Squallstrike - Absurdity Unparalleled

More baboon antics with his sidekick, Alf. It's amazing that TYT has the audacity to call Bill Maher a "right-winger".

Every scene change the cat gives the dude a fist/paw bump.

The poster child for determination!

The part about trans at the end is just icing on top of that turd cake.

A dog and chicken playing tag in the yard.

What do you think?

Oops, dementia is contagious among the globalist establishment trash.

Watching her crash and burn daily is going to feed the meme machine for months haha.

Project Veritas busted this dude outting the real culture inside Twitter. I guess it’s ok to call Elon Musk “special needs” if you’re in the flaming gay protected class 🤷‍♂️

Except state propaganda peddled it long before Tucker Carlson. Another reason TYT is lying out their asses about racism.

Wow, his puppetless puppet show gets more unhinged every episode!! Baboon logic run amok!

Carl Cameron: "We got to watch out because the Republicans have become the purveyors of misinformation ... the president acknowledged that it’s time to actually start doing things and maybe taking some names and putting people in jail."

Carl worked for many years at Fox News. Too bad, I thought he did a decent job a long time ago but now we know he's just another globalist establishment pig.

Let's play a game - can you find all the pics I added to his bullshit library?

And they basically don’t care about operating costs or showing up to work. No wonder they’re scared about job security.

Curiosity killed the cat, as the saying goes.

Peter Doocy asks Karine Jean-Pierre why Biden is going to visit Buffalo but he didn't visit Waukesha:

"I mean, he's visited many communities."

I think what she’s saying is they’ll work together 🤷‍♂️

I posted a few short clips of Chunk Yogurt and Alf Kasparian going completely off the rails earlier this week. This is the full segment of the original Hard Bastard livestream. These two ass hats don't even use the standard "alleged" tags or the like. They take it so far as to flat out call him a groomer, rant about how he's obsessed with trans people, how he sleeps with them, etc. THEN ask their viewers to send them video of him sleeping with trans people.

The hilarious part of this is this gives Joe Rogan grounds to sue their ASSES OFF for defamation. They label him "right wing" while Joe is nowhere near the right on most topics. Chunk's baboon logic has a complementary contrast to Alf's hooting "WHO? WHO? WHO?" before screaming Joe just wants to "put out the poison!" So, I hope Joe sues the shit out of TYT to turn their trash show into a passing faded memory.

TYT reeks of desperation. At one point Chunk starts panting during his rant, a sign that this dude is so emotionally unstable that he's physiologically affected by talking about the topic. The fact that they are starting to distance themselves from the Democrat party is an indication that their funding from them is likely getting pulled. This could have a domino effect down the road if they don't fall in line with the party that the Dems cancel them for being problematic to their narrative.

These globalist warmongering pigs need removed from office.

On April 28th, Jim Cramer said Ethereum would climb 40%. Since then, it is down 35%.

Hard Bastard laughing at him in this one, too, haha. It's episodes like last night that I really miss Dame Pesos and his commentary on TYT. Rumor is he's still alive having given up streaming for a new career.


She’s digging deep into her rotten black soul when she says “HATE”.

Hard Bastard chuckling at the end of the video.


As if a doctor can write you a prescription for baby formula and it magically get filled by the big breasted milk maids in the back 🤣😂

What if I'm a trans-woman (or is it man? I can't keep up with all this shit) and my boobs don't work? Where's the magic boob factory to feed the starving baby? Maybe this will be another excuse for the left to abort babies - 'cuz they can't feed them!

Let me backtrack a little... I can keep up with all this shit (with the trans lingo) but I choose not to because it's all bullshit.

Lindsey Graham is a useless snake and needs removed from office.

That's it, Joe - blame those pesky MAGA people! All those damn MAGA people sending billions of dollars over to Ukraine, shutting down pipelines, etc. Oh wait, that was you and your globalist friends!



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