Funny wheel of fortune clip commentated by Owen Benjamin

I showed this to Giuseppe Filotto, a former professional bodyguard and certified systema instructor. Filotto also happens to be a professional hypnotist. At the time I thought it was 'aura', but Giuseppe replied with something along the lines of "That is simply the result of a conditioned response". George Pogacich, considered one of the hardest punchers alive, a former sparing partner for Johnny Hearns(Thomas Hearns brother) and Michael Moorer(Heavy weight boxing champ that lost to George Foreman) who later completely adopted systema after meeting Vladimir Vasiliev (a former Russian assassin who now teaches systema in Toronto Canada) and being trained by him. He is a certified systema instructor. He has said on record that the "pyschic 'no-touch' stuff is usually a conditioned response. Something akin to hypnosis". What George and Guiseppe do not realize (or are playing coy about) is that the condition can be consciously created. The man in this video uses a conscious condition he created, his subconscious and his 'opponents' subconscious agree to this condition. When the condition is reached, the man is able to control the 'opponent' from a distance. I do not know what his condition is, but it would have to be something like, 'get the opponent to stare into my eyes for 10 seconds and I will be able to freeze his body movement for .5 seconds' The condition has to be fair according to his own subconscious and the opponents subconcious else it won't work. See the japanese manga/comic Hunter X Hunter for a complete explanation.

Me talking about the first day working on my recently purchased land. Mainly I talk about incorporating Systema thinking into felling a tree with an ax.

Forget what I said about the channel 'skill cult' towards the end. I rewatched him and I was completely mistaken, in fact he also calls swinging an ax like swinging a whip. I shouldn't have mentioned him or his channel in the way I did. He a solid ax man.

Maybe Ill make a video and not just audio for Day 2.

Systema Master Vladimir Vasiliev On Retraining The Eyes.

Symbol system patterns to demonstrate that Marko Rodins vortex mathematics can be applied to all base numeral systems.

assassin child vs phantom troupe

Jonathan aka 'adampants' talks about reconnecting with the Divine Creator. He knew this stuff 13 years ago... That'd only be possible if he was 100% legitimate.

Video is by a man named Jonathan (adampants). He was regularly attacked by the demiurge because he reconnected with the Divine Creator. The demiurge is a real conscious being with an IQ in the tens of thousands that works like the agents in the matrix. Its been slowly chipping away at the human race for thousands of years. It is the ONLY enemy of the human race.

Owen Benjamin explains how God is so obviously real that an explanation or proof is not even required...


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