is

This went shockingly well

The perfect way to end the BPoHC story episodes

Suzumi should know all about that by now

Suzumi is darwinist

Jun is so innocent and good, she deserves hugs

Why you gotta do me like this game

*laughs in Clause*

Most of this episode is a complete shitshow but I did okay on the last 2 fights so I don't feel too bad about it

Yabu is such a great protagonist

Lumen Celeritas says NO to necrophiliac rights

I'm just as confused as Tenkai and I didn't even get Ardey'd

But she doesn't know how to play rock-paper-scissors

Everyone loves Team Sese.
For some reason this didn't upload properly the 1st time so I'm trying again.

Fuji-san fuck off

The line I missed was Fumi saying "I've never beaten them by myself,
but with you guys around, I'm sure we can do it."


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Brown Trout do not get pregnant.