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One of Alex Colliers masterpieces on the Andromedan perspective of our Galactic History from 2002. Especially good since Andromedans may have a birds eye view in relation to our entire galactic history. Together with the Arcturians, Andromedans are deemed to be among the most technologically advanced alien species active in our Galaxy and involved in Earth history.

A practitioner and in my mind master of telekinesis has been shut down from YouTube not too long ago. This is a vestige of his contribution to the telekinesis community.

We met a man we call "DJ", on the island of Java. He is a Chinese medicine doctor and practices the art of chi-healing. After showcasing his ability to heal people with chi and administering his technique to the camera crew he offers to show other powers he has attained through practicing chi-channeling. He takes the crew to the backyard and shocks everyone with a true performance of "pyrokinesis" - the art of controlling fire through the mind. After filming this the crew looses sight of "DJ" for many years until one day DJ reappears and agrees to show the world his powers. He says it is time mankind learns of what we all actually can do - because we are entering a new age and we are starting to forget.

A seemingly handicapped man manages to pull off the stunt of the century... or is actually using telekinesis. Logically speaking, no amount of threads, blow dryers or magnets can reproduce what he preforms here. This is the smoking gun - totally shadow banned on YouTube now of course :) If you want to learn how to do telekinesis check out the "Divine existence" YouTube channel: Explanation of Telekinesis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ty_GNVqCVQ&t=7s - where the creator explains this in a very relatable way (look for his oldest videos) - he also has mastered Aerokinesis or "airbending" for the ones interested. (Telekinesis is technically "earth bending" lol) - Example of the technique: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRJuKMnG0Es - Or try to find any videos from Mark Mauvais.

Presenting "Human Colony". This is an experimental group of whom I have had personal verification that their channeling and programs are valid. What is so interesting about this group is the vast array of different beings that both Jim, the main channeler and other guest channelers manage to get through - crosschecking many datapoints between different channelings. There is always an uncertainty, however, if the one you are in contact with "is" who he says he "is" although they are benevolent, but this comes with the territory of channeling. There is so much information that one simply cannot get hold of any other way. As for the content of this clip. Max who is the founder of the group introduces the major issues his group is dealing with - the future of the earth and open alien contact. Highly provocative but also interesting. After which there is a rendering of contact with Jesus and a funny alien called "Lakesh", judge for yourselves. But as Bashar says: Judge the message not the messenger. Enjoy!

Initially Atheist CE5 Contactee Mark Sims describes how he meets the ET (ED) Tezjba who comes from a very unexpected origin. Tezjba continues to describe his perspective on the true reasons for all religions around the world and the true reason for our biological life. He explains his view of our connection to God and how we, all humans and entities in existence develop through a spiritual path. This was truly one of the most shocking yet informative videos for me personally during my awakening process, I hope it will be as enlightening for many of you as well.

In this free to share video Jordan Duchnycz elaborates on his view of our world history. Jordan Duchnycz runs Spirit Science and has spent close to a decade in explaining spirituality at large through a "New Age" and Hermetic perspective. Much of the information in this video alone is corroborated by information by other researchers, but sprinkled with the odd information here and there. Nonetheless, this is a very comprehensive coverage of our ancient hidden history and entertaining to boot. I highly recommend watching the Spirit Science series from the very start if you are new to spirituality or some of the Hermetic/New Age concepts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DzBTRVrA0o&t

The documents that are read in this video allegedly come from Matilda O´Donnell MacElroy, Flight Nurse of the U.S. Women´s Army Air force (WAC) Medical Corp of the 509th Bomb Group, 1947. What she revealed was possibly one of the most groundbreaking stories of modern history. She tells how the U.S: Army had captured a live ET at Roswell and how she had been part of interviewing this being. In the interview the ET names herself "Airl". Airl quickly learns the English language and communicates telepathically. She teaches Matilda her perspective on many of our great questions: Who are we? Where did we come from? What is Earths true history? Is there a God? Do we have a soul? Truly this is a remarkable piece of documentation - and the views regardless of the papers veracity and although partially slanted sometimes, fit with multiple high level sources.

Darryl Anka, explains how he first got in contact with Bashar. He describes how he became one of the most prominent channelers in our time and what channeling actually is. Is it valid and why should we listen to it? To check out more of his work visit: www.bashar.org

This Pleiadian Message was communicated through Barbara Marciniak, from the book "Bringers of the Dawn". The Pleiadians are a collective of extraterrestrials from the Pleiades constellation. The Pleiadians reside on the planet Erra, which is almost as large as Earth. - Buckle up, this will give you shivers! Here is a link to another spellbinding message about Earths true history by a Pleiadian source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWNSPUBrb-g

Going back to 1998 - This is where the Alternative History began. Journalist Graham Hancock goes on an adventure around the world to discover an astronomical alignment with major archaeological sites. Graham, Engineer Robert Bauval and Dr. Robert Schoch put forward a theory of a much greater age of the Pyramids. Graham also investigates Angkor Wat and a new site discovered below the waters off the ancient island of Yonaguni. To see the entire series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5DNvYMtkyk&t=5s

Stan Romanek tells his story of when he would meet up with a strange child on his backyard looking through their windows. It turns out it was his hybrid daughter, Quoma. They were following his life on earth and there were 9 of them. Out of all the abduction cases in modern history - Stan Romaneks has it all. The footage, the witnesses and physical contact. If there was any doubt left 2010 it would be completely shattered. Extraterrestrials are a fact and they are here visiting us. See the extended presentation: Messages, The Stan Romanek Story - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zQTFn8N9xU

In this pre 2012 documentary, Carmen Boulter, Robert Bauval, Graham Hancock and Johnathan Anthony West gather around to piece together the final chronology of the ancient Pyramids. They look beyond the traditional estimation methods and into the procession of the stars. Both the erosion of the Sphinx enclosure and the Indian and Egyptian chronicles speaks of a far greater age than is currently accepted, about a 36.000 year history. This is enforced by 200 ancient cultural myths who all talk about cyclical time. Both Bouval and Hancock favors the 10.500 year dating, but Anthony West favors the 36.000 year old one. Incidentally, the esoteric writing of "The Law of One" also dictates the Sphinx of being of just this age. Its time to rewrite the history textbooks.

There are further investigations to these matters in more alternative ways - check out the Farsight Institutes research on how they actually built (the final two) Giza Pyramids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJz0mm8cSt4

Dr. Steven Greer makes history at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. 2001, when he presents 40 high level ranking witnesses to testify before public their acknowledgement and experience with extraterrestrials and their technologies. This was a groundbreaking event which shook the world by its core and started the modern awakening movement. Had it not been for 9/11 a few months later this could have attracted much more attention at the time.

This time Carmen Boulter, Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock takes us through the journey of the ancient matriarchal society in Egypt. The Egyptian wisdom schools held the bodily glands in high regard since they were thought to connect to energy centers the same as the Indian chakras. It is explained why half beasts were so common among the Egyptian Gods and why the Blue Lotus and the Scarab were so important. They describe Akhenatens and Hatsheput's fight for spirituality against the emerging patriarchal priesthood.

Kevin Shipp, a CIA whistleblower, puts together a lecture on "the Shadow government". He defines the different parts of it: the MIC, Intelligence contractors, Defense contractors, the Federal Reserve, the IMF World Bank, MIC Lobbyists, Foreign Lobbyists, Central Banks, Wall Street and the Treasury and how they are hell bent on controlling the world. This is not the end however! We can fight the Shadow government back! Check out the Q-movement: Q - To save the world https://www.bitchute.com/video/qvfUkQTG5QHP/
Currently they have reemerged and are posting their intelligence on 8kun.net (only through the Tor browser - for us non-hackers try https://qposts.online/). For other general news regarding Q and the resistance movement check out Jordan Sathers channel "Destroying the illusion" on YouTube - Here is one of his lectures on the subject: Basics of the #QAnon Phenomenon - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1GOoEoYLy8&t=40s

Sacred Cosmology around the Pyramids and its surrounding earlier civilizations. An expedition into the heart of the Sahara desert is headed by Robert Bouval for investigating "Napta Playa". A possible origin for Egyptian civilization.

Bill Still, historian, researcher and author, describes how the Federal Reserve has taken the liberty out of America and now holds complete power over the American Economy through the manipulation of artificially evoked economical Boom and Bust cycles. He also describes some of his solutions to this: 1. Ban government borrowing 2. Forbid Fractional Banking 3. Create a state owned legal tender.

Carmen Boulter PhD. proves once and for all that ancient Egyptian civilization was far more technically advanced than previously suspected when she presents signs of machinery and machining tools in and around the Pyramid sites. Carmen Boulter, Claude Swanson, John Burke, AbdÉl Hakim Awyan and others all combine their investigative powers to find out the true purpose of the Pyramids. Were they really tombs, or were they power-generators, healing centers and spiritual initiation chambers or something else?

Truly everything is connected - In order for us to become free enough to engage in spiritual practice and research we must free ourselves from the money magic system and its slavery. In other words, the economy has to change. And it will. (To have more in depth information on the subject I suggest looking at Mike Maloneys "Hidden Secrets of Money" series, particularly episode 2 - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE88E9ICdipidHkTehs1VbFzgwrq1jkUJ)

Actual photo of Jesus, his uncle Joseph of Aramathea and his younger brother Simon off a field of Jerusalem 2000 years ago? Sources claim aliens helped a tourist take this with time traveling technology.

In this video DW goes into depth talking about the relations between the Earth, the Moon, Stonehenge, the Emperical sizes and how extremely unlikely that can have occured by chance or some sort of "Natural Law". The beginning of the talk is about the square to circle sacred geometry.

Proof of God or higher advanced beings - Dr. Steven Meyer gives four major arguments for Intelligent Design: The Cambrian Explosion, Lack of Mutation time, Unlikelihood of Functional Random Mutation and Irreducible Complexity. He draws materials from his two books "Darwins Doubt" and "Signature in the Cell", two groundbreaking works in the fields of biology with huge implications for a more candid approach towards metaphysics and the possibility of a more grand cosmic biological diversity.

Monthly astrological talk from April 2017 - Rick Levine goes in to a long parathesis on "The Magic of Venus" and gives valuable data to support the idea to the all the more likely case for higher divinity or intelligence behind our reality.

Pr. Deardorf gives credit to Billy Meier's story as he compares the Talmud of Jmmanuel to the Gospel of Matthew. He find evidence that the former is far more likely an unadulterated version of the latter, where certain expressions and passages suddenly make sense.


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