Mournfang Brown Base coat to give sunlit areas some highlighting

Featured model: Treelord
No music.

Started painting the undercoat of Rhinox Hide Base.

Featured model: Treelord
No music.

finishing undercoat.
clip 3 of 5 fell off the truck.

New Camera! Nikon is far better than Fujifilm
Edited with Openshot.
Simple movement tray for 3x3 25mm base unit. Made with generic bamboo chopsticks and some 1/8inch 3-ply plywood.
What else you will need: superglue, clothespins, small hacksaw, regular saw, sandpaper.

Special episode! Revealing: the much coveted Tretch Craventail, and the old style Verminlord.

featured music:
1. Buck Rogers intro (theatrical)
2. In Days of Heavy Metal, by Breaker

Archer's Lookout Tower: finishing off with Agrax Earthshade over the structure and lashing to give it that weathered dirty look, and help protect the paint. The thread work took me most of a day, so sorry I couldn't show you. But I did include a small demonstration.

Featured music: 2112, by RUSH

Archer's Lookout Tower: used Celestra Grey base to highlight all the sunny sides of the tower structure and the pongee spikes, and dabbed a little ot fallen branches for oak moss detail.

Featured Music
1. Stonehenge, by Spinal Tap
2. Heaven & Hell, by Black Sabbath (Dio)
3. Battle Of Evermore, by Led Zeppelin

Featured model: Archer's Lookout Tower
Base coat on the engineering, with Rakarth Flesh

Featured music:
1. The Magician's Birthday, by Uriah Heap
2. Lucifer, by The Alan Parsons Project
3. Flight of Dragons (movie intro) , by Don McClean

Starting on the rocks of the base for the Archer's Lookout Tower, using Mephiston Red

Featured music: Broadsword, by Jethro Tull. Prelude 12/ Suite Madam Blue, by Styx

Featured models:
- Archer's Lookout Tower: Applying the topcoat of Athonian Camoshade. Approximate drying time, longer than i'm willing to record.
- Tree Lord: Gluing the mounting screw to the standing foot of the Treant to line up with the hole in the base.
No music.

highlighting the moss patches with Flash Gitz Yellow (layer)
Featured model: Archer's Lookout Tower

Caliban Green coverage begins around the edges of the Archer's Lookout Tower base.

Featured music
Nights In White Satin, by The Moody Blues
The Three Fates, by ELP
Crumbling Castle, by King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard

lost the real episode three somewhere between camera and website. so you don't get to see me paint the Mournfang brown base.
Featured model: Archer's Lookout Tower, Stormvermin Fur layer over woody roots and detritus.
Featured song: Tomhet, by Burzum.

Archer's Lookout Tower, starting with Rhinox Hide Base.

Featured songs:
1. Petrichor, by Lustre
2. Hunting Song, by Pentangle

Test fitting of parts and a little more trimming. Also gluing the trophy sashimono to the back plate.

fresh from the mailbox, its a metal OOP Queek Head-taker model.
Unboxing and trimming.

a few test spoons to show practice.
Bases: Mourfang Brown, Rhinox Hide, Caliban Green.
Models featured: Tree Lord, Archer's Lookout Tower, Wilderness Watchtower.
All my elf units will have Azure blue (Folkart Acrylic) around the bottom trim.

adding yardarm and pongee spikes

found a use for the spare base from Cromlech. Three holes and a few bamboo skewers, a bit of upholstery thread, and some paint is all I'll need for this model.

explaining the steps taken to prepare the model and base for mounting.
Tools used: 1/16 drill bit, 1/8 drill bit, 1/4 drill bit, size 1 x 1/2" pan-head screw with washer and nut, nut driver, x-acto.

just a quick show of my warhammer army books and rules.
I have no interest whatsoever in playing tournaments, so anyone who wants to challenge me can either accept these rules or surrender.

quick demonstration of my trick for preparing the model for painting or priming, using acetone and a No.4 round brush.

into to my lizard forces, and showing off my home made moving trays.
24 modern skinks, 32 old style archers, and three priests.

I really need to take speech lessons at some point.

de-spruing and trimming Skaven Packmaster from the Island Of Blood box set.

Just a fun little build


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