Metal Black - The game where you pick up DNA to power-up your craft.

Baby They're Faded.

V always means Vaccine in their Predictive Programming.

My Prediction since early 2012....continues

Bunch of Junkies shootin' up every 28 Days.

The Omicron Files book Published 2014. Omicron Genocide comic Published in 2012.

I always knew I'd come back to my very first video on the Alpha OMEGA Needle bomb in 1969's Beneath the Planet of the Apes. I even said a few weeks ago in a vid "I bet they'll run an Omega variant lie".

For Different Folks. Vaccine Attacking the HEART in every way.

The Merry Altered States Career of William Hurt

G Fauci at the G mason awards with Big Bird

SQUID Game Mockery and flux capacitor explained.

That Nurse cannot do her job anymore.


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