Sis labs are good and for what I can tell very legit.

Hi Spartans , This was my first bulking cycle , Test E 500mg per wk , Deca 300mg per wk & D-bol for the first 4 weeks of cycle @40mg per day

On a cruise at the moment, But just because i'm not taking steroids at the moment you still need to make sure you have the right supplements to help your body recover.

Love nutritional videos so I thought I compare white vs brown rice to see which has the best nutritional values...
Which one do you thinks best ?

One of my first ever workouts on video,

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Hey spartans !

As you all know , YouTube is heading in the wrong way with freedom of speech and plus it feels it can delete videos if they deem them offensive, which a lot of videos are not but just simply telling the truth.

I talk about the Truth of Steroids , the effects and the side effects. To me knowledge is power !

In this video is a leg workout that I love doing , one of my favourite workouts. Enjoy , comment and subscribe......

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In this video I go on to ask if E.A in Europe provide a good service ? Would love to hear your thoughts on this company and do you think they have a future ?


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This channel is dedicated to following me to becoming a Spartan Warrior !!

I have a Youtube channel called Spartan Warrior and i'm doing pretty well considering i've been going for 7 months.
So far there is just over 6k subscribers and growing daily !

What does bother me is YouTube is heading in the wrong way, Youtube now feels it can play god by controlling content, freedom of speech is literally being eroded away. So this is why I decided to open a new channel here on BITCHUTE !

Free from censorship and free to tell the truth....

If you're into your fitness and are thinking of taking it to the next level then you have found the right channel.

We talk about Steroids , SARMS , Peptides , Nutrition and much much more....

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