Let me share my famous guacamole with you.

- three avocados
- two tablespoons sour cream (optional)
- five drops of lemon juice
- salt and pepper to taste (or use the amount I used)
- half small onion, minced
- one garlic clove, minced (optional)
- aprox. 20 leaves of cilantro chopped
- two tomatoes, diced
- two jalapeno peppers, minced (optional)

Instead of jalapenos, Tabasco works, or Tabasco habanero is awesome!

Best with corn chips and a classic movie.

(Ignore the corned beef cooking on the side. That is for another day.)

Where I make most of my cash...

Five minutes to a better salad.
The lettuce sometimes varies, the spinach is a must, and it is always delicious!

Missing croutons because they don't exist where I live. I will invent them here when I get the chance because they make the salad.

Cheese hints: Parmesan goes with ranch dressing. American goes with Parmesan dressing.

Playing with videos before immortalizing my best recipes -
What to you think ?

## Garlic Onion Browns with Eggs.
Complete how-to video in Spanish and English.

### Cook with me tonight, eat good in the morning.

Come and see me at https://hive.blog/@sponge-bob/posts

Banned on Twitter.
This meme has been going around on memedroid and other apps with various flavors. It literally made the author of that song famous.

Now he claims copyright when the most powerful man in the world tweets it.

Yesterday I posted on guns: https://steemit.com/guns/@sponge-bob/hey-hand-me-that-gun-would-you
Today is Archery: https://steemit.com/archery/@sponge-bob/paper-and-hay

Paper and Hay

In the same underground bunker there is a shooting range of a different sort.

This is a somewhat quieter and maybe more skilled environment for children to step into before shooting a nine milimeter hand gun.

My oldest son was nervous and almost perturbed by the live fire tour yesterday. But when we walked into the archery range, the other half of the facility, he calmed down and expressed and interest in shooting paper targets on hay.

I am not about to force one form of aim over another. My youngest will likely be sitting through a gun safety course with Rene, followed by some target practice. My 18-year-old boy will have the chance to become then next Oliver Queen if he likes.

I am sure I will have pictures or video when the boys start shooting. Thanks for all the positivity in the comments.

Personal note.
I can appreciate the grief and fear coming from the varied experiences some of you have all had. There are many careless people out there that would leave dangerous devices within reach of their children.

From my birth, there was always a gun in the house. I never saw it until I was seven years old. I knew better than to touch it after that because my father had a belt. But even if I had tried, the gun was always trigger-locked and the keys were in a safe along with the ammunition.

I did however love my mother's sewing machine. It was always plugged in. My brother and I would play with the foot peddle, pretending to drive a race car!

We were unaware of the tangled bobbin mess we were creating and we were very lucky we had not played with the lightning fast needle.

Kids will be kids and parents must anticipate...

Teaching young teens about gun safety starts with a visit to the local shooting range. You don't just hand a running chainsaw to a child, nor should you hand them a loaded gun.

A power saw in not dangerous in and of itself, nor is a gun. But either of them in the hands of a novice is a bad idea.

See my post at: https://steemit.com/guns/@sponge-bob/hey-hand-me-that-gun-would-you

My youngest is now fourteen and interested in guns. He started by asking me about the kinds of guns I owned before moving to South America. Then he found a game related to disassembly, cleaning, and even design of guns. More questions came up about what makes a weapon fully automatic.

I have always had guns around me since I was young, and even owned a couple of dozen of them way back when, but not since moving to this country.

About a month ago, we went to a gun store to browse the racks and see what they had. First exposure needs to be in a safe, unloaded environment. we looked at and even held a couple new model 9mm semi automatic hand guns.

Today, we went to the range, which is buried in a bunker under an unsuspecting city neighborhood, and my kids became familiar with the noise and smells of gunfire.

Rene is the teacher, a retired coast guard man. He is familiarizing four new perspective gun owners on what to do and what not to do when handling hand guns. After a couple of hours, they will be heading into the range and take aim.

This is the kind of safety class my children will be taking in order to learn about arms before they are allowed to blast holes in paper targets.

I still have my FOID (firearms owners identification card) from when I lived in the USA, but I would need a new card for a new country.

I am in no rush to take on that responsibility here. There is very little crime that would warrant having a firearm. Grab and run is the second most frequent kind of robbery. The first is when cashiers palm bills when you pay for your merchandise, then hold up the cash and say, "You did not give me enough".

Neither of those deserves a led response.

No, it's not a shooting.

I ended up noting store closings in the computer mall. Here is a sad video walk through of Galeria Jardin, the largest collection of computer stores in Buenos Aires.

My switch from a gaming laptop back to a Desktop is due to the lack of availability of large RAM chips for laptops. I got 32gb with another 32gb on order for my new desktop. I ended up having go back to get UPS batteries to avoid restarts when the lights go out. I also needed a microphone because mic and headphones need to be separate on the desktop config.

Post also available at : https://steemit.com/dtube/@sponge-bob/ek0i83oq5lb

I noticed just how many stores have given up, closed up shop and are now up for sale/rent. There were several that had closed in the last few days as a matter of fact. So I held my phone close to my chest and avoided security to grab some footage of the sad reality.

Thanks for taking the time.

Buenos Aires has allowed me to ride on my one-wheel, electric Segway for over six years without difficulties. Here is my latest ride, a two-km treck down the Avenue 9 de Julio starting at the Obelisco and ending in San Telmo. I have been starting to catch up on videos, creating and editing some of my experiences. I hope to get a bit more professional yet stay my goofy self as I progress in this endeaver.

I am also on Gab.com: https://gab.com/sponge-bob
Steemit.com: https://steemit.com/@sponge-bob
Bittubers.com: https://bittubers.com/profile/spongebob
Bittube: https://bit.tube/bobsponge (shutting down in Sept)

Traveling on one wheel starting at the Obelisco then on south to San Telmo. It is the tail end of summer.


During the last eight months or so since I moved, this is the second time that a helicopter 'ambulance' has landed on the highway. All traffic stopped and a medical emergency tended to. I have no way of knowing the details but it says something about the country.

As I write, I see the bitchute experience has improved. I hope my video capture sense and skills one day will do the same.

If you want a twiiter short video -this is not it. I was sitting on my balcony watching the storm roll in, and I love lightning and "bucket-rain"

This is the second half of the video as I lost most of the orange evening sun at the bottom right and the rain washed in. My balcony is covered and I rarely get wet. If you love the relaxing nitrogen charged lightning and rain events. Sit back and enjoy.

I did.

Argentina: Saturday June 24th, Gustavo was up to take his shot at this monster burrito. Everyone in the Buenos Aires area flocked to San Telmo to see this man conquer the 70cm Burrito in 7 minutes. Find out more about Che Taco at my Steemit Blog:https://steemit.com/food/@sponge-bob/restaurant-review-che-taco-in-san-telmo-argentinaHere's a more recent post including how to enter this contest:https://steemit.com/food/@sponge-bob/che-taco-revisited-eating-contest-win-free-dinners-for-a-month

Competition to find the man who can eat a two and a half for burrito!

I would make my descriptions longer but the uploads keep failing.


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