My apologies, I meant to say, Baby Wildlife Warrior.

Trump claims The Spanish Flu ended during WW2.

A Public Service Announcement from Spencer Karter.

Spencer Karter censures and condemns Twitter and Jack Dorsey for their censorship on BitChute. What's your reaction to the Twitter Travesty?

Once again, Karma came back to the cronies at The National Association of Broadcasters.

A parody of SUNNY AFTERNOON by The Kinks. Letitia James is my hero!

My Tweet where I was happy that bigot David Duke permanently banned from Twitter has made it in a story on Vice News.

Here's my latest Slam Poetry. To those Pro-Trump folks, if you call me names, saying unpleasant things towards me, and mentioning BS, you will be blocked.

A Public Service Announcement from Spencer Karter. Please Vote Trump Out, Vote The GOP Out, Vote Blue, and Vote Biden 95-days from now.

Yours truly, Spencer Karter is outraged at TPTB at BitChute. When I replied to a commenter with cuss words, I get the dreadful message that displeased me "Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by www.bitchute.com" and I felt BitChute has betrayed me. BitChute supposed to be about Freedom of Speech, First Amendment, Not Censorship. That's why I'm criticizing, censuring, and condemning TPTB at BitChute for this BS. I demand an apology from them. What're your reactions?

At last, here's my cover song of The Beatles' 1965 classic NORWEGIAN WOOD (THIS BIRD HAS FLOWN), written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

A classic short parody from last year, to the tune of the controversial 2011 hit PUMPED UP KICKS by Foster The People.

Sorry for the delay, here's my latest parody and protest song to the tune of LITHIUM by Nirvana.

Sorry for the delay, here's my latest short parody, to the tune of COME AS YOU ARE by Nirvana.

A Public Service Announcement from Spencer Karter.


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