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This video is a ramble for eternities.

Small Content Creator on Youtube who both are pretty good, why not paying a visit and say hi? (and maybe stay, if you like them)

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got bored and still haven't made a video since months cause im such a hardworking dude outside of my computer. So you get a shitty video instead. But for real now, im gonna upload a video soon enough...probably.

How to Hugely ruin a good game.

A very quick and unprofessional Video of mine talking about Perfect World Entertainment's Decision to shutdown the Hero Shooter/Moba title Gigantic in July 2018.

Link to the Final Update and Shutdown News of Gigantic:

Background Song: Nujabes & MINMI - Shiki no Uta Instrumental (Samurai Champloo)
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Stay sharp, stay creative and we see us next time!

gigantic is a great game...litteraly.

Just an awful Video that was left for a long time but had to be finished soon or later. Also counts as a "Trailer" for a series and making fun of this "enormous" game (kinda) because nobody talks about Gigantic anymore. Gonna make some "advertisement" for it.

Check out the Otterboy's Channel (mentioned him here and he makes nice titanic stuff...if he's still alive though):
See ya soon...on my next 3 months later lol

The Video is pretty old but I still like it a good amount. (cause I had a mediocre script)
Some rambling about I enjoyed and fucking cringed on this year's E3...(and memes..awful memes)

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Heya Guys! Welcome to "SpeedTalk"- A "Disscusion" Series with less Disscusion(when i can call it like that) and some how more..memes...err...
In this Video, I want to talk about Sonic Forces and Sega´s success to give a special game for the Fanbase of Sonic! (for now)

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Pictures belongs to (DeviantArt): Sonic Forces Wallpaper (Thumbnail) and Game Cover Wallpaper by NathanLaurindo

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Discover how SpeedRave and the Goons playing Over-- i mean Paladins and killing things.. Btw I heard you wanna be a Aim Master?.... just watch Raynday or Joshino god damn it The Goons: Free C´ I hope you enjoy the Video! Thank you for watching, that means for me alot!

Hey guys! Are you ready for the Ultimate? It´s SpeedRave!Uploading some Top Quality Cringe, unfunny Comedy-Skits and Bad Gameplay footage at once from the Game "Paladins", that love to play by me,SpeedRave. You´re welcome!
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Are you Ready For the Ultimate,Fellas? It´s SpeedRave here! I´m a Content Creator Starter ,that focused on Games that are fun for me and other stuff around the web. My goal is to be an confident Creator....somehow...

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