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First show from the UK tour in 1982 promoting the "Assault Attack" album. Gary Barden on vocals replacing Graham Bonnet after his infamous act of flashing his cock at the audience at the Sheffield University gig.

Unknown generation of the audience recording, but it sounds decent. The band does a good job, but Gary does struggle on songs like "Rock You To The Ground", which wasn't written in his key, other than that he's on fire!

Part of the GManOF Memories Series No. 035.

Credits: Picture from Pete Still, taken from Hammersmith Odeon gig on November 27th, 1982

Michael Schenker - Guitars
Gary Barden - Vocals
Chris Glen - Bass
Ted McKenna - Drums
Andy Nye - Keyboards

01. Intro - 00:00
02. Ulcer - 01:33
03. Cry for the Nations - 04:21
04. Rock you to the Ground - 09:20
05. Attack of the Mad Axeman - 15:22
06. Looking For Love - 19:37
07. Bijou Pleasurette - 23:40
08. Feels Like a Good Thing - 28:01
09. Into the Arena - 31:43
10. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie - 36:25
11. Desert Song (Part 1) - 43:24
- Tape Flip
12. Desert Song (Part 2) - 45:36
13. Courvoisier Concerto - 49:56
14. Lost Horizons - 53:55
15. Armed and Ready - 01:00:40
16. Doctor Doctor - 01:04:50
- Encores
17. Ready to Rock - 01:11:31
18. Rock Bottom - 01:18:15

I cannot and will not monetize this video. All of the solos, in original order, from each of the 6 UFO albums that Schenker was the lead guitarist on.
Phenomenon 1974
Force It 1975
No Heavy Petting 1976
Lights Out 1977
Obsession 1978
Strangers in the Night 1979

Schenker 6-pack of Solos.
20 March 2024


Voices: Steve Carell & Stephen Colbert & Bill Chott & Robert Smigel

I cannot and will not monetize this video.

Captain Nemo
Rock My Nights Away
Ready to Rock
Cry for the Nation
On and on
Attack of the Mad X-Man
Into the Arena
Courvoisier Concerto / Lost Horizons
I'm Going to Make you Mine
Systems Failing
Still Love that Little Devil
Armed and Ready
Rock Bottom
Doctor Doctor

Michael Schenker - guitar
Gary Barden - lead vocals
Andy Nye - keyboards
Dennis Feldman - bass
Ted McKenna - drums

18 Year old Yngwie Malmsteen of Sweden 1981 - Highlights

Their best line-up. Their best album. Every track is original and kicks heavy duty ass.

01 Invocation
02 Don't Give A Fuck
03 No Fuck'n Problem
04 Suicyco Muthafucka
05 Fucked Up Just Right
06 No Bullshit
07 What Else Could I Do?
08 What You Need's a Friend
09 I Wouldn't Mind
10 Depression and Anguish
11 Evil
12 Love vs. Loneliness
13 Benediction

Mike "Cyco Miko" Muir – vocals
Rocky George – lead guitar
Mike Clark – rhythm guitar
Robert Trujillo – bass
Jimmy DeGrasso – drums

Suicidal for Life is the eighth studio album by American crossover thrash band Suicidal Tendencies, which was released in 1994. It is their sixth full-length album with original material, and their last album to feature lead guitarist Rocky George and bassist Robert Trujillo as well as their only one to feature drummer Jimmy DeGrasso. Suicidal for Life was also Suicidal Tendencies' final studio album released on Epic Records and their last one before their temporary breakup in 1995–1996.

Suicidal for Life was considered controversial among fans and critics, partly due to the album containing four consecutive songs with the word "fuck" in the title. By 1994, Suicidal Tendencies had become increasingly weary of their newfound fame following the massive success of Lights...Camera...Revolution! and The Art of Rebellion; as a result, with Suicidal for Life, the band decided to tone down the accessible aspects of their sound in favor of a more aggressive style than its predecessor. Frontman Mike Muir recalled to Loudwire of this era, saying: "We're not for everybody, we never were supposed to be, we're not supposed to be a big band. We got bigger than we should have been, but, fortunately not big as other bands are - we'd probably be very unhappy. But I think what we do has meant a lot to other people and to be able to have an opportunity to go out there and people discover you, and still discover you, and appreciate what you're doing. You can tell that - I believe we're doing it for the right reasons."

"Children of the Sea" is a song by heavy metal band Black Sabbath, from their ninth studio album, Heaven and Hell (1980).

"Children of the Sea" was the first song written by the band following the 1979 departure of original lead singer Ozzy Osbourne. The song's melody and lyrics were composed by new singer, Ronnie James Dio, and the music was written largely by guitarist Tony Iommi.

After first meeting Iommi in 1979, Dio arrived at the guitarist's Los Angeles house for a jam session, and on that occasion the duo wrote the song. "Tony had this great riff he played me but nothing to go with it," recalled Dio. "I said, 'Gimme a minute' and went into the corner and started writing down the words." Iommi recalled the moment as a turning point in Black Sabbath's career, saying "It was exciting and challenging because we were doing things that quite frankly would have been beyond us with Ozzy. He wasn't that sort of singer." Iommi claims to still possess a very early demo recording of the song with Osbourne on vocals, though with a different melody and lyrics.

Once Dio had joined the band, a new demo recording of the song was produced featuring Geoff Nicholls on bass. The band's longtime bassist, Geezer Butler, was going through a divorce and wasn't able to commit to the band. "In the end though, Geezer sorted himself out and Geoff stayed with us to play keyboards", said Iommi.

Some of the Absolute Best TALKRADIO Comedy with your Host Alexander T. Newport -- The comedy featured here must remain nameless in titles & descriptions because the performer hates people sharing his stuff. Click PLAY and find out who it is -- and for the love of fuck, visit his website and BUY A MUTHERFUCKEN BACKSTAGE PASS!!!!

I recorded hours & hours of Phil's show on analogue radio from 1996 - 2001. The show was located in Los Angeles (KFI) and I lived 465 miles to the north in Silicon Valley (Los Altos). On some nights the signal would fade away and you couldn't hear the show for a minute or two. I left the fades in so you can experience what we experienced before digital radio.

Mostly stuff from 1998 & some stuff from the early 2000s.
--- Herb Sewell, convicted child abuser, will not register as a sex offender
--- Margaret Grey and her son's boner and slapping his friend for popping a boner
--- Dr. Jim Sadler road rage advice suggesting use of a plastic gun
--- George thinks Clinton deserves a break (Lewinsky scandal) for liking "sweet young stuff"
--- Mavis talks about burning germs for Jesus
--- Harvey Wireman and smothering kids as a means of birth control
--- Bobbie Dooley and how to tell someone their kid is too ugly for movies & tv
--- Herb Sewell thinks child molesters deserve a head's up about Amber warnings
--- Mavis is an extreme librarian
--- Lloyd Bonafide is being chased on the freeway by an angry driver

Some moments contain filthy language and subjects. Some good old fashioned racist language is bandied about as well. This was 46 years ago and it actually holds up remarkably well. Rude, crude, and vulgar, but it's still funny.

PAT TRAVERS -- 1982-12-09 -- Civic Center -- Baltimore, Maryland
w/Special Guest; BUCK DHARMA (B.O.C.)
FM Broadcast
Analog 1st Gen Cassette>CDR>EAC>WAV>TLH>FLAC>DIME

Pat Travers - Guitar, Vocals
Mars Cowling - Bass
Sandy Genarro - Drums
Don Hariss - Keyboards
Guest -- Joey Jelf - Harmonica, backing vocals

1. Dream Police
2. Way of the World
3. The House Is Rockin' (With Domestic Problems)
4. Gonna Raise Hell
5. I'll Be with You Tonight
6. Voices
7. Writing on the Wall
8. I Know What I Want
9. Need Your Love

Cheap Trick - Dream Police
Label: Epic – FE 35773, Epic – 35773
Format: Vinyl LP
Country: USA
Released: 21st September, 1979
Was actually recorded and ready for release in 1978 but the record company was surprised by the sensational reception of Live @ Budokan that they did not want this album to compete with it.

ROBIN ZANDER ~ Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
RICK NIELSEN ~ Guitars & Backing Vocals
TOM PETERSSON ~ 4,8 & 12 string Bass Guitars, Backing Vocals. Lead Vocals on "I Know What I Want"
BUN E. CARLOS – Drums & Percussion

I bought this album in 1979! Felt very lucky to be alive at such a time. Robin Zander's vocals blew me away. The loudest, hardest vocals in rock at that time!

01 You Can't Bring Me Down
02 Send Me Your Money
03 Suicyco Muthafucka
04 I Saw Your Mommy
05 Fucked Up Just Right
06 How Will I Laugh Tomorrow
07 No Fuck'n Problem
08 Pledge Your Allegiance

Mike Muir – lead vocals
Rocky George – lead guitar, backing vocals
Mike Clark – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Robert Trujillo – bass, backing vocals
Jimmy DeGrasso – drums

11:50 -- Song about Malathion Sprayed on Population in San Jose, California, 1981. (I WAS THERE!)

Greg Stone, host and creator of the Sunday night radio show "STONE TREK", previously on KOME, KSJO, KLOS and KFOX from 1976 to 2009.

MALATHION SCAM >> JULY 16, 1981 -- SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Five helicopters sprayed the pesticide malathion over 10,133 acres today in a escalated aerial attack on the Mediterranean fruit fly which has already caused $4.2 million in produce losses over a three-county zone the state calls a 'major disaster area.'

Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr. asked President Reagan for federal aid, saying the state's $14 billion agricultural industry faces 'economic disaster' unless it receives help in battling the spreading Medfly infestation. The insect, which so far has hit ripening fruit the hardest, is capable of destroying 200 varieties of fruits and vegetables.

It has not yet spread over a mountain range to the state's big central valleys, heartland of California agriculture. The infestation and quarantine remain confined to a three-county suburban region around the southern shores of San Francisco Bay.

Five helicopters, three grounded part of the night because of fog, finished spraying at 6 a.m., covering about half of the 40 square miles targeted in the third aerial assault on the insect. Two previous night pesticide drops by lone helicopters sprayed only 12 square miles because of mechanical problems.

Officials said the two biggest choppers from a secret base dropped most of the pesticide because of various problems but that they hoped to have six copters in the air by the end of the week.

A 120-square mile area was to be sprayed in six applications over a two month period, but the target zone could be expanded with new larvae finds.

Brown sent a letter Wednesday to Reagan asking that Alameda, Santa Clara and San Mateo counties be declared disaster areas and seeking federal financial aid in fighting the infestation. 'Helicopters aren't cheap,' he said.

The governor said 11,000 farms, ranches and businesses in the area have suffered economic losses of about $4.2 million. 'Unless the infestation is quickly controlled, these losses will escalate to approximately $93 million.'

Still Got the Blues @ 6:21
Gary Moore - Last Gig in UK -- 06 April 2010

From the 1980 album Heaven & Hell -- Ronnie James Dio on vocals --

Vocal Free Tracks of Full Songs -- The tracks are mostly isolated guitars -- The vocals have usually been removed -- There are gaps of silence because there are not constant guitars playing throughout every song -- I found these tracks and did not perform any isolation or editing. I simply compiled & sequenced them.

It would be easy to list the 15 tracks, but why not have a stab at guessing what they are? As the correct ones are guessed, I will fill in the blanks.

1. --
2. --
3. --
4. --
5. --
6. --
7. --
8. --
9. --
10. --
11. --
12. --
13. --
14. --
15. --

Broken Toy
Bad Thing
Too cold in the winter
Gotta Love Me
On the Hunt
Pretty As You Please
Highway Jones
Drive It Home
Peace Pipe

Audley Freed – guitar (1989–1997)
Robert Kearns – bass, vocals (1989–1997)
Jason Patterson – drums (1989–1997)
Kelly Holland – vocals, guitar (1991–1994)

Reuploaded by unanimous request since the previous upload froze and wouldn't play after 200,000+ views.

Turn It On
First Time Around
Stone Cold Believer
Robin Hood
Wild Eyed Southern Boys
Hold On Loosely
Back Alley Sally
Around & Around
Rockin' Into The Night
I Been A Mover
Who's Been Messin
Fortunate Son

Donnie Van Zant – lead & backing vocals
Don Barnes – rhythm and lead guitar, lead & backing vocals
Jeff Carlisi – lead and rhythm guitar, steel guitar
Larry Junstrom – bass
Steve Brookins – drums
Jack Grondin – drums


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