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Spetsnaz was one of the first old school mgtows.

this content is too great to just disappear
real mgtow shit
original youtube channel no longer exist not really known why, it's been inactive since about 2015 ish from what I remember.

Found the available clips through sandman comment section on youtube, someone posted a magnet link to a torrent its not a complete backup but it's something.

also mgtow archive on youtube = https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhBOs6HlbZBIpoFNxHl63VhVlfOrJA220

There is also https://mgtowmirror.ru/channel/UCbbeOA5K7Hhc3I2vWG1jZ0w/

I have failed to access it via freenet however[email protected]~n3UGjBFIKQM0t0qrBZS0jVA8t9eekPkX2B-nAE2k,6P0EfuRDdi9T8kuCrgU7GplTuq8AxZA2W80l17UCnfg,AQACAAE/mgtow/-1/

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