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Squallstrike - Absurdity Unparalleled



I wouldn’t be surprised if that guy had a bloody nose afterwards haha!

The bird is pretty adamant about staying put 🤣

This is actually quite amazing 🤖⚽️

The bird even says “peek-a-boo” 🤣

Hyperbolic. I think the cat survived.

This song is by FiveTimesAugust and can be found here:


I saw this last night and was impressed by it so I wanted to share it

I wonder if this was at the southern border… 🤔🤣

I love this kind of stuff!

Musclebound jockstrap throws a chair at Wendy and she smoothly blocks it without missing a beat! Follow her on Twitter @WitchDragon5

At least the owner can use it for heat!

May your Christmas be full of joy and happiness, from our home to yours!

The caption on LinkedIn mentioned this was during Chinese New Year celebrations.

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Absurd headlines, real videos. If you’re not having fun, then what’s the point?

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