Healing the body in the right medium. Redefining matter as a shared universal thought. Energy understood as the physical manifestation of motion.
A changer!
I've spent my life finding these answers and what I've found is see inspiring.

Its amazing what can be accomplished without mass.

Gaining access to atmospheres through thermal dynamics. Creation of plasma from magma. Transversing omni-directionally. No thrust or propulsion.

What geometrical shape is distance? Distance is what we've always made it. Here's the physics equation for matching dialation of a particles field,manipulating the field for transversing using spherical geometry instead of the standard (straight line axis) Velocity, acceleration and distance.


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After completion of a USAP my intent is to bring out and explain next generation physics. Transversing Omni-directionally without propulsion. Generation of plasma for space travel without distance. The use of magma core technology for earths atmospheric travel without propulsion.