Traveling on one wheel starting at the Obelisco then on south to San Telmo. It is the tail end of summer.


During the last eight months or so since I moved, this is the second time that a helicopter 'ambulance' has landed on the highway. All traffic stopped and a medical emergency tended to. I have no way of knowing the details but it says something about the country.

As I write, I see the bitchute experience has improved. I hope my video capture sense and skills one day will do the same.

If you want a twiiter short video -this is not it. I was sitting on my balcony watching the storm roll in, and I love lightning and "bucket-rain"

This is the second half of the video as I lost most of the orange evening sun at the bottom right and the rain washed in. My balcony is covered and I rarely get wet. If you love the relaxing nitrogen charged lightning and rain events. Sit back and enjoy.

I did.

Argentina: Saturday June 24th, Gustavo was up to take his shot at this monster burrito. Everyone in the Buenos Aires area flocked to San Telmo to see this man conquer the 70cm Burrito in 7 minutes. Find out more about Che Taco at my Steemit Blog:https://steemit.com/food/@sponge-bob/restaurant-review-che-taco-in-san-telmo-argentinaHere's a more recent post including how to enter this contest:https://steemit.com/food/@sponge-bob/che-taco-revisited-eating-contest-win-free-dinners-for-a-month

Competition to find the man who can eat a two and a half for burrito!

I would make my descriptions longer but the uploads keep failing.


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When google decided to sell us, the users, to the government on one side and to the ad-sphere on the other, I decided that google is not going to have even one more dollar from me. And, Spongebob was born.

If the governments of the world are so interested in finding out what I think, they will need to find out what this cartoon fry-cook thinks first. When decentralized money and sites dominate the world, I may put a personal profile up again.

Until then, I'm a Goofy-goober yeah.