According to the Bible, the hope of fallen people is to attain the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life in fact symbolizes an ideal man, who has fully realized the ideal of creation. The Tree of Life thus symbolizes Perfected Adam.

Revelation 22:1-21 Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb down the middle of the great street of the city. On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.

Muslims: "The Djhal has one eye. The messiah will have two eyes."

America is the freaking old world, Odin is the intruder in Shems land!! America!! We all have same enemy, they took the world tree & are messing with the world tree as the worlds freaking out.

They were all in on it. They know history is reversed & these are sold out freemasons of past who spread their teachings across the world. Tracking the Nation of Islam out of America! Morabites!

30:00 Shem & the place of Shem, Ham, and Japeth....cusco is middle of the world which was Jerusalem is also supposed to be in middle of the earth. Mount Zion? Satan playing evrryone...

Look at the history timeline. We had white endentured slaves & have families generations old who were never enslaved. If you say its bullshit prove it wrong, go look at white indentured servants & free negro masters.

If you are from America or you are foreigner you got taught the roots story. The only slaves dying on ships were Eurpeans. Im mixed so i feel for both sides but if you want to belive history in school thats known propganda. Pictures & familes are proof. They push the Native American light skin because they came over long ago. They are turkic & mongolian to be honest of their DNA & bone structure.

The oldest skulls & remains are negriod. They didnt kill indians off like a movie they started threatening indians to accept the black status because of people who destroyed plenty of documented by changing indian to black in all of Virgina to start.

I really dont have a dog in this fight besudes fact they lied clearly by timeline. They wrote a fiction & evidence is piling you are one who has to say why its wrong. I know plenty of people who said they had indian in their family but got taught the slave trade story. Government does this. I mean look at the world everything is changing & coming to light.

'White' & 'black' were terms to seperate people in America. #fakeIndianGenocide.

Do your Ancestory. They been teaching the youth lies to hide a genocide of plagues. Their Aboriginals of America but schooling hit them up as children. Awakening in America they don't want people look into. #Masonic Deceptions.

You seem to forget Joktan are the Asaitic brother's of the few Tribes that brought 'Turkish Weat' aka Corn. They have same religious cerimonies & dressings of the Serbian Berbers that intergrated.

Actually Yiddish comes from the Gypsy decsendants that come majorly from Georgians & Germany Ashkenazi groups. DNA & culture of Turkish,Hun,Khazarian, and mongols are the genetics of these connverts. Judaism was adopted as they said they were Jews. Simple as that.

Modern 'Jews' are not Shemitic at all they are mainly white from line of Japeth, Gomer, and has always been Ashkenazi. Eastern Europeans. They are converts. When you take in to account to claim a bloodline link to a area that Ishmael is a actually Semitic....more than the Gypsies that have their magic satanism books like the Talmud & Zohar.

The fact people don't understand this was known long ago but they decided to ignore whats writtten in their own bibles. The Khazarians were pagan nomads who controled the money & a entire empire. They used the pagan star even then. But now randomly its 'star of David.'

They actually only have Shemetic blood from IRANIAN Jews. 85+ Sephardic Jews are the old Atilla the Hun & Eastern Europe which is INDO EUROPEAN. Thats why some of them look like a mix of "white" & some have "Asiatic" features. China made a freaking wall for these guys. They are the fake Jews.

But real records of people noting the Hebrew language. Even genetics check out. I mean honestly you don't realize the Serbians are the Native Americans main genetic marker. Irish dumped their Indentured Servants in the Indies after Britian. Most were convicts or were sold into slavery "indentured seevitude" for life.

If you are not from America I understand they told you something different. But you know they lie but they would never lie about history, right? Remeber to take your gender studies class too bud.

Ab[orginals] of Australia are Dark but you think the land would not be there forefathers land? Same thing happen in many areas. But Australia still makes even me think of a "white" individial.

This black vs white racism on both sides is sad state of slavery of the mind. I walk up to indivuals whom say white & black but have no idea where in Europe,Africa,or random places they don't even know anything about where they come from. We only recently said "white" & "black" when government wanted to divide people. Irish hated England. Danes attacked Norwegians. Slavs were attacked by nomadic tribes. This is actually enriching speech. You fell for collectivism by just saying "white" same with anyone else. They got so many people falling for this legal terminology it's sad.

This ignorance is a example how we can miss the admitted 150,000 years of not researching anything so we just keep jobs instead of looking for the Truth in all fields over a paycheck...amazing people do this.


Catullus 16:

Micaela Wakil Janan offers the following modern English prose translation of the poem:

"Fuck you, boys, up the butt and in the mouth, you queer Aurelius and you fag Furius! You size me up, on the basis of my poems, because they're a little sexy, as not really decent. A poet has to live clean – but not his poems. They only have spice and charm, if somewhat sexy and really not for children – if, in fact, they cause body talk (I'm not talking in teenagers, but in hairy old men who can barely move their stiff bums). But you, because you happen to read about "many thousands of kisses," you think I'm not a man? Fuck you, boys, up the butt and in the mouth!"

This is the Vatican mind set. They enslaved you too....irony.

So why do we shed light on this “person”, what did Justinian do that changed the history of modern day governance? … Its simple, he understood the meaning of “G-O-D”, he had the comprehension to understand: “Article 1:26 Genesis”, being the authorization that granted total authority over the world to man, and nothing else, “Grantor of Dominion”, being the greatest of Authority that was granted to “man” from the GOD of the Bible we are all aware of today.

G-O-D: Meaning: Grantor Of Dominion. (So there can be many Gods to deceive you)

All that needs to be done is for living man to give his consent to a DEAD corporation in order that a dead corporation can access the “dominion” (Total Authority) from such a living man. If the man does not consent, then a secret system of deception may have to be created in order to deceive such a man into consent without such a man ever being aware… The secret system exists. Its deception is: “Legal Title” and its tool is Grammar.

6: TRUST-LAW, the legal CODE to modern day SLAVERY:
Article 1:26 Genesis, is the foundation to TRUST-LAW, and what is TRUST-LAW, it is the legal code to a “Master-Servant” relationship, being SLAVERY, (Devolution) however, slavery is outlawed, but, “voluntary servitude” is legally accepted! … What this means is that the servant (SLAVE) must “agree” or “consent” to a private “contract” of slavery. No one in their right mind wants to be a SLAVE, and that is why the warnings appear in the Bible, warning against the deceptive nature of the serpent-snake in the Garden of Eden, because it is through the clever deception of the serpent (Being the usurper-snake) that TRUST-LAW has become the new system of slavery, perfected over hundreds of years by the legal minds of deception, the Masters of Deceit. JUSTINIAN-DECEPTION. (VATICAN)

Let's all look at this from a nuetral standpoint & ask what is it that is going on here. https://archive.org/details/texts
Where they have many real photo copied books were not taught in school. Things are becming clear that were once hidden. Is this a good or bad sign? Up to you. I'm putting my beliefs to side to look at evidence. Let's figure out what these freemasons seem to know & hide from us.

Fuck Thoth & Pharaoh...

Open your mind to see a older video of the past where some of the Truths may lie. I don't wish to offend anyone but theres a intresting subjects to consider.

About the color black & red is also called 'Swarthy' like clay how different languages admit it means red/black due to the land. Like i said I'm not telling anyone what to believe or fight. They hide history so much its not new as much we are also taught this land was just savages. But we know through real history how hard life in Europe was. They know they stole a lot from indigenous. Talk to indigenous people we have nothing in common with Africa. The lands were taken but they keep us away from history. Europe, Africa, and Asia lands have a way different. The Americas North & South indiginous all live with mixes of Spain & Europeans where there normally normal. But the indigenous understand & remember history. These people say they killed us but there was no sign of diseases or war. It was mild fighting until treaties happen & they began to write black or white to divide us. We have families that are written between white & black to change laws. But we know in old times how they dumpes waste into the streets in places like England. It was a long time ago where life was harsh. They make themselves look better but historical evidence was known for a long time. They seem to change history with romanticized hiatory. This is terms used back then like copped copper colored. Nothing wrong with hearing what others have to say. Confusing GENEALOGY vs looking at people assuming is wrong. People assume people in America's come from Africa when their simply aboriginals. Community is big & they have plenty of evidence & proof by antiques. People seem to be brainwashed to reject things that don't match what you think is true. That's a choice.

But its not Europeans but they really made up alot of history we actually worked together. We all here in America in history we have a shared understanding we all have an an ancestry all kinds of good & bad we should not carry our fathers burdens. Even the evidence already shown Americas were advanced through evidence & realise they are hiding history extremely. We didnt do anything but listen to the people who talk in historically documented sources that they did their own testing showing more evidence 'Jews' are white Gypsies with their Talmud & Zohar that goes into its own practice's of Indo-European rituals.

I know plenty of people I thought were black africans that always seem they have Indian in their family. It's the school systems that lie to us. I was taught the same thing & it took a bit to realise they are matching the older pictures & speech patterns that even i was suprised to look into. They show more proof than anyone but we never hear it. I don't mind if you don't believe or don't agree its okay. Be free.

Cause I hope you may be able to help you & your family. Keep it up, you are not alone. All of you are globally people I care about you. Take care & don't let the choas confuse you how much we can do. You are stronger than you think.

They messed with the books of history at one point. It's a shame how many people dont understand we all been indoctrinated...break the spell.

In this video we will discuss the whole Ancestry DNA Test kits and how it's really more entertainment than it actually is scientific.

These Dna Test kits where you spit in a tube and they tell you your Ancestry are really all about business, trickery, false hopes and for fun only than it is accurate science.

Lies are everywhere.

That moment where you realize these freemasons just done messed up. Wlecome to the paradigm shift. Make Amaracca Great again South to North, these liars finally have to admit what this means. Bless!


^Youtube if it won't load up. They like to censor THE TRUTH. Why im gagged. Spread info & learn. They lied to us all.

ReUploaded, they have lied so much they are freaking out we are uncovering their occult/masonic lies.

South-North Amaraca uniting as the indigenous copper colored skin. North & South had tribes of dark to light colored men that made most of the most anceint civilizations that freemasons have been hiding.

Amarraca is waking up to real history. Spirtual awakening is going on as new discoveries show how we all seem to be waking up for no reason. #plandemic

CLEARLY lying about history about the Truth of your Ancestory. They lie so much about racism in this culture...masonic lie of the year. Haha break the system!! #plandemic

To the comment about white people, I'm mixed American. I'm not even surprised you foolishly don't understand the wide spread masonic deception.

I do not care about race but look into some of the LEGAL LIES you might wake up to the incredible fruad being perpetrated. The race hatred of indoctrination is sadly hard to understand. But you assuming me OR the presenter are white shows how wrong & bias you are. Grow up.

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In this video we will discuss The Khazars, tune in for the full comprehension.

Part 2

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In this video we will discuss The Ancient “Cimmerians” (Gimirri) and their role in populating and settling most of Europe and Asia. What is the relationship of these historic peoples and todays Elite? What influence did they have in world history? How are they related to Japhet, Germans, Celts, Scythian, Welsh, Danish, Turks, Assyrians, Dainties , Aryans, Goths, Vandals, Gomer, Etc….?
Let's take a historical look at the table of nations in Scripture and look at the founders of these European Asiatic nations..

Hope you enjoy

(Healthy reminder 'Australia' not being a country but Terra Australis should make you look at some of these maps & HIStory. Saying YOUR story is a MYstery to them...)


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