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1976 Swine Flu Vaccines and how it was poison
This time you will not be able to sue Big Pharma if they mess up
DL save spread

the best political commercial ever made

Train to Mexico's Border - RightWingLawMan
Plane to Mexico Border - VOA

City of New Orleans - Steve Goodman

murdoch murdoch old days
their stuff will get you banned on YT

for some reason this was banned on Youtube
no reason given

A US warship and a Russian destroyer get a little close
this song was heard playing on both ships

We moved to bitchute



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predicting the future

like peas and carrots
music: https://www.bitchute.com/video/QsVfs0cmy3BW/
film anon 4chan /pol

filming on location

Merry Christmas
mele kalikimaka

Good rant and argument. Can you counter this?


Now, when the libertarians arrest the crooked bankers, war criminals, break up the corporate controlled media, when you all give me back MY free speech, and end all these %&$*%ing wars, and THEN, when you got all that shit under control let's talk about your freedom to bask in self-flagellating-shit-eating-bdsm-fury porn and less/smaller/no government idea.

I have some solutions.
Ban all children under the age of 18 from the net. Set up an old AOL account pre-telnet for dictionaries, encyclopedias, library books, etc...

Any child who is sent or figures out how to gain access to any porn fine the person behind distributing the offence $1million and 5 years in jail. If it is a kid who is the offender, send social services to their house, ban all internet access. Same for cellphones. If it is a parent's irresponsibility, again send social services, ban net access, allow only emergency or hard wire phones and by the third offence remove the children from that home. Harsh, a bit draconian, yes, but a few cases will make parents more responsible and it will help social services find out what kids are being neglected, because if your kid has access to porn you are neglecting them.

If this doesn't work for you then set aside areas in the US where people can live without this threat hovering over the heads of our children. Allow and give grants to people who wish to segregate themselves away from this menace. Start with say, $38 Billion in funding.


All creative work is derivative

look, no kids allowed on this channel - get away from here you kids, shoo!
get off youtube's lawn!
photo LOC

Gloucester Cathedral Choir - In the Bleak Midwinter
creative commons

One of the most creative animators on the net

when you tube was fun

Title:FIRST! - The life of a first poster.
Artist: CasimirN
Medium: video
Date : 2007 bg

Title: I Love You
Artist: Monsters Love Sushi
Year: 2007 bg
Medium: fixed web cam on youtube .flv
note: watch each character

I'm the Queen of LA PAMPA
My Mama is Priscillia
My papa is Dracula
And I love you
I'm el Jefe de Calcutta
My mama is Godzilla
My Papa eat some Pizza
And I Love You
I'm like a butterfly
Dancing in the sky
That joy could make me cry
And I love you
I am two hundred feet high
And I can catch the sky
My hands could Make you fly
And I love you
I am dancing with no shoe
Tonight I'm here for you
This for me is so new
And I love you
I'm the beast of the dance floor
My moving is Hardcore
No one can give you more
And I love you
I am feeling so exited
What ever my mama said
I wanna go ahead
And I love you
I am coming close to you
Your Dreams will all come true
This night I'm going through
And I love you
you will be my everything
my every night dream
my sunrise on morning
and i love you
now the world is full of magic
your smile is so romantic
we do not need to speak
and i love you
i love the way you flex
i can feel the vortex
coming through my soul
and i love you
you will always be my lass
your moving is first class
i feel it in your soul
and i love you...


a perspective on the Mearsheimer Walt's book
and the coming end of US and Israeli relations


rise of the Groypers
take on Rep. Crenshaw

Truth Fears NO Investigation.
Lies hide in darkness.


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