Hello! and welcome back to another StoryTime with Xavier, tonight we are reading another Spider-Man Story! Join me and the little one as I read to him "A Very Strange Night" Where Spider-Man teams up with Doctor Strange to battle the evil Nightmare.

Hello! and thank you all for your patience I would like to thank everyone who has subscribed to my channel, 10 subscribers does mean a lot to me. So I am giving you guys a very special video. Join me and Xavier as I read to him about my favorite super hero of all time. The Amazing Spider-Man! Let's read "The Origin of Spiderman"

Join me as I read to my little one, The Little Blue Truck, where we learn that being a jerk can lead to serious consequences. And your only savior is a small blue truck and a gang of farm animals.

I apologize for the stock photo thumbnail, I couldn't get a good picture with Xavier and the book.

Hello! I am back with another video! Please join me and my son as I read to him another timeless classic about a bear searching for an owner, Cordury....does anyone know Corduroy is sentient in the book?

Tonight Join me as I read to my son, a very fascinating book about basic human anatomy. Ten Tiny Toes

Join me and my son as I read about what happened on the night he was born. This is "The Night You Were Born" By Nancy Tillman. Let me tell you its not what happened.


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