Big Thanks to Objective Realist for finding this important clip!

Let me know if you find the full match footage.
Minnie Driver: "Where are all the good men dead? In the HEART or in the HEAD". Grosse POINTE Blank.

100% Vaccine HEART Damage collapse from the most injected nation in Europe. No Surprise. They covered it up of course. Didn't even mention it during the half time chat. Shame I grabbed my camera AFTER they dragged him up off the ground. No collision, just a Vaxx collapse.

Eagles of Death Metal - injected.
Feelin' Shaky...?

Eagles of DEATH METAL - Mercury, Aluminium Hydroxide.


Boy George Time (Clock of the Heart) - Tik Tok on your Circadian Clock Ticker.

The Winter of Discontent is Upon us.

Mu Metal Shielding from pulses.

Caused by the mRNA mutagen Vaccine.
The Silence of the Lambs - Silencing of your Histones, your natural protection against Cancer.

Praga Khan.

You Run JUICED to the Sally Gunnells with Moderna!

Age 27

Its all there. Spread over the whole film. The thumbnail is from The Star Club's 2008 Album: B00STER SHOT. Tracks: Camphor INJECTION. I'll Take it and Overdose.

The Man Wanting You to Die here, is Al Pacino.
All these thumbnails are from 'You Don't Know Jack', which I highlighted in vids some years ago.


Note the V for Vaccine in the thumbnail, & the 3 Doses.
FALLING for Christmas - They don't miss a Mockery trick.

Plus The Seattle False Flag of course.

What ya gonna do Whitey? (Blues Brothers 1980).
When someone tries to kill me. I don't take it lightly.

Vaccine Horror

Vaccine Horror


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Having seen the CPR footage, I have to consider the use of mannequins like in the Nice 0p a few years ago. So I'm not clear on this one at all. We will see.....