Where were you 50-years-ago today in 1969? I was supposed to do this commentary yesterday on the eve of the 50th anniversary, but unfortunately, BitChute was having notorious and deficient uploading issues, and deficient WIFI signal issues with my ISP provider CenturyLink due to bad weather we had yesterday in South Carolina.

Here's my original poem for those at BitChute about Disgraced YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki's censorship at YouTube. It's a protest poem. What're your reactions?

Once again, I have to call out the Disgraced YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki because of this dreadful disclaimer that says "Remember to keep comments respectful and to follow our [so-called] community guidelines," and now wonder why Susan Wojcicki ruined YouTube with her stupid censorship. What're your reactions to this nonsense?

2019 will likely be the worst year for TV broadcaster blackouts. What're your reactions?

Bad news, the first time in its 18-year history, the NYC triathlon has been canceled due to heat. I'll explain in this video. What're your reactions?

Days after his sudden death. Cameron Boyce got the Burt Reynolds treatment, he was cremated, according to his death certificate. I'll explain in this video. What're your reactions?

Spencer Karter gives a statement about the tragedy at Kyoto Animation Studios in Japan, and condemns this cowardly act, especially on the 35th anniversary of the tragic 1984 McDonald's Massacre in San Ysidro, California. What're your reactions to this tragedy?

In this edition of The Spencer Karter Podcast on BitChute, I will address the nonsense going on at YouTube, and the controversial creator-to-creator harassment policy, and I will call out Disgraced YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, once again! What're your thoughts?

Here's my link to my petition to demand the resignation or firing of Susan Wojcicki as YouTube CEO: https://www.change.org/p/google-inc-fire-susan-wojcicki-as-youtube-ceo

If you enjoyed my videos, feel free to send a monthly pledge or one-off tip to my PayPal (in my mom's name) at https://www.paypal.me/KarterFiles or click on the circle with the dollar sign, and click the PayPal logo. Thank You!

El Chapo has been sentenced to life in prison. What're your reactions to this wonderful news?

Plus, you'll love my short funny parodies of Oh Happy Day and It's Just A Thought!

P.S. I've tried to re-upload this video, but BitChute's Your video is being processed is frustrating. I wish BitChute made improvements to their video uploads.

P.S.S. I had to re-upload this video again due to BitChute Glitches and that annoying 404 Error, SMH!

The Broadcaster Blackout Games, and The Crisis Continues, SMH!

I've got more bad news, Meredith has blackout its TV stations on Dish Network, and I'll explain in this video. Plus, I will censure and condemn Meredith for this nonsense. What're your reactions?

Yes, I will mention the corrupted NAB as well! Sadly, Corruption is Not The Norm!

Yours truly, Spencer Karter gives a reaction to the outages on Facebook and Instagram. Spencer Karter censures and condemns Facebook and Instagram for the outages, I will call out Mark Zuckerberg as well. What're your reactions?

July 16, 2019, Another Date Which Facebook and Instagram will live in infamy.

I had to re-upload this video due to WIFI signal issues with my sorry ISP provider CenturyLink.

My homage to Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens (1920-2019). What're your reactions?

In this special edition of The Spencer Karter Podcast, CBS is trying to take their owned-and-operated stations off from DIRECTV if a new deal isn't reached by July 19th. Nexstar's stations still not on DIRECTV due to this nonsense law from 1992, and Meredith/Dish Network situation. It's time to Repeal and Replace Retransmission Consent, The Broadcaster Blackout Games Must Stop! Enough Is Enough, No More Greed! What're your reactions?

I'm not happy at that Bigot Attorney General William Barr for not charging Eric Garner's killer. This is a Travesty, and This is Not Normal! What're your reactions? I'm sick-and-tired of the oppression and injustice...In the words of the late Marvin Gaye, What's Going On?

In this special edition of The Spencer Karter Podcast, I'm going to give you more updates on the ongoing Nexstar Blackout on DIRECTV, and Meredith and Dish Network's situation. Comments and Reactions Welcome! It's time to Repeal and Replace Retransmission Consent Right Now...Sorry NAB!

P.S. I'm still having WIFI signal issues with my sorry internet provider CenturyLink, my apologies. Still not happy with CenturyLink's WIFI internet service.

Boxing Legend Pernell Whitaker aka Sweet Pea Whitaker was killed in a car crash, he was 55. What're your reactions? I had to re-upload this video many times, I wish BitChute improved their video uploading process.

Here's yours truly, Spencer Karter's parody of the late Phil Ochs' Love Me, I'm A Liberal, it's called Love Me, I Hate Fake News! Move over Weird Al Yankovic! What do you think?

My funny parody of I Ain't Matching Anymore by Phil Ochs, it's titled I'm Not Watching Reality TV Anymore! What do you think? Yours truly, Spencer Karter, loves parodies! Yes, I love Weird Al Yankovic too!

My message to SorryLink aka CenturyLink and CEO Jeff Storey. Comments and Reactions Welcome! Yes, I demand an apology from the CEO himself, Jeff Storey, because CenturyLink screwed up the WIFI and etc.

In this top 5 list, the top 5 reasons why I love my favorite Degrassi Actress, Miriam McDonald aka Emma Nelson from Degrassi: The Next Generation! Comments and Reactions Welcome! I'm still loyal to Miriam McDonald and I'm still loyal to Degrassi, and I do miss Degrassi as well.

In this top 5 list, the top 5 reasons why I hate disgraced former Degrassi actress Aislinn Paul. Comments and Reactions Welcome! Yes, she ruined Degrassi: The Next Generation (especially in the final years of the show).

If any pro-Aislinn Paul fans defending her, calling me names and saying unpleasant things, you will be blocked!

In this commentary and rant, why paywall is stupid and why newspaper paywalls should be banned. What're your reactions?

First, Nexstar blackout their stations on DIRECTV, now Meredith going to blackout DISH subscribers if a new deal isn't reached by July 15th. This is Not Good News! I'll tell you more in this video, what're your reactions? Retransmission Consent and the so-called 1992 Cable act is a joke, so as the NAB aka The So-Called National Association of Broadcasters. No wonder why the 2010s is not kind to Cable and Satellite TV Providers at all!


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