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Tantrums get ignored by adults, ask any parent of a three year old.

Ghislaine Maxwell (58) // Hair-raising allegations against the Epstein accomplice! In the wake of the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell (58), the confidant of the financial mogul Jeffrey Epstein († 66), unbelievable allegations come to light. So far, Ghislaine Maxwell has been seen more as an accomplice that Epstein procured new women. Now a woman claims that Maxwell herself had sexually assaulted her.Maxwell is said to have raped the unknown dozen times as a teenager. The first time she is said to have been just 14 years old! In which year the actions took place, she did not explain.

"She raped me. I would say there were more than 20 or 30 rapes, ”the woman said in an interview with Fox News. "She (Maxwell, R.R.) is just as bad as Jeffrey Epstein." And further: "She is a rapist."

Ms. Maxwell was an accomplice. She made it very clear that I had to keep my mouth shut, otherwise my family and myself would be harmed. ”

In the beginning, Maxwell is said to have used sex toys and her fingers to penetrate them. "When that started, she told me that Epstein got upset because I was bleeding all the time and that she helped me so that it didn't hurt too much because it should be satisfactory," the woman said.

And further: “It was more or less her coaching. 'Do it this way and that, because once you’re a model, it’s what they’ll expect from you.

Two years in abuse hell

The abuse allegedly ended when she was 16 years old. At that time she was pregnant by Jeffrey Epstein, who had had sex with her too. The child had been aborted.

When Epstein and Co. suspected the girl was talking to her family or the authorities, a group rape was said to have occurred. "Ghislaine was part of it," said the stranger. "I was on drugs."

After that, she was driven home by an armed driver, where she was "dumped naked in my grandparents' yard". She was told that next time she would not come back alive.

Then she dropped out of high school and her grandfather "put her in hiding". "Basically, I kind of disappeared," said the woman.

She is ready to testify

In the interview, the woman said that she was ready to testify, "because I think she deserves to be where she is today and deserves to stay there for the rest of her life."

With her testimony she wanted to help other victims to speak up: "I hope that my appearance will encourage other victims."

The "Sun" asked Maxwell's lawyer, Larry Vogelman, for comments on Friday. His short answer: "No comment".

Here is the result of a Godless society of young people brainwashed in schools and colleges with the communist agenda.

If you put other US Citizens at risk by looting, rioting , & burning American cities down , you are a domestic terrorist !

After the crash, the Jaguar driver stopped about 400 meters behind the scene of the accident. Fearing the terrorists, he then drove on, stopped at a safe distance and called the police.
This afternoon we released a video showing a Jaguar driver racing into a “Black Lives Matter” roadblock at high speed (see above). He caught at least two people.
Our explanation for this is: The driver feared for his life - completely understandable - therefore went full throttle and lost control of his vehicle.

BLM rally.....Haven’t seen that many white folk in one place since Nancy Pelosi’s family reunion photo

"Film the cops, not the protesters." Independent journalist @mrtristant says he was beaten & robbed by black bloc militants during his live stream recording of the antifa Portland riot earlier in downtown. No police helped.

British police forced to retreat by Afro-Caribbean gangs once again in #London. This has happened 3 weekends in a row at least now...

Everything is better with Yakkity Sak

Everything is better with Yakkity Sak.

Tobias Hübinette: "Today, 38.3% of all children and young people have a foreign background and 52.8% in the three big cities, 40.1% in the middle-sized cities as well
Back hand index finger to the right
66.4% in Malmö. "

Looks pretty nice if I'm to be completely honest

And no foolish cops who got down on their knees either.

I see only men. Go back and fight for your country! And build it up again. I would never leave my country without a fight. Or would they be goldseekers?

No, that was in Zagreb some time ago, and guy was drunken football hooligan



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